The Sky

October 19, 2010
Was a deep purple, with a little pink and yellow. The moon was full and bright blue, glowing as if it were the sun. The grass was tall and very green, rustling and dancing with the dense strange air. There were no trees no flowers. Just an endless blanket of green. My heart was distant and throbbed a little. The air was so dense I was hardly able to breathe. There was no sign of life. No animals, no people. Just me. Alone.Then my heart started beating more accurately and the grass turned brown, dry. The sky became red like blood and the moon disappeared. The air was lighter but suffocatingly heavy on my lungs. My legs were tired. I was standing on dry land. The heat was unbearable, like fire burning me alive. It hurt to swallow, blink, even move. Yet my body felt wet. My legs, my arms. The pain was unbearable. Every time I blinked the color red seemed more alive. The heat would worsen. My body ached.And when I looked at my arms and legs blood would stream from open wounds being burned by the sky. My lungs felt as if they were shriveling with every breath I took. But the land was dry. Not even one sign of life. Only demons walking the land I stood on.The land I belonged to. My rightful home. My home.

I stared the truth in it's eyes. Because I was born to see, born to be. Born alive. In the land of the most beautiful angel God ever had.As tears of blood streamed down my face,

I woke up With the taste of blood in my mouth. In the land of the living. The land of illusions. The one I walk in now. Me.An angel out of place.

Far away,Away from home. Home of the damned.

What a tragic life to face ahead. When the land of green felt So much better.

But obviously Its not the Place I'm meant for. It's not meant for a soul like mine. I don't want to go home.?

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