Creation Myth

October 26, 2010
By Taylor Calvin BRONZE, Plaquemine, Louisiana
Taylor Calvin BRONZE, Plaquemine, Louisiana
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One cold day, a woman was walking down the street to The Downtown Bartering System. She was happily skipping along when she dropped her apple that she was going to trade for a light bulb. When the woman bent over to pick up her apple, a coin hit her in the head. On one side of the coin, it read, “Plant me now.” The other side read, “Grab an animal to help you.” The woman stood there looking puzzled. She had so many questions, but there was no one around to answer them. The woman didn’t know if this was a set up or a serious matter. She slipped the coin in her pocket and continued on her journey. Approximately a mile later, a camel approached her and said, “Hi, I was instructed to help you plant a coin.” The woman stood looking shocked but scared at the same time. The lady politely shook her head and continued on her journey.

As the woman continued on her journey, she became thirsty. She stopped at the nearest beverage station. She noticed a sign on the door that read, “If you want a better future, you MUST plant this coin now.” The lady then became scared and she began to scream. A man who heard the woman’s scream ran from around the back and began to ask what was her problem. The woman began to explain how the coin fell from the sky, the camel approached her talking to her, and now a sign on the door telling her to plant the coin. The man looked at the woman as if she was losing her mind. Then he started to explain how things happen for a reason. He also said the coin, the camel, and the sign could have been a sign from God. The woman then looked confused at what the man was saying. Then it dawned on her what the man meant

The lady went back to where she saw the camel expecting him to be there. When she arrived, there was no camel or any sign of a camel in sight. The lady called for the camel. Instead of a camel coming, it was dog. The dog asked the lady what she needed. The lady began to explain everything she told the man. The dog directed the lady to follow him. The dog and the lady began walking. They walked until the found an empty lot in their city. Once they found the empty spot, the dog began digging the hole for the tree. The lady ran off to go get buckets of water from the well. When the lady returned, she dropped the coin in the hole, watered it, thanked the dog and left.

Everyday, the woman and the dog checked on the tree. Each day, it made progress. One month later when the lady and the dog went to check on the tree, it was a full-grown money tree. The dog and the lady got excited. They decided they were going to be greedy and take all the money off the tree. This trick worked for the first three months, until one day a by passer happened to see the lady and the dog collecting the money. Once the word about the money tree out, everybody knew about the money tree.

Since the money tree, people no longer have to barter. They can use money to buy what they want and still keep their other goods. People are able to buy transportation, clothes, and shelter easily. They no longer have to give up their personal belongings for what they need or want. They can keep their items and buy another item.

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