November 11, 2010
By , Selah, WA
I have a total of five minutes to get to work. The honest truth; I will be late; my boss will yell. The speaker’s blast in my 98’ Volvo wagon, Charlie is his name. Although just last winter I replaced his whole sound system he is still a piece of s***. This still doesn’t mean I will ever sell him though; I’m too in love with the rustic red wagon and Charlie’s black race car seats to ever give up on him. As I finally enter downtown Seattle I turn up Charlie’s speakers as Joe Metro by Blue Scholars jams from the iPod. “The Northwest fills the lungs, heals the pain in my chest I remain blessed, steppin’ on rain each step...”

I finally reach my office, the AGA. The one-floored building stuck deep in an alley doesn’t fit with the rest of the city. The windows are tinted to an extreme; you can only see out once you get in. All the large brown wooden doors placed upon the dark green building are securely locked up at all times. The only ones getting in are me and the other 12 agents throughout the city. It’s a twenty-eight digit code that has taken me my first 3 years way back when to remember by memory. I grab my red brief case out of the trunk of Charlie and lock him up.

“Kathy. You’re late.” Robby, my boss continues to inform me of my 10 minute tardiness as I finally get into the office, “You know times have gotten busier, people have become more belligerent, more ruthless, more...” He pauses takes a big sigh and puts his head down. “I think you get my drift,” He takes another deep breath, “It’s your job, your reasonability, your duty here on earth to do your job to your full capability, you’ve been chosen to represent the AGA for a reason. Kathy please, I beg you, don’t prove us wrong.” The tension in my forehead relaxes as my body convinces itself that Roby has finished his lecture. My back turns to his desk as I dart for my cubical now in front of me.

I’m not surprise to find an over load stack of letters from my clients once I’m in view of my desk. With a population of over 600,000 you can image all the Prays going out each day. Looks like I will be staying late today after all I am a Guardian Angel.

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