Life is Like a Flower

October 27, 2010
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We all start out in a seed, thrown away carelessly, always placed randomly. The seed sits motionlessly feeling the blazing heat of the sun, and the torrential rain beating down on its heart. It gets buried deep down into the mud, the darkness surrounding it, it loses all hope, it’s going mad. Finally, its eyes are opened; a sprout shoots up full force to the surface, trying to discover unknown light. It hits the surface, and hope rushes in with abundant light, overjoyed with happiness. He realizes that he has lead to a new beginning in his life.

One day, the sprout sees a man, hoping for a drink of water, the man gets closer. As he walks closer, he grows bigger by every step. He never realized how big his shoe was, until the shoe print marked his back forever. His hope was crushed once again, and the dark feeling he had before he found the light poured over him once again. Dirt is thrown over top of him, as he remains weakless. He lays there broken hearted, not trying to get up.

Days go by, the sun beating down on him, rain pouring buckets on his little head. Until one day, a plant next to him see’s him struggling, and offers a helping branch and pulls him out of the dirt. He regains some of his strength, but realizes that the hurt inside will never go away, and the shoeprint will always be with him. Just when he discovered a glimpse of hope, the friend who had helped him survive gets torn out of the ground by its roots. The little boy runs off with his roots, without emotion. The sprout’s heart was torn again, he wanted to shrivel up and die. He wanted to know when his life would be over, and when would he be set free? A little girl with strawberry blonde hair came and played in his dirt, but he was nervous wondering if he would ever be able to trust another soul again. She gave him water and reassured the sprout, and he wasn’t afraid anymore.

A few months passed, no one else came to water him, and he sat there feeling very lonely without any one. He came to a realization though, as the months passed by, it is a lot more peaceful being lonely. There isn’t a chance to get hurt, and no one will ever harm or help him. He learns to save the water from the sky, and take in the sun during the day. His flower is dull and lifeless, because of the hurt that has been building inside him. However, his branch remains broken from the shoeprint that never disappeared, and as the weary days go by he gets stronger and sturdier. He delights in his strength and looks up towards the sky hoping one day he could live with the clouds.

He grows taller every day, but still remains a dull flower. A teenage boy appears one cold morning, and he recognizes this boy, he realizes that this is the same boy that torn his friend up from the roots. The boy gets closer, and closer until everything goes black. The memory of when he was a seed appears; he feels trapped and can’t get out. He is hopeless, fearing that his life has ended, but then again what did he ever have to live for? His whole body shaking, he feels ready to die, ready to give up right at that moment. He opens his eyes, and he sprouted hope. The darkness is gone, but the boy is still there. The boy’s hand reaching toward the flower, he plucks off every petal, takes off all of his leaves and throws them in the air. As the flower watches his petals as they float down to the ground, the boy’s face remains expressionless. The flower is weeping on the inside because he is too afraid to show emotion. This boy has destroyed his best friend, and torn every last shred of his heart to pieces. What more can this child do, there is nothing left to tear.

The boy walks away with his leaves and petals, the flower left alone once again in peace, out of hurt. Years go by, the same boy returns, but is no longer a boy, he is a grown man now. The man see’s the ugly flower and he doesn’t think it fits in with the other pretty ones. He takes a hold of the stem, slowly pulling and tugging on the root to make sure he eradicates it completely. He makes one more big pull and is walking away with the flower in his hand. The flower lets out a long murmur, no longer able to keep his sadness within himself anymore. He wants nothing more than to leave this earth, and to live among the clouds. He wants to be alone all the time, and be at rest forever. As he is thinking this, he feels his body being thrown. He realizes as he is soaring in the air he has been projected into a large bin, and senses that there will be no more agony or wondering when someone else will come along just waiting to take another piece of his heart out.

Suddenly, everything goes black, this isn’t a temporary black, and this black is something he will have to get used to. But there is a different air around him, this is an air that is free and liberated. Everything is still and quiet; a smile crossed his face for the very first time. All of his worries were washed away just like the torrential rain had washed away his heart. He is amongst the clouds.

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