Sarah Chapter 1 Part 2

October 28, 2010
I looked into his gold eyes and I got the feeling that he wouldn’t lie to me. I didn’t explain the feeling. I knew this was a dream but I could tell that it would still be crazy for me to do that. “I can just tell.”

The man laughed again, “Do you really think it is good to trust what your eyes see?”

“All I have to trust is my senses,” I told him. That and I could trust William. It took me some time to get the truth out of him at times but I always ended up getting it one way or another. I was starting to get the feeling that William did not want to tell me what was happening or what was wrong now at least since I woke up in the hospital.

“That is all anyone can trust,” he smiled. The man turned away from me. A gust of wind went over us and he looked back at me. “If you come here you’ll find me.”

And at that the man disappeared. I thought that I would wake up but I was still in the meadow. But I was alone. The sky above me started to get darker, the wind started to blow stronger. My dark hair whipped around my face. The air around me smelled like rain was going to come soon. Everything around me light up and there was a loud sound like a gun shot. It was starting to storm. A few seconds after the thunder bolt light the sky it started to rain.

I looked around me, I needed to find a place that I could use to escape the storm. And there, not that far away from where I stood was a small wooden cabin. I ran to it and slipped on the wet grass. Mud splashed up around me. I pushed myself back up and went into the cabin.

I shut the door behind me and coughed. The air in the cabin was so musty and dusty. I looked around and saw that the cabin was one room. All the furniture it had was a small single person bed, a round table, two chairs and a wood stove. I walked to the wood stove and looked for things to light a fire. But the fire was already lit. I looked around closer, the cabin didn’t look like anyone had been in it for a long time.

A man came in the door right then and shook his dark hair. The man looked at me. It was William. He smiled and then let it fall, “Sarah, what are you doing here?”

“I had to get out of the storm,” I told him. When I looked out the small window I saw that there was no storm. The sky outside was clear and light. I shook my head, “I don’t know.”

“Oh, well why don’t you sit down,” he suggested. “I want to talk to you.” William turned away from me and stoked the fire. He rummaged in a box that lay close to the stove and pulled out two bags of potato chips.

I sat down at the round table and crossed my arms on the table, “What is it you want to talk to me about?”

William sat down across from me and gave me a bag. He opened his own and popped a chip into his mouth. He chewed slowly, he was thinking of what he should say. “Be careful of Alexander,” was all he said.

“Alexander. I don’t know anyone or anything called Alexander,” I told him. I was getting annoyed, William was warning me about people that he didn’t want me to be around. I didn’t want him to be around Michelle but I wasn’t going to tell him that. I knew this was a dream, it still annoyed me though.

“You’re going to meet him soon,” he said. “Just be careful of him. Please. Promise me.”

I started to wonder then in the angelic looking man was Alexander. He had said I was going to meet him and know William was saying it to. Because he was my best friend I wanted to believe him. Part of me told me though that there was no place Alexander, if the man was Alexander, could possibly do anything wrong. “I’ll try,” I said. But I knew that I would never be careful around Alexander. I would lie to William about it though because it would make him feel better.

He smiled, “Will you do something for me? Wake up.”

As soon as those words hit my ears I was staring up at the white ceiling again.

“Ah, your awake,” William’s voice called.

I turned my head to look at him and smiled when I caught his eye. I pushed my self up. It hurt me a little but the pain wasn’t all that bad, it was bearable. “Good morning William.”

He chuckled, “It’s night time.” And sure enough, when I looked out the window it was black with a low light over the earth.

“Do you know how much longer I have to be here?” I asked him. It wasn’t that I didn’t like being waited on but I didn’t want to be in the hospital. For some weird reason I thought that if I left the hospital I would heal faster.

“You get to leave in the morning,” he told me. “I haven’t figured out a way for us to get back to Malone though. We might have to go to the hideout in here until then.”

We might have to stay in this town… I wanted to be back in Malone. The Rebel Hideout there was my home. I didn’t know anything about Ravorn but I got the feeling that I was going to hate it. I hope that we didn’t have to stay here long. What made it worse that I was going to be here was that I had to stay here with Michelle. I kept my mouth closed though, I didn’t want to tell William that I hated having to be in Ravorn and that I hated that Michelle had come here.

Finally I asked, “So what have you and Michelle talked about all the time that I was asleep?”

“Mainly we just talked about us,” William said. He sighed, “About how we all treated each other when we were younger. And how some of the things we said probably kept us from ever having the chance to like each other.”

I raised and eyebrow, it was all Michelle that kept us from being friends. I was going to say something but all that I could think of was how she seemed to like William and I had kept them from being together. I would try and be nice to Michelle or at least I would act nice to her.

“Can’t we go back to Malone the way that we got here?” I asked. I really did not want to stay here. Even he had to see that.

“We came here because it was an emergency,” he told me. “There isn’t a way for us to get back home through the hospital. We’ll have to pay for our way to get home. Or walk there. I wouldn’t suggest that because I don’t think your in good enough condition. It might hurt you worse.”

I nodded my head, he had a point. But really I didn’t care about that, I wanted to get to Malone and I didn’t care how I had to do that. I laid back down on the bed and stared up at the white ceiling.

“Are you okay?” William asked.

“Yeah, I just want to think,” I answered. I didn’t want to think about staying in Ravorn or about Michelle. I wanted to think about my dream. It was just a dream so it couldn’t be true but something about it did seem true. The only thing that seemed true was what was said and who said it but the places I didn’t believe.

There was no point to the places, I had never seen any of them. Then again I had never seen Alexander and he had been in my dream. Maybe there was a point to the meadow and the cabin.

I looked at William, “I’m done thinking.”

“Hmm. What were you thinking about?” He asked me.

“Malone,” I lied. I felt like I couldn’t tell William about my dream. In my dream he had warned me about Alexander and if what he had said was true then he would not like that I had seen him and talked to him.

“I’m sorry,” he muttered. “I’ll work my hardest to get the money so that we can go back to Malone.”

“How will we find the Rebel Hideout?” I asked him. All of the Hideout’s were hidden so how would we find something that was hidden?

“When I was younger I went to the Hideout. If they didn’t move it then I’ll be able to find it,” he said. He got up from his chair and went over to the bed I laid on. He kissed my cheek, “I think that we should try being together again.”

I wasn’t expecting that. From what I had guessed Michelle wanted to be with him. Maybe I was wrong though. I really did care about William but I didn’t love him. I could never love him. But maybe if I tried being with him again I would grow to like him in the way he wanted. I could at least like him if I didn’t love him, at least in the way that he wanted. “I’ll try if you want to.”

He kissed my cheek again, “I would do anything you wanted.”

I knew what he said was the truth, even if I broke William’s heart he would do anything I wanted. I had the feeling that I was going to break his heart, I didn’t want to but I knew that it was going to happen.

I smiled at him but didn’t say anything. Maybe I shouldn’t have told him we could try being together again if I knew that I was just going to break his heart.

Deep inside me I could feel the touch of my powers. For some time I had not used my powers. I shouldn’t use it, especially with William around. Seeing my powers might remind him of him hurting me. But I let the touch come to the surface. The next thing I knew a small ball of metal was expanding in my hand.

Sure enough William made a face when he saw the ball of metal in my hand. I looked at him, “Do you want it?” I held the ball out to him.

“Sarah,” he whispered. I could tell what he was thinking, he thought if he took the metal from me he would hurt me. I couldn’t help but smile.

I closed my hand around the ball of metal and let it disappear. “What time is it?”

“It’s five in the morning,” he told me. “In three hours we can leave the hospital. And then we will go to the Hideout. We’re sure to be treated good because me and you are co-Chief Protectors and Michelle is Lieutenant Protector.”

“By the time we get back to Malone we wont have those jobs. Someone else will be doing it,” I said. That upset me, I loved my job. I would have to work hard to get back to the place I rightfully should be doing. Maybe I wouldn’t have to work hard though. People made me and William the Chief Protectors because are special powers let us defend and attack.

I turned my head to the window and closed my eyes. I wanted the time that I could leave the hospital to come soon. Or now. I hoped that when Michelle, William and I went to the Hideout it would be easy. I kind of doubted that would happen though.

I opened my eyes and looked out the window, the sky was slowly turning light gray. As the sky changed color I knew that my time to leave was getting closer.

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