The creature

November 4, 2010
She stared out the window at an abandoned building that was surrounded by a fence 7ft high. She could barley see anything except for the front of the building from the street lamps. She closed her eyes and looked away, but when she opened them again her eyes were drawn back to the building.
The gate slowly began to open; a dark mass seemed to stumble out. Her mouth dropped open, as she got closer to the window. “What is that?” She said to herself. The mass seemed to grow and form into something almost human like. It walked toward her, limping as it did, her breath was heavy with fright and curiosity. Cars drove by as if nothing was there. It came closer and closer, she could almost see its face, and She covered her mouth in disgust. The creature disappeared from her sight. She looked around face pressed against the window. The Creature crashed into the window, she screamed and fell back hitting her head on the ground hard. When she awoke she was in a white room with bars over the window that stood above her simple bed. She got up and peeked out her door. Nurses walked around checking on people dressed in simple clothes as they stared off into the halls or stood talking to themselves. She closed the door and slid down the door jam.

She was in an Asylum……..

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VampireX said...
Nov. 11, 2010 at 7:32 am
it's good. Keep it up.
Fayla.Z.Valentine replied...
Feb. 8, 2011 at 3:29 pm
Thank you so very much. =]
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