Zebra sharks...in memory of cheyenne

November 3, 2010
Zebra sharks are very, very, very rare sea creatures. It most likely will not eat people. Well I really don't know that......no one knows that, but anyway these creatures unlike the elephant squid, are not the friendliest of the sea beasts. Well simply because if you get near them they will spit on you. Zebra sharks are none to “poop” on rocks ,because “pooping anywhere in the water is gross and nasty...and not very good” explains Cheyenne. A mad scientist ( my sister)

Zebra sharks have very round four legs, used for running at high speeds underwater. They have black and white stripes and they sound like whatever a zebra and a shark put together would sound like. I'm almost positive it's not a very pleasant sound to hear. It also swims around shacking its butt everywhere like it's queen or something. If you go looking for this rare sea specimen you may find it eating sea grass.

Good luck finding it.

NOTE: If I were you I would not seek out the Zebra Shark. The chances of finding one of these exotic mammals or zero to.....well I will let you figure that one out yourself.

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