The Geek and the Vampire Prolouge

October 26, 2010
I was always the nerd girl,I was at the bottom of this so called school food chain.I was never heard and never seen.The way you visualize a nerd is that they wear big funky glasses, always getting good grades, and wearing their pants to high, but thats just a bunch of Steve Urkle crap.I look like any normal person would wearing jeans, a band tee, converses, and glasses;well I guess Steve does comeinto this a little bit.Anyways everybody always copies my homework ans class work, After awhile it really starts to get annoying.I wish life was different, where kids weren't teased or discriminated by there appearence or the way they act.Well thats just my thought on things, oh sorry am I boring you I know my life story Isn't the best but it gets a whole lot better,oh and by the way I'm Ailey, which of course my mom had to choose it means,"Life." Why does it say that when in deed I don't have one.Sorry off topic again.This is pretty much about me meeting a guy and how my life changed forever.

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