Preserved(Part 4/End)

November 10, 2010
By scrivere SILVER, Orlando, Florida
scrivere SILVER, Orlando, Florida
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Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.

"Do you think... Just maybe, that he could be the Preserved one? And I'm just crazy?"
Perdire let out a snort of amusement.
"Ahah, so maybe?" I gently patted Perdire. At least she made me feel safe on this world.
I walked over to the statue and brushed my hands over its stone-smooth surface. He was wielding a large claymore, in very similar dark gray armor, like Aiken's. Long hair tied back, and a cloak.
"Be gone, trespasser!" A figure jumped off the ledge in the distance, heading straight for me.
I held my sniper up to parry his sword-which worked rather well, for he rolled back into some bushes. I glanced at the statue, then the flattened figure in the bushes.
Maybe it's Draco..
He got up, and charged yet again after me. "Be gone!"
I aimed my rife carefully, and shot one at his feet, I had no intentions of actually hurting him.
He stopped running as the pain shot into his foot, and he skidded to a halt, trying to understand what exactly happened. He gazed over me carefully, then smiled.
"Excuse me, let me introduce myself, I am Draco, formerly of the Kohaki settlement to the east, brother of Draki, and warrior at heart." He grinned sheepishly. "Perhaps you could explain why you're here on my land?"
I shrugged. "Just exploring, Draco." I bowed. "I'm Terra, known as the Preserved One, apparently."
He squinted his eyes at me, as if recalling something.
"Draci said some nonsense about you. I think."
"Nonsense?" I hissed.
He let out a guffaw. "Yes, nonsense. Draci said some crazy stuff. Old fool. I wouldn't believe him for a single second."
I closed my eyes. Breathe.
Draci turned his head to the southwest. "I feel a disturbance. Farewell, faker."
"Faker?!" I hissed. "I swear, if I see you again, you're dead!"
Perdire snarled in agreement.
"Yup, yup. Muah.." He cackled as he headed off.
"I swear, Perdire, I think if I see another living thing aside from you, I'm going to kill it." I said, my voice echoing with hate.
Perdire brushed her tusks against me, in attempt to soothe me.
I sighed, and mounted on top of her. "I'd like to explore more, before heading east, like that Draco fool said. He's probably lying anyways."
Perdire growled in agreement, and trotted North, which led to a small, somewhat hidden dirt trail through an extremely marshy area.
"Perdire, this is just gross."
She nodded.
We passed many small streams, on both sides of us, with the annoying insects constantly buzzing around our faces.
Eventually, the ground hardened up, and the massing swarm of insects seem to have faded away. I dismounted Perdire.
"What's that in the distance? Is that a ... Campfire?"
Perdire shrugged.
"Follow me, Perdire, let's go see."
As we stepped out into the clearing, a small little robot popped out of the ground and stared at the two of us.
"BLEEEEP!" It freaked out, and popped into a bluish bubble shield and stared at us.
"Just a little weird, right Perdire?"
She nodded.
I walked up to it, and ran my finger across its bubble-shield.
"Ah, you have finally arrived."
I looked at the robot. "Do I know you?"
It bleeped once more and scuttled back near the campfire, where another figure sat, gazing over at me. He got up, and walked slowly over to Perdire and I.
"Ah. You must be Terra. Pleasure to meet you." He said, calmly.
"D-do I know you?" I asked
"You probably do not. Heh. I am Draci, I foretold your arrival."
I gazed intently at him. He looked much different than his brother, Draco. He had spirit-like wings that looked similar to a butterfly’s, just with no color but an icy blue. He wore long silken robes that covered his feet. They were also a shade of blue, like the sky, with creamy white stripes. His hair was long, and down- not tied back.
I bowed before him. "It is an honor to meet you, Draci. At least you're not a creep like your brother."
He smirked. "What brings you this way? Are you looking for directions to the Kohaki settlement?"
"Eh.. I think so. I wasn't sure if what your brother was saying is true."
He chuckled. "You came across him? Hah, he's totally jealous of you, he believes you're a faker."
I grunted. "Boy do I know.."
"But yes, I will provide you escort to the Kohaki settlement."
I bowed. "I am grateful."
"Ah, no problem, Preserved-"
"Draci!" Draco's voice called from afar.
"Draco!" Draci hissed.
"Terra!" Aiken called.
"Aiken...?" I mumbled.
Draco walked over to me. "You know this fool?"
I nodded. "Yes, I do. But can I ask you a question?"
He shoved Aiken to me. "Hm?"
"Why do you call everyone a fool? I believe you're a fool yourself." I said hotly.
"Why you little!" He attempted to run at me, but was stopped by Draci.
"We must not fight. The world we live in is at stake. We must get to the Kohaki's quickly, or it will be too late." Draci said, looking up at the setting sun.
"I'm not traveling with him." I hissed.
"Nor will I travel with her!" He hissed back.
"Enough of this!" Aiken flared. "I don't care if you guys will kill each other after this, just shut up for five minutes and let's get going. We're all going to die unless you two shut up!"
The two of us looked at Aiken, stunned. And Draci nodded at him in acknowledgment.
I said nothing, and mounted Perdire.
"Let us be off then." Draci's calm voice echoed.
With that.. We set off.
When we neared the bushes of the Kohaki settlement, I hopped off of Perdire.
"Terra, you must lead from here. We.. Cannot go much further." Draco mumbled.
"You must.. Kill Brujula.. For the sake of this city.." Draci murmured.
I said nothing, and continued down the grassy slope.
Aiken stepped in front of me. "Let me take a look first."
I nodded, and stepped back.
He headed through a few bushes, and into the settlement. Perdire and I patiently waited outside. Minutes later, Aiken came back out, and escorted me inside.
I glanced around, noticing the many settlers starting at me, mumbling "Who is that?"
I spotted out a man from afar, he was indeed a blue man, with white energy swirling around his body.
Quite intimidating.
"Who are you and what are you doing in my village?"
That must be Brujula.
I took a deep breath. "I.. I'm Terra, the Preserved One."
He laughed. "You, the Preserved One? Hah. Everyone knows that I'm the Preserved one."
I bit my tongue, thinking of something to say. "If you're the Preserved one, then why... Why is your kind still dying out? Why are you not flourishing? Why are you not doing your job and saving the planet!?"
He glared at me. "I know I'm the Preserved one because I survived all the tests."
"Tests?" I hissed. "You mean the 'tests' that you killed half your kind with, since they thought they were the Preserved One? Oh, you're even a bigger fool than Draco.."
He stared at me. I was even shocked at half the stuff coming out of my mouth.
"You're crazy!" He turned to his people, which were now swarmed around the back of him. "Pelo, do you honestly think this is true?"
The bald man who resembled Aiken closed his eyes, thinking.
Pelo opened his eyes. "I do ... I do think it is true, Brujula. You broke into the Guardian's lair. He did not permit you, I was there. I remember. You killed countless people in your days, saying that you're the Preserved One, while, this here lady is quite correct, you're not saving us; you’re killing us!"
"You idiot!" Brujula raged, and in a heartbeat, the white energy swarming around him zapped Pelo, and he fell dead to the floor. "You're next, punk." He said, his hateful eyes locked on me.
"PELO!" Aiken howled, and fell to his knees.
I could feel the rage building inside of me.
This is madness.
Do you feel the rage, Terra? Draci's voice echoed in my mind.
I-I do. I said, shakily.
Use it, use it to transform. He whispered.
Into what!?
It will just happen. Use it.
Brujula walked towards me, leaving about 3 feet between us. "You don't even look intimidating, how are you supposed to be the Preserved One?"
"Intimidating... I'll show you intimidating..." I growled. I could feel the rage boiling inside of me.
"Hah!" He cackled.
I kicked up a pile of dirt, making some sort of smokescreen, and it just happened.
My eyes seemed to have changed, for I could see every vital point in Brujula's body, even though the smokescreen. My rifle was no longer on my back, but on the floor beneath me. Bone-like wings sprouted from my back, they didn't look like they could make me fly,
Maybe it's just for show. I joked.
My skin itself seems to have hardened to give me a rocky feeling, and my nails had turned into grossly long claws.
Wow.. This feels so much better... Thanks Draci..
I got no response.

As the smokescreen cleared, I seemed to have shocked everyone with my 'Transformation'.
"Is that better, Brujula?" I taunted.
"M-much." He stuttered. "Get her, guys!"
Three guards from behind Brujula charged at me, with a fearful expression across their face. They froze once they were face to face with me.
I smiled. "I know you guys don't want to do this. Here." I picked the three of them up, and lightly slid them across the grass, towards Perdire. "Watch them for me, dear."
She nodded.
By the look of Brujula's pissed expression, I did good.
"You meddling rat, I'll crush you!" He said, now charging after me.
I sidestepped once he was right in front of me, making him veer off course, and one of my wings twitched in the air, calling down a few bolts of orange lightning to crash upon him. He howled in pain as it all happened, but got up instantly and leaped at me like a rabbit animal. Once his fist smashed my face, my wing swatted him back, leaving the two of us both gasping for air on the floor. His energy flowed through me, painfully. Blood now gushing from the side of my face, the bone in my jaw slightly visible, I staggered to my feet, and lifted my hands up. Giant tree roots came from the ground and coiled around Brujula.
"You.. Will.. Die!" I hissed, closing my hands into fists and the roots crushing his body. I listened as he howled in pain as each of his bones slowly snapped into pieces. I felt terrible doing it, I'm not the kind of person to hurt people, but.. It had to be done. Exhaustion was hitting me in waves. Please let this be over soon!

Aiken walked over to his body. "He's dead."
A cheer arose over the crowd of people, I smiled and whispered. "Maybe.. Just maybe... I'm a savior." With a sigh of relief, I fell to my knees, and I became human once more.
Draco and Draci nodded in agreement at the edge of town, and faded into nothingness. Perdire pranced over to my side, and crouched down beside me.
"Terra" Aiken said, running over to me.
I closed my eyes. "You were right all along Aiken.." I said, my voice low.
"What do you mean!? He said, his eyes clouding with worry.
I chuckled. "That I'd die."
"What?! No!" He wailed. "After all you've done.."
"It was my duty, Aiken, to save this world. No one ever said... I'd survive."
I clutched one of Perdire's tusks with my right hand, unable to get up.
"Terra..." Aiken whispered.
"It's over for me.. Aiken... Thanks.. For everything.." I closed my eyes, and everything went black.
"You can't die on me Terra! You can't!" I howled. "I love you!"
Her lifeless body showed no sign of life.
Perdire let out a low howl of sadness.
"Is she really dead, Perdire?"
She nodded.
I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes, but I wouldn't allow them to come down. I ran my fingers through her hair, and picked the flower off the top of her head.
"Perdire, where is her weapon?"
Perdire pranced over and picked it up and tossed it to me.
She nodded.
"Perdire, dig a hole.. We shall bury her with honor.. I'll go find a stone."
She nodded, and began digging as I walked behind one of the buildings and ripped a chunk of it off. I took my blade and began to carve:

Here lies Terra, The Preserved One. She gave her life away to save mankind as we know it. Also the love of my life.
R.I.P. Dear.


I could feel the tears running down my face as I finished carving. This was a time of great sorrow.. For everyone. Crying wasn't a bad thing to do now. I dragged the stone back out to where Perdire had dug her hole.
"Like it?"
Perdire looked it over, and nodded in approval.
Gently, I picked up Terra's lifeless body, and lowered her into the hole. I brushed her cheek for the last time, and let her go.
"May we meet again.. In the afterlife.." I whispered.
Perdire and I covered her up, placing the tombstone on top. I placed her weapon in the center of it all, and picked up her flower.
"I've never seen such a flower... I shall call it.. A rosecry.. Short for Rosecrysanthemum. For it is a sad flower.. Marking the death of the great Preserved One." I said, burying it beside her tombstone.
She looked at me intently.
"Call your family here. You and I will rebuild civilization on this planet."
Perdire nodded, and let out a low howl.
"Together... We do this... For Terra!" I howled with her.

The author's comments:
I dedicated this for Zeke; he knows who he is. He told me to keep with my writing, and never give up. Thanks so much for your support! <3

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