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November 4, 2010

I loved her. Truly I did, she was not my mother and yet…perhaps she was. After all, in all my life she was the only one to care for me. Growing up I was so very much alone. I learned rapidly the times of day she would come and I would eagerly await the only moments I could have with another living being.

The woman was to be obeyed, and yet there where treasured moments here and there that I could recall gifts. A gold comb, a doll, once I was even brought a hand-sewn dress. By the careless manner the dress was tossed to me I could tell the woman did not make it. But by whom the dress was created I could only speculate. I knew not if there was someone beyond my tower room who cared for me, but nonetheless the dress was mine. I would spend hours stroking the fabric.

One day many years ago when I could only just peer out of my large window she appeared, with bound papers that I later learned where called a book. And then the woman gave me something wonderful, she awkwardly and slowly taught me how to read. I learned more about the woman in these times more then any other.

I learned she would scold when I got distracted and grumble out praise when I did well. I learned she had calloused fingers that were stained many different colors, colors I learned came from the many herbs she gathered for her potions and spells.

On a day when the clouds had obscured the sun and my feet grew antsy after so long hunched over books, a thought crossed my mind. “Who are we?” The woman looked up, startled I think. “Don’t ask foolish questions.” The woman hedged. “All the people in books are called by something. What is your call?”

I found myself under scrutiny. “My Name?” The woman asked. I felt my forehead crease. “Name?” The woman studied me. “A name is something used to define a person. The name belongs to each person as their own, but others use it to make sure the person or others know they are focused or speaking about them.

I hesitated, trying to puzzle it out, but the people in my books had callin-names and objects had names so I guess it was understandable. “What’s your name?” I wondered. The woman’s eyebrows rose. “It has only just now occurred to you to ask?” I shrugged, my world always stayed the same, the woman was the only thing that ever came and went. She always just was. Not really something to explore. But the books had opened my eyes and made me aware of more. More in the world more people, things called families and creatures that had four legs. I knew all about birds but the books told me even about other kinds.

And I felt the longing. I didn’t know why I was in my tower room, but inside the worlds the books created, people did things and lived lives, Nothing scared me more then that I would live and die in this place and nobody would know, I may as well have never been born.

“Morgguanna” The woman broke into my thoughts. I turned to stare at her. She sighed, “My name is Morgguanna” I felt my eyes widen, this person was a person, I mean I knew her. She brought me food and taught me how to take care of my-self she was clumsy but I had always thought of her as my person. Someone that in some way was mine. But now she was a person Morgguanna.

Then a dreadful thought. “Am I nobody?” I got a light whack on my head for that one. “Everybody is somebody.” I was informed. “Oh…. are there a lot of somebody’s?” This time she just looked at me. “Sometimes I forget how little you know. That’s my fault I suppose, at the beginning you became mine out of spite, but then I realized I didn’t know what to do with you.” I didn’t understand what she was saying so I want back to the most pressing question.

“Do I have a name?” The woman made a noise some where between a snort and a sigh. I crossed my feet and folded my hands in my lap like she had taught me when I was younger. After a moment Morgguanna looked up at me “You are called…” I tilted my head “Don’t you know?” She hissed “Course I do…you where once-You are called Repunzel, you’re named after a very delicious type of plant.”

I remember feeling a type of bubbling welling up in my chest. I was someone. I tried it on “Repunzel hmm” I liked the way it rolled off my tongue. “Why is that my name?” I asked eagerly. I was surprised to see Morguanna wince uncomfortably. I waited, Morguanna once told me when I was patient I was a good girl, I remember feeling so proud, I thought that maybe if I was a good girl my care taker would give me a answer.

When I felt her gaze on me once more I looked up pleadingly into her eyes, I tried not to smile when I felt her cave. “You’re called that because, the Repunzel are…very well loved.” She said carefully. I contemplated this for a moment and the felt a beaming smile split my face. “Am I well loved?” I asked slyly.

I was suspired to hear Morguanna chuckle. “I would think so if you keep those wide puppy eyes of yours.” I had never thought about it, but the woman did raise me, so she must care for me. I was so pleased to hear it (however grudgingly) out loud though that I bounced up and down slightly in my chair.

“I love you too!” I told her. I climbed out of may chair and wondered over to my window to mull over my new name. I didn’t think about the look of surprise and sorrow that had crossed Mogguanna’s face. Not until many years later.


The years did bring many things, I grew and not knowing it was common to cut hair, it grew to fantastic lengths, when I realized that cutting it would save a lot of effort, Morguanna had suffered a fall on her broom, she was fine but her broom was ruined. Unable to use it until she fashioned another one, and rope not being thick enough, my hair found another use. We cut it and made a thick golden rope that she used to climb where the stairs to my room had long since crumbled.

It was odd to think she was climbing my hair, but I was glad she could use it well enough. I remember rare adventure when she would take me from my tower and for a few days I would learn and absorb as much as I could. Then my whole world changed when a lost boy, a prince wondered by and showed me a life I never imagined.

I have to admit on some level I was honored that Morguanna was willing to fight tooth and nail to keep me there, I was angry when she cut the hair rope so he couldn’t get up, I missed him in the times he was away. But I couldn’t be mad at her, I knew she was worried and that she didn’t want to be alone. We understood each other her and I.
But I don’t think she saw him the way I did.

I loved his dimple when he smiled and the way that when he sneezed he always sneezed twice. And the way he’d roll his eyes when talking about his parents. Of course at this point I didn’t know he was of royal blood.

We fought to stay together and I pleaded for her listening ear, after so long finally she approached me, she looked worn and tiered, but she placed her best cloak around me and pretended not to watch me walk out the door.

I have to admit becoming ruler of a kingdom was not a planned event for me, but my people and court (Who had grown used to my odd ways, I knew little about people. Its good my prince found it sweet.) Grew used to the couple of weeks a year I would beg a rain check, and head for a quiet Woodlyn when a lone tower dwarfing the trees. My beloved would, when asked say “She’s visiting her mother.” And with a smile I would know he was right.

(Authors note) Im aware that the actual parents where not mentioned. However I felt that they would overly complicate things. Them being stranger and all. This was merely a quick look into a well-known characters not explored life. I wrote this for kicks

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Macx14 said...
Nov. 9, 2010 at 4:19 pm
Very cute! Not something I usually share, but I'm fourteen years old and I love disney, haha. This was a real treat to read. Great job!
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