Aldith and the Shadows

October 28, 2010
By , las vegas, NV
The morning of twenty fifty-eight the sun never rose above the mountains of the east. Darkness filled the skies and Shadows lurked about Concredor. The Shadows danced on the roofs of homes and frolicked through fields of daisies, killing each one as they went. As they swept past sleeping men, women, and children, they flickered lights and busted bulbs. The glass of the bulbs flew onto the rosy cheeks of families asleep in their beds. But still, the humans laid calmly and soundly, unmoved by the sharp glass. The Shadows giggled into the night, then all was silent except the echo of their sinister voices. All the humans awoke at once to gasp their final breath then the Shadows engulfed the night and everything in it.

There was a time before that day of darkness. A time when Concredor had sunshine and shadows were never created. The sun would smile down on Concredor and kiss the smooth cheeks of humans going about their days. Countless lives inhabited the green fields and the cobblestone grounds. They lived simple lives. Happy lives. There lived a mother who conceived a child named Aldith.

Aldith was a dreamer and free spirited. Aldith's mother, Milisende, had one wish for her eldest daughter, to marry and be a proper lady. Although this was her mother's one dream for her daughter, Aldith's ideal life was nothing like her mother's. She aspired to be an author and write of her adventures while exploring the world. Not one person knew of what lied beyond Concredor, therefore they found Aldith's dreams impracticle and poposterous. Even though she had no one who believed in her, she still didn't give up hope.

On the dark morning of twenty fifty-eight Aldith was seventeen years old. She was swallowed up by the Shadows like everyone else. But, unlike everyone else, after her last gasp, she woke up.

Light. Bright light. Bright light and warm heat sizzled her skin. Confusion filled her mind as she tired to move her body. There was a gravitational pull holding her down. She gasped for air as invisible belts tightened around her chest.

"Calm. Be calm." A voice chuckled.

Aldith inhaled slowly and deeply. What felt like belts constricting her chest, dissolved into the vast empty space.

"Good." laughed a young girl no older than seven.

"Where am I?" Aldith asked.

"Your special. Like me." The child absconded past Aldith disappearing into the space.

"Help me!" Aldith begged.

"Want to play tag?"

"No tell me what is happening!"

"Special! Special!" She chanted.

"No I am not special! I need help! Where am I?"

"Look be calm! Have fun! Play! Play!"

"No! Tell me where everyone is!"

The child stepped forward and murmured into Aldith's ear,"Special!" She giggled as she provoked Aldith.

Aldith clutched the young girl's long brown hair in her hand.

"This is the final time I am going to ask you."

"Ask me what?" The girl smirked.

"Where am I?" Aldith asked enraged.

That same antagonistic smile came upon the child's lips as she dissolved into the air.

Aldith cringed at the sight of the vanishing child. Although the girl was no where to be seen, her booming voice surrounded Aldith, echoing the same familiar word, special.

She sat alone in the room filled with white light. The room wasn't really a room at all. There were no walls, floors, ceilings, or doors. No windows, holes, or any way to escape. It was just space. No escape. You could run for miles and wind up in the same place you were in before. Or maybe it wasn't where you were before but it was identicle. Everything was unchanged. Every, 'so-called', room was just white space. No people, no animals, no anything. Once again, no escape. Searching for hours, losing all energy, yet no escape, nor would Aldith find one.

At last, Aldith's persistence to get out of this horrid place, died out. She became tired, weak, and had lost hope in an escape. She laid upon the ground- ceiling-wall-space-whatever, and shivered at the horrifying white space around her. She folded her knees to her heavy breathing chest and shook in fear. All of a sudden, the invisible belts gripped her chest. She gasped for air and finally gave up.

"Go ahead! Kill me!" Aldith screamed at the top of her lungs.

Then, the belts released her as she sighed, unhappy that she was still living in this foreign land.

"Why?" Called the child.

"Well, well, well. Look who is back." Aldith said with her voice dripping with destain.

"Giving up already, I see."

"What do you care?"

"You are special, remember. I need your help. I can't do it all alone."

"You are crazy. But then again, who knows, maybe I am crazy myself. I mean, I am stuck in an impossible world."

"Maybe it isn't so impossible. This world does exist. So do I. There are probably others too. We need as much help as we can get."

"For what?" Aldith asked.

"You shall soon see."

"What is your name?"

"Maganda. Fillipino for beautiful." The girl smiled.

"Pleasure. I am-"

"Oh I know who you are. You are the one. The child of Concredor. Aldith."

"Yes, but, I don't understand." Aldith sat up.

"Soon. Soon you shall see. Soon all shall see once again." Maganda spoke quickly as she faded away, again.

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