The Wings

October 27, 2010
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Every day I find myself lost a single horse in an ocean of unicorns. I’m not a part of the cliques, I walk alone. My name is Nane. I was once friends with Aleena, but that was long ago. We were the best of friends. Our inseparable bond was indescribable. All those memories of us skipping through valleys and sleepovers; but one day that was all gone. I could hear the whispers, the laughs, and smirks on their faces. Was something going on? Was there a scandal in progress? All eyes were on me as I walked down the hall. I could tell there was something huge going on and somehow I was a part of it. When I reached the end of the hall there standing was Aleena, who I now know is the devil horse in disguise. To this day I’ve yet to figure out what I did to make her so mad.

I heard the rumor that was floating around. Should I feel hurt or betrayed? Or should I feel angry and vengeful? Emotions are bouncing around in my head. “Don’t cry” I told myself. “Confront her” I heard the voice say. The confusion and anger began to shallow me up. “Why did you do this?” I said. “Isn’t obvious? I don’t need you anymore; I’m off to bigger and better things”. Now I know how the ugly duckling felt.

Shut out of the world; everywhere I went cold shoulders followed. Everyone that had given me their horn promise suddenly turned their backs to me. I grazed alone in the meadow and back at our stable I was shoved around and always come home to a trashed stall. Unis, which is short for unicorns, I don’t even know treat me horribly and with such hate, but they don’t even know me. How can they believe such lies about someone they didn’t even know existed? How can they judge me? Every uni I knew had betrayed me. Each played an important role in my life just got up and walked out on me, all at once.
One day as I galloped through the meadow, I found a group of horses I had never seen before. They looked extremely like well me, except they had the oddest thing coming out of their backs; a pair of wings! An awkward silence came. All eyes were on me. My eyes locked with one of them, her name is Krys. We both felt on instant connection. They befriended me. Something about each and every one of us made us different and brought us together. I realized I didn’t need Aleena or the others in my life, because now I had the most amazing friends’, ones I knew they wouldn’t me. Krys, Anum, Fifi, Bribri, and Lil Red and I developed a close bond. Those feeling of loneness faded as the feeling of love filled me.
The valley exploded with laughter as we ran through it. As we were running I felt a tingle coming from my back. The next thing I know I was soaring in midair. At that moment we all realized that I wasn’t a horse but one of them! They stared in aw at my gorgeous new wings. “You’re a Pegasus!” Fifi shouted. “You’re a Pegasus” they echoed. As I stood there with the biggest smile and said “I’m really a Pegasus!” I finally found a place where I belong.

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Anum said...
Nov. 2, 2010 at 8:10 pm
Awwww i love you <3 Come to my house some day or we could go to the movies? :D
Annipooh replied...
Nov. 11, 2010 at 8:54 am
i love you tooo :D okie dokie
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