The Geek and the Vampire "Aiden"

October 28, 2010
She was at the park, she was staring at me.I noticed something different about her she was wearing glasses,she had her hair in a pony tail,it was so curly, she looked amazing.She was so vibrant and had a life to live thats why I wanted to protect her from any unknown forces that may comelurking around.And as if right on cue these big bulky guys came walking toward us, they were staggering back and forth, they're drunk he said to himself.As they got closer I saw Ailey's eyes widen and she looked real scared.I got closer to her and I put my arm around her."Whats the trouble boy's?"I asked them.In their drunken phase I could hardly hear a word they were saying."We want that pretty lady your holding, she is mighty fine, I could have fun with her." he finally spat out and his friend was nudging his side agreeing with him.They looked about in their late twentys early thirties.I could hear her heart beat faster, her breath was getting heavier.She grabbed on to my shirt and leaned in closer her head on my chest, like a little girl, I thought it was cute." I don't think I will let you get even close to touching her." I said with a firm voice."Well then I will take her from you." the drunk guy said. The drunk ran towards him, but he wasn't aiming for me he was aiming for Ailey.I pulled her out of my arms and pushed her behind me.When the guy was closer he got ready, fangs bared and eyes glowing.Without even getting scared the guy just ran faster, I looked behind me and told her to run, she took the orders and ran.I ran towards the drunk guy and with full force I pushed him back with all I had and I must have thrown him far beacuse all her heard was a thud against a tree.Out of the darkness he came again but he was hurt. I then saw him turn. Ailey had stopped and I guess she was watching from a distance.He charged straight at her.I ran with all I had and knocked him to the ground.I was on top of him and he was trying to push me off.i then grabbed his neck and squeezed,hard,the next thing I knew he wasn't breathing.I got off and looked toward where his friend was his friend had wide eyes and he was as pale as snow.I turned around a grabbed Ailey's hand and pulled her away. I could hear the drunk guys friend run to the spot where his friend lied.I looked at him and bared my teeth.The friend stood up and ran.Once he was gone I looked at Ailey to see if she had any marks or bruises on her.She didn't, that was good.He walked her to her house and she stared at me with these curious eyes.She said good bye then turned around and walked to her house.I ran towards her and grabbed her arm and turned her around. I pulled her into to my arms and whispered in her ear " You are beautiful, and don't let anybody tell you different." I took my lips away from her ear and put my hand on her face.I leaned in and gave her a kiss.She was surprised at first but then kissed back.I let go and she smiled and I saw her cheeks go red.I smiled back at her.She waved and walked away.She opened the gate to her house, and I was standing there making sure she got in ok and she closed the door."Your safe for now." I whispered.I turned around and walked away.I looked up at the moonlight and thought of her.

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