The Geek and the Vampire "Ailey"

October 28, 2010
He walked me home I thought it was nice,we talked and got to know each other.I opened the door to find nobody home, but there was a not on the kitchen table.It said,"Dear Ailey, I am so sorry I am not home with you.I am at the hospital with your brother and your father is still at work.I will be home tomorrow.The hospital called and said your brother is not doing so well,so I rushed there as fast as I could.I am sorry but there is ravioli on the counter and you can heat it up when you get home.Love you always,MoM.My little brother has been in and out of the hospital for the past year.He has Lukemia,its a type of cancer.He was always getting sick and ill, I could hardly stand seeing my brother like that it was hard,and now its getting worse.Great if I thought getting picked on at school enough now my brother may die.I ran up to my room and cried for what seemed like hours,but it was only afew minutes.I wiped the tears from my face and went to take a bath.I took off my clothes and my glasses and tied my hair into a bun.I layed back in the tub and relaxed. All I could think about was Aiden.The way he looked at me and the way he smiled,his beautiful black hair blowing in the breeze.I closed my eyes and pictured him.I have never really thought about him this much but for some reason he was just there, implanted in my head.I opened my eyes and I realized the water was cold.I got out and put a towel around me."I need to get him out of my head!" I yelled,but no one was there to hear me once I was dry I put my robe on and sat on the chair at my vanity.i looked at myself in the mirror observing myself.I look so ugly I thought.I had long curly black hair and with brown freckles on my cheeks.I wore glasses because I couldn't read with out them and my doctor said to wear them at all time except when taking a shower or going to sleep even without them i thought I looked ugly unlike me my brother is handsome he is my twin and of course he is the better looking one.I stood up and looked at my body I was medium sized in the waist and stomach area but my boobs were big and I had like no butt.Good thing my brother wasn't a girl.I then went to sit at my window seat.The moon was so beautiful.I opened the window and stuck my head out and took in a nice,long breath.The air even smelt good.I looked around adoring nature and then I heard a twig crack I looked down and there I saw him Aiden.He was looking at me with fascination.I looked at him and I have to admit I was frightened.Why was he looking at me,why is he at my house.I face got warm and I noticed I was blushing.I quickly closed the window and turned around, I was really curious why he was there and why he was looking at me, what beauty do I have?I then turned around and looked out the window and he was gone.I closed the blinds and took of my robe. I got changed and put my glasses on so I could read my book.When I went to open the page I heard two car engines turn off and I was guessing that wwas mom and dad, as I predicted I was right.I went down stairs an greeted my parents. They told me my brother was not so great and I was thinking to myself , duh mom you told me that on the note. But I understood where they were coming, they were worried,stressed,and having to deal with work.I gave them a look of sympathy and went back upstairs.I took my glasses off and went to opened my closet door. I put on a short sleeve v-neck with a tank top with my band hoodie and a pair of pants.I put my hair up in a pony tail and put a pair of tennis shoes on.I ran down stairs and told my parents I was going to go to the park and ran out the door before I got an answer. The park wasn't far away from my house. I crossed the cross walk to the park and sat down on a bench in the gazebo and I stared off into the night.I didn't think there was anyone there but when I heard a rustle in the bushes i knew that somebody was there with me. "Come out," I said " there is nothing here but me." When I turned around there I saw Aiden.

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