The Fall of The Humans Part I: The book with no words

November 9, 2010
By mymask DIAMOND, Dayton, Ohio
mymask DIAMOND, Dayton, Ohio
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2012 years after Axel incident (See Tale of Robots)

Fire and smoke filled the sky. Each flame burned on and on as the pink clouds gathered over head. The blinding smoke filled the night sky as red robotic eyes scanned the night. Suddenly, lasers flew through the air as a lonesome creature ran, desperately trying to escape the metal guards that marched in single file.

“We obey all orders.” The metal guards said, “Burn all books, kill all people!”

The land was chewed up like a piece of meat, torn with out any purpose or meaning. Tripping over an old shoe, the figure quickly scrambled upwards and continued to run.

“Is there anybody out here?” She shouted.

No response from the dead world. Barely holding on to the tears, the figure began to cry as she ran. Ducking under a fallen tank, she began to pick up speed and run faster. Suddenly, she spotted what she was looking for, the church. The high gothic designs tempted to cut through the clouds but was held down by a hovercraft that was jutting out of the side of the building.

Dashing forward, she climbed the small stairs and pushed open the huge wooden doors.

“We obey all orders, burn all books, kill all People!”

Silence filled the church as she dashed forward. Passing pew by pew, she only paused a second to open the staircase door. Climbing up the stairs, she came to a balcony that over looked the burning city. Sighing, she kicked off her shoes and sat down. Opening the dusty old book that she was carrying, she pulled out a pen and began to write.

Dear Diary,

Today was a very normal day. It has been eight years since mother and father died and I fear that I soon shall go as well. Hopefully, I’ll survive…

She glanced back at the previous pages that she had wrote for the past 8 years, each one was the same as the other.

“Everyday is the same” She spoke in a frail voice, “I run, I hide, I live.”

Life seemed to bore her as she walked up to the large window. Smoke bellowed up from the ground as she realized that the robots had started to burn down the church. Each metal soldier had his arm stretched forth and a bolt of blue lightning was emerging from his arm and striking the building. Almost instantly, fire jumped up and danced around. Devouring the building from the ground up, the fire bit and snarled at the balcony at which she stood upon. Not bothering to put her shoes back on, the girl waltzed over to a bookshelf on the balcony and took out an armful of books. Tip toeing to the edge of the balcony, she threw the armful of books out the window, and then she went back over to the bookshelf and did the same exact thing again. For many minutes she walked over to the bookshelf, took an armful of books and threw them out the window and then again. Finally, she only had one book left; her diary. Looking out the window, she saw that the robots were now shooting the pale blue lightning bolts into the air and instead of burning; the books fell after being hit by the lightning.

The fire was now entwined up the steeple of the church and bit at the balcony where she stood.

“Feed us!” they screamed.

Chewing through the wood on the balcony, the fire smothered the girl’s shoes and continued towards her. Holding her journal to her chest, the girl went to the window and looked out. The church was now a fiery inferno and was about ready to collapse. Sighing, the girl fell backwards and fell out the window. Immediately, the robots began firing at the girl as she fell. All the lightning struck the girl as she fell. Landing softly on a pile of books, the girl was dead. Her dreamy eyes stared up into the endless sky while all books around her laid open, with no words. Her mouth was gone, replaced by a flesh colored skin. Stepping forward, the robots picked up the diary and flipped through the pages. Every word was the same and every page was the same color. Producing a blue lightning bolt, the robots blasted the book.

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