A moment inside my head.

October 19, 2010
By Hellolovebritt SILVER, Olive Branch, Mississippi
Hellolovebritt SILVER, Olive Branch, Mississippi
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Forgive me, kind stranger, for the words I cannot utter.
They all came out on paper, freely written by the sound of thunder. Undeniably, I crave an escape from the torment of my indecisive brain.
It blows flurries of snow from the tip of my vocal chords up through and out of my mouth. Don’t ask me to be deep; my thoughts simply carry me away.

Where they toss me is a safe place, full of mystic and wondrous doings. Here the clouds are made of cotton candy, and the trees are made of liquorice. Here the skies are made of water, and the ground is made of sky. Here the sun is always shining, and there is no moon or darkness where the children cannot perish from fright. Here the flowers are all different—not one being the same as another—and no one needs money, for money causes greed. Here everyone’s face matches their multicolored personality, and so does their skin. Here the nightmares vanish and every single moment is a living dream. Here my loved ones stay, away from all harm and illness. Here no one dies and the emotions: anger, sorrow, and despair are all nonexistent. Here, I love you, because if I didn’t YOU wouldn’t exist. Here is another residence known as the higher depths of my mind, and only you are invited to inherit its glowing rich rebellion to the sick and twisted world. Come share in our pleasure, we’ve been awaiting you longer than you know.

The author's comments:
Honestly, when I wrote this I was on my bed in the dark around 3 in the morning. I had a flow of inspiration, and I was just reflecting on the dream-world in my head. I must say, looking back on it all, I feel insane.

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