The City

November 9, 2010
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Split, splash, the footsteps echo out from their impact as they make contact with puddles. People walk into the rain waiting for the sun. The town becomes surrounded by dark clouds, the people watch in a commotion as the sky fills up with light for a second then a loud bang roars throughout the sky. This pattern repeats as the city with no sleep continues to constantly work and pedestrians fill the busy streets. The weather is not in good shape for the North West area of Washington.

The clouds continue into the night as rain falls. A wind storm takes place and the city is in the worst of the storm. The storm picks up its pace and the litter across the streets swirl in a spiraling motion. However, as soon as the storm starts, it ends but with no significant damage done. Day comes; people walk with calm and ease because of the storm’s leaving. Nature improves over the course of the day. Commuters walk and continue their normal schedule as the weather picks up. Evening comes by; a burst of wind begins to blow. Trees start to dance with the wind and the wind picks up ripping buildings apart from the ground, flying across the sky.

Endless amount of people watch in disbelief as the tornado takes shape. A large building, similar to the Empire State building gets shredded into pieces as the wind gains momentum. Helicopters appear from weather channels to show the unreal events taking place in the city. Quickly the tornado blows them away. The ground starts to shake and batters the innocent people. This shaking continues and causes the city to become decimated. Winds lose speed as the earthquake causes more destruction. The ground violently shakes as if it were trying to knock the city from the earth. The ground thrashes throughout the city and comes to an abrupt end.

The debris of the city sits in the cool summer air as the sun shines and brightens up. The survivors extract people from the ruins and try to see if they can bring the fallen city back to life. Time and elements affect the city and within days the city has become somewhat of a shelter. Suddenly the sun is blocked by black colored clouds and snow flakes fall on the town.

A young boy watches and plays in the snow. He starts to make a snow fort, however he finds out that the snow continues to fall and he may never finish the top ceiling. Quickly the snow picks up its pace. Shelters become filled with a thick white blanket and the town quickly becomes over run by hail that crushes mini-vans. Kids and adults try to run inside from the horror but to very little avail as the snow traps the city in a dome, similar to an igloo. The snow however starts to melt as a red liquid starts to ooze out from a mountain that has stood there in the background for years as time goes by. The red ooze just pours out of the mountain as if it was foam escaping from a freshly shaken soda bottle. The red ooze quickly reveals itself to be lava and the city quickly starts to burn. Citizens lose faith in having their treasures and home as the city turns to rubble. Lava disappears from the city and rain falls. The rain starts to add thunder and lightning to the mix. The city which always had commotion turned to just a pile of ash as the world continues to turn and survivors begin to walk away waiting for a new home and a new hope.

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