Preserved(Part 1)

November 10, 2010
By scrivere SILVER, Orlando, Florida
scrivere SILVER, Orlando, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.


I saw the end of the world, and the beginning of a new one. But no one listened to me. Is it my fault for not being clear enough, or theirs for being foolish enough to not listen?

I guess 8/14 is a nice day to start; my birthday. It's where I finally saw what was wrong with this world. I had an odd dream, of the Earth's Core exploding. The heat was melting everyone and everything
in sight leaving no survivors. The human race will be wiped off the face of the galaxy. "Two weeks." The dream said. "Two weeks."
As the days ticked by, I dreaded what I saw was to happen. I could feel it. I told everyone, and I was told that I was crazy; then again, me being so young, people would have to expect that. I mean, I was only 14. The next week was intense, brutal, heat. It was just the beginning of Earth's new end.
I woke up at around 2a.m, sprawled out, beneath a tree. Watching the stars, as the intense heat drove me wild. Then there was a boom. And in the next moment, all was in flames. I ran, and I ran! But you can never. Ever, outrun flames. Just remember that...

I opened my eyes and gazed about. I'm... I'm alive... No... Nothings burning anymore. Then everything came into focus. I'm not home... I'm in... Some sort of prison! I glanced about,
Where am I? I thought to myself, why am I even here? Or I guess, IN here?
"Hmmmh...” I began to poke at the prison's glass shielding, and it shattered within seconds. Whoa, I've gotten stronger... I gazed about, looking at all the strange things around me.

Conveyor belts with bright, glowing crystals running through them surrounded me, along with a bunch of other lap equipment that I couldn't think of. In other words, it was very high tech.

I sniffed the air. It smells different. I looked about. It looks different. I crouched down and ran my fingers on the floor. It feels different, as if... This is a whole new world...

I came across a narrow hallway, stopped, and looked at it. Well, I had nowhere else to go. I figured I might as well as explore. I followed it, and it seemed to elevate up, at a very slight angle. But I could tell, I was going up. Eventually, I came to a clearing. It looked like I was on top of a mountain of some sort. Outside, I smelt animals. I've never smelt this kind before. Then I turned to my right. There, I saw large elephant-looking animals, except they were brown with blotches of pink in them, with rougher-looking skin, along with twice as large/thick tusks, and large feet with not-so-pretty claws. They ranged in all different sizes, like a family. Oldies, Adults, Teenagers, Kids. It's odd, I feel so strangely drawn to these creatures. I cannot understand why... I discarded that thought and headed onwards, to the left, was a large metal gate, which opened when I approached it. I turned left again, and peeked through the doorway... With no door, to see a scientist-man staring into the large glowing object, which was on a stand in the middle of about six pillars, each with beams shooting onto the object, with two large generators on each side of it.

The scientist man turned around. “Well, it seems you have finally woken up.”
I glanced about, a bit confused. “Uh... Yeah... I... Guess... I did?"
He stood taller. “Good to know.”
I twitched uncomfortably. “Wh... Where am I?"
“Ah, right!” He replied. “Welcome to your new world!”
My eyes widened with horror, “My new WHAT?”
“Your new world, silly.”
" ... "
He sighed. “You don't remember much, do you?”
“N-no... I don't... I only remember fire... and heat... And a lot of smoke... "
“I figured that much”, He replied, and then continued. “You see, I brought you to a new planet because you have a strange gift in you. And I have decided to Preserve you, and bring you back here. All will come in due time, but for now...” He pointed at the odd glowing power-core thing. “Come look at this. "
I nodded, and stepped forward
He pointed at the strange thing. “This ... Is life on this planet. This... is what keeps everything on this planet alive, and breathing. Many people do not understand that, and refuse to help me...” He paused for a moment, and then continued, “And you see, “He pointed at the power core again, “It's looking rather small if you ask me.”
I shrugged.
“This is where you come in. You are a powerful being in this world, whether you accept that factor or no. And I need you to go out and collect Reagents for me, to get this thing running at full power again, that's not so hard, right?”
Fear crept inside me. “Me!? I don't even know this planet”
He nodded. “That may be true, but you are the only one welcome where they are kept. I, for one, am not welcome back there, for what I did. BUT, let's not worry about that.”
I nodded. “But where do I go? Where do I look?”
“Well... They move, I believe it is your job to find them. You will learn in the process. The planet, the structures the beings! I think it will be a learning experience for you!”
I grunted.
“Go .. Now. I'd like to see you back soon, for time is running out. "
I grumbled and began walking out, then stopped. “Wait.”
“Hmmmh?” He replied.
“What about those weirdo creatures outside?”
While staring at the power core, he replied, “Here, they are harmless. They are tamed here, and will not hurt you. In the wild however, you best be afraid of them. They will probably kill you, if it's big enough... Now, BEGONE. "
I grumbled. “Yes sir...” And headed off.

On my way out, I past the beasts again, and I paused at them. “I’ll figure this out, one day or another.” I said aloud. “But today... Is not the time. "
I headed back towards the narrow hallway, and blocking its path was a weapon that looked close enough to a makeshift sniper rifle. On the rifle, was a note that said:
" I figured you'd need this for defense, "
- Scientist.

Oh, sweet, now I get a kick-a** gun, too. I smiled, and headed outside the lab.
"Hmm..." I thought to myself, “I guess I should look for people, or some form of life. Maybe they might know a 'Powerful' Item. "
I looked about. “But where to look... I do not know. "
I shrugged and headed south. This planet was very foresty, and very moist. It felt like a giant swamp. I came across a pile of rubble and paused at it. I ran my head through the rubble, finding nothing of much interest, I continued south. Eventually, I came across another pile, and noted: This world does not seem to be very healthy...
I shook my head. “What a strange planet...”
I kept walking down a small dirt trail that led into a forest. The forest was oddly quiet, the wind occasionally blowing, causing the -what looked like- pine trees to rustle in the wind. There were flowers and ferns that looked similar to rainforest plants. One caught my eye though; it was a violet purple flower that looked like a cross between a rose and a chrysanthemum. I crouched by it, noticing a small field of them. I picked up the largest one and put it in my hair, and continued down the trail. The trail led me up to a clearing, along with a medium-sized pond. It was a rather quiet pond. There was very little buzzing from annoying bugs, and no jumping from lively fish.
I placed my hand in the shallow water. “This world is dying.”
Discarding the thought, I remembered that I had duty to do, so I continued heading south.
Following a stone path I came across, led me to the edge of a cliff. I personally didn't want to walk all the way back, so, I just slid down it, landing in a puddle.
“That’s so gross!" I freaked out.
I sat there on the ground, all wet, and looked up at the sun, which was covered by clouds. “Heh, the one time I actually want heat, there is none.”
I jumped as I heard a faint wailing sound in the distance. I clutched my gun tightly, and got up. “Wh- Who’s there?” I asked.
The wailing noise continued.
I turned around and noticed it was one of those strange beasts from the lab, stuck on a small island in the middle of yet another large pond.
I paused for a moment, thinking about what the scientist-man said about these creatures being dangerous and all. I couldn't understand why I was so drawn to it, though. I waded across the water, and walked up to the beast. It watched me with wide eyes. Slowly, I extended a hand and pet the beast.
“Dangerous?” I said aloud. “You’re not dangerous...”
It looked at me, and then licked my face.
" ... That's gross. “I grumbled.
It "frowned" at me.
I continued petting it. “It was nice meeting you, Perdire” Yes, I just came up with that name. “But I have to get moving... But I will escort you to land, first. “I lightly grabbed one of its tusks and waded back through the water with her. She licked me again as I bided farewell, and again, continued to I don't even know where...
I headed onward through the marshy land, and heard footsteps behind me.
I turned around, aiming my gun. “Who’s there?”
Sure enough, it was Perdire, who ran up to me and nudged me, then whined more.
I sighed. “Fine, you can come with me, on one condition.”
Perdire turned her head.
“You shall be my steed, for I am... Rather tired.”
She grumbled, but didn't disagree.
“Well, I didn't hear a 'NOWAY!'! I said, hopping on top of her. “Let’s ride!”

- - -

We wandered for countless more hours, finding nothing at all. But, we kept on. We came across this large hole that went insanely deep. Insane amount of heat leeched out of it.
“You think this leads to the core of this world, Perdire?”
Perdire shrugged.
I discarded my thoughts of exploring it and headed east, in hope to find someone, or something. “Let’s keep moving, I guess.”


A few hours later Perdire and I decided to stop at a nearby stream and have some water.
“Ah, this feels good, eh Perdire?”
Perdire nodded her head under the water.
We breached for about 10 minutes, and then decided to move again.
“Perdire, shall we head upstream? A source of water should lead to a source of life, right?”
Perdire nodded, as I mounted up on top of her.
As I predicted, there was more life around the stream, more trees, weeds, ferns, and fish... Oh... And bugs...
Out of nowhere, Perdire started whining franticly.
“What is it, girl?” I asked, worried. “People?”
She didn't reply in any other way than whining more.
I inched her forward to finally see a being, it was not human, no. But, it was a form of life. It looked to be a younger male, drinking and washing his face with the stream water. He had dark gray plated armor, with two small blades on each side of his waist, and also a somewhat long ponytail that went down his back.
Well... I thought. Here goes nothing. “Well hai dere!”
The man looked up at Perdire and I with a startled expression and stumbled backwards.
“Err…” I hopped off of Perdire.
He drew his blades, “Wh... Who!?” He got up, ready to attack.
“HI! " I said.” I uh... don't mean any... Harm.”
“Who... Who are you? “He asked cautiously, his blades still pointed towards Perdire and I.
I cleared my throat. “Well... I guess this wouldn’t make much sense if I told you I'm... 'New' to this world.”
He awkwardly shot a glance and Perdire, than I, Then back to Perdire.
“I was uh... Just looking for some form of life and all I found was her.” I said while pointing at Perdire.
He shot a glance at me, confused, then back at Perdire again. “That is one of the beasts!”
“Yeah. Apparently they're dangerous. But, Perdire doesn't seem any dangerous.”
“I've heard the same.” He said, easing up. “It does not attack you?”
“No, not at all. She was lost on a small island in the middle of one of the lakes, so I helped her out, and she won't stop following me. The only 'bad' thing she did to me was drool all over me, but that's not harmful... "
“Hm... That's... strange.” He said, while putting his blades away and walking up to Perdire. “My name is Aiken,” He said, bowing.
I bowed in return. “I'm Terra, pleased to meet you, Aiken.”
“The same." He said, eyeing Perdire over. “You said you found it... Err, her, on an island? "
“Yes,” I replied. " she looked to be stranded on the island.
Perdire looked aside guiltily.
“Hm...” Aiken said, petting Perdire.
Perdire turned towards Aiken and licked his face.
“Bah!” He backed up and wiped his face.
" ! I'm sorry; I think Perdire is a little... Too nice. "
Perdire gave me that ' hey that hurt ' look.
Aiken walked back up to Perdire, and started petting her again.
"Heh, I've never seen these up close."
Perdire began to purr.
“They don't seem any dangerous, if you ask me.” I said, patting her as well.

The author's comments:
I dedicated this for Zeke; he knows who he is. He always told me to keep up with my writing, and to never give up. Thanks so much for your support!

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