Revenge is Sweet

October 30, 2010
By LunaStubbs SILVER, Maryville, Tennessee
LunaStubbs SILVER, Maryville, Tennessee
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"Yesterday's history, tomorrow's a mystery, and today is a gift... that's why it's called the present."- Kung Fu Panda

After a sentence of three years in prison, the judge- mayor- of Lily Valley, Texas decided I could go. Being a werewolf, I was especially angry and ill tempered a day or two around the full moon, therefore, they had to carefully watch my mood. The warden had told the mayor-an Elder Werewolf- that Prisoner 1566613 was particularly angry and enraged around certain days of the month and was worried about the other inmates’ safety. The mayor knew the warden was keeping track of my mood swings so the city ruler looked at his calendar (it had moon phases) and saw that the last full moon (we werewolves called that night for centuries the Forced Shift Night) was four days ago. Here’s a little information for you, if you have read “The Beast Within”: the night Luna Stubbs- the “victim”, as the court put it- transformed, the shift did not last for one night; it lasted for three days but she sped along the story just to make it interesting. In some stories of other werewolves, if you were enchanted to be a werewolf, you would be one for nine years; however, you could not eat human flesh- unless you wanted to remain a wolf.

I am driving my Jeep to my log cabin in the hills of Lily Valley, for it is best to be somewhat alone when you’re a werewolf. My mailbox was overflowing with bills and junk mail. ‘I don’t have a job anymore. How am I going to pay these? Oh well, I’ll figure out a way.’ I pulled into my two-car garage and entered my house.
As I was entering the kitchen, I did not notice that the kitchen was trashed, at first. When I noticed the ruined room, I moved around the room while trying to pick up the scent of what might have done this. I got the scent for its musky odor could have only been one creature: a were- fox! Were- foxes came over with the first Japanese family, who had two daughters that were were-foxes, however, they were deeply ashamed of their ability - that is how much I know of them.

I went into the living room and found it trashed. My entire house was destroyed and I could not find the trespasser at all! Suddenly, I heard running water coming from the master bathroom. Going in, I found the beast that did it! A teenaged Japanese- American boy was sitting in the Jacuzzi tub, wearing only his underwear and shirt. ‘That is so nasty!’ I thought to myself.
At first he didn’t notice me, but as he heard the ripping of my shirt, he looked up and started to tremble in my presence. “I was just taking a b-b-bath before I left your l-l-lovely home.” “My house is not “lovely” anymore!” I yelled. Seeing that he was basically a kid, I did not fully shift but just enough to get my extra- strong muscles. I picked him up and took him to the kitchen and showed him the room. “You or your clan did this!” “The Redfur Clan did not do this, sir. We live on your land, without giving you any trouble, and help you when we can, but we are too frightened to leave our houses right now.”
“Why are you frightened?” I asked, having some pity on the boy. “The clan mystic keeps saying that there will be a battle in the near future, one between a sorcerer and a werewolf in the hills of the flower.” I thought about this and set him down gently. “Shift and go back to your clan. Tell your mystic to send the Wolf of the Hills more information and I’ll pay you with potions.” ‘Wolf of the Hills’ is one of my names that the town gave the animal- me- that roams the hills at night.
Soon, there was a large, red fox in my kitchen and a shirt and a pair of boxers on my floor. The fox ran out and was soon out of sight. Pack- or clan- mystics were right about some things (battles, death, victories, and other things)- but a sorcerer? Most of the wizards and witches were either killed in the Witch Frenzy in Europe or the Salem Witch Trials in America; however, some might have managed to escape from their persecutors and moved to other colonies, one possibility. They are backstabbing mortals for they told the werewolf hunters where werewolves were living or hiding; therefore, we were glad about the Salem Witch Trials because most of the sorcerers and witches were condemned to death, but we were sad about the witches that were our allies.
I knew where the Redfur Clan lived but I could not go there on account I was not a were-fox and I had no potions that might be useful to them. They live on my land, which is most of the forest, so I might be considered a landlord. My stomach was growling, so I looked in the cabinets and pantry to see if I had any food. Luckily, there was food but not enough to satisfy my big hunger. I decided to go to town to get some groceries. As I was going into the garage, I heard a chorus of wolves howling. This is the message that was howled: ‘Remus, come to the Rock of Elders for an important meeting immediately.’
Now I was in deep trouble. I looked outside to see if it was dark and it was. My shift was very painful for I was in solitary confinement for six days (two before full moon, full moon, and three days after) while I was in prison for those three years. I finally finished shifting and took deep breaths to calm myself. Running on two legs, I made it to the Rock of Elders and to a big surprise. Joshua, the human that Luna died for, was standing there in a cloak and had a silver-tipped arrow pointed at the Alpha Elder Werewolf’s back.
If he shot the Alpha, he would die and shift back into his human form, the mayor. “What do you want, Joshua?” I asked. He replied, “I want to fight you with magic, and if you disagree, the Alpha will be killed.” It would be a big deal if the Alpha Elder Werewolf were killed- in the magical and human world. Unexpectedly, a were-fox came up the rocks and dropped a scroll at my feet. He was the same were-fox that left my house to give a message to his clan’s mystic.
I read the message and laughed, “Ha! I have the upper- hand, for it says here that a warrior will win and destroy the enemy. Ha! Alright, lets fight.”
Joshua drew a large circle in the dirt. He said to me, “If one of us goes outside the circle, the remaining person wins. That is the rule.” The Elders howled to the moon, “Let the Moon Goddess have favor on Remus!” We entered the circle and the fight begun. However, when I made my move, I almost went outside the circle but Joshua pushed me out and I landed on the ground hard. I saw a shimmer of light and realized that he had a silver knife.
He stood over me, and with the help of his magic, he held me down. “Revenge is sweet, Remus, but only one of us can taste that sweetness.” Breaking his magical bonds wasn’t easy, but I managed to be released from my invisible hindrances. I kicked with my back feet and he flew and hit the rocks. He was unconscious so I decided to search him. I found an assortment of items- from herbs to potions and the knife to a wand.
I took the items from him and said to the Elders, “We need to take him to the hospital, but what will our story be?” The Elders were silent. “You need to make up the story because we do not associate with Lone Wolves. You nearly had me killed!” The Blackstar pack must’ve exiled me. Rejected from my only family, I went home and saw that it was morning.
I shifted back of my own free will (it was not the full moon yet) and went to bed to sleep in order to prepare for my journeys.
To this day, I am a Lone Wolf and always on the run for Joshua is trying to track me down. I am somewhere- I cannot tell you in case Joshua is reading this story. If you have seen a man all alone in a forest or on a mountain, beware for he might mistake you for a werewolf! I am lucky to be alive after my encounter with that sorcerer. Good- bye and wish me good luck on my journeys.

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