The Creature Dancing in the Night

November 6, 2010
By IWriteToFeel SILVER, Youshouldntknow, Ohio
IWriteToFeel SILVER, Youshouldntknow, Ohio
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The lights are dimmed, and my eyes affix to the only current light source in the room. I am enthralled by its flicker, for it is a sight into the origin of evil. My rebellious heart leads me closer as curiosity surges waves of emotion through my body. The creature dances in the night, taunting its on-lookers with mindless rhythm. The beats go on, and I can’t look away, my eyes are glued on its beauty, as my whole body goes numb. Its mystical nature grabs hold of my soul and overpowers me every time, as its miraculous nature dominates it aroma. How can it be? This enchanting creature keeps dancing in the wind, not letting anything prevent it from soaring to new heights. The dull ceiling is home to a fan that empowers the creature of the night. The strong winds circulate throughout the room making the creature grow with increasing amount of blinding life. As the being grows, it dances higher and higher, threatening anything above it or around it with a sightless stare. The swift movements and the unexplained splendor is what make this being mesmerizing.

I wake up to a bright sunny morning, finding the creature lying next to my bed. It tries with all of its might to grasp my attention and tug at my heart. However, it is powerless when the sunlight bleeds through the two open windows, vibrating heat and purity through the room. But when dusk begins to emerge from the horizon, I regress to my safety havoc. As I lie down on my bed, I bring life to the creature of the night. His beady, red hot eyes are filled with evil, but rich knowledge of his capacity to evoke devastation. I stare, as he captivates my every movement with his vigorous strength. I’m swept off my feet, with stimulating force that propels me into the air above me. I realize I am no longer in this world. I see white lights, and bright as the stars above. Nothing seems even the least bit concrete. It appears as if every child’s theoretical fantasy has been reconstructed in a dreamy chasm.

Finally I am living life with the fire.

Finally have the ability to be who I am.

Finally am free and truly untouched.

Finally I am accepted with open arms of evil.

Finally I am, who I am.

The author's comments:
Very captivating and inspirational, I love reading this piece over and over to my self. This contains all of my emotions and my passion. Hope you enjoy! Tell me what you think!

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