Cold Autumn Night

October 27, 2010
By JackieH01 SILVER, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
JackieH01 SILVER, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
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Don't hate the world for what it does to you; hate the world for what it is

I’m wandering in darkness at midnight on a cold autumn day. Calm breeze, shivering my spine as my sweat shirt has peek-a-boo holes in it. Trying to capture any sight of animals or creatures that hide in the night, or maybe another person wandering around on this night
I stroll along to a boulder, its edges are sharp, yet I feel there are flat surfaces on it. Seeing nothing, I’m just sitting on this boulder hearing trees leaves swaying like an oceans waves, and leaves rustling around on the brittle ground, and something thumping and huffing. I stop breathing, to feel invisible, just in case it was a wolf or a coyote. It howls, GREAT! I’m in a middle of a forest in the earliest of morning and all alone. All I have on me is my GPS, no cell phone, no flashlight and no dark vision glasses. I’m going to stay sitting on this boulder I told myself.
I don’t know how many minutes has passed by, still the animal is howling. I try to move really quiet, and my hand falls off the boulder, I fall backward in to a big whole, wondering if it’s a booby-trap…I intend to keep falling like what Alive did her adventure. Finally, I halted with a thump on a blue berry bush. Thorns get pricked in my skin, trying not to talk I pick them out of me.
I look around, seeing I’m surrounded by tall green trees with clashes of red blobs. Animals that are gray and spotted with yellow dots some have stripes and spots that are pink. Where am I? I ponder. I stand up, the ground is spongy and blue and the sky is a sea green color, am I upside down or what? I don’t think so. I sneak to another bush; I think it’s an orange and strawberry bush. I look around again, and this sketchy skinned creature is staring at me. I try not to move nor blink. I whisper, “Hello”, the creature moves to me on all four legs, even though it can stand on two legs. It blinks with its green black eyes glistening in mine. I notice that it has fur, a variety of different types, a mule, kangaroo and a fluffy dog’s kind of fur. To be honest, I think this creature is adorable.
I put my hand out, to let it smell me, its black nose and whiskers touch my hand. The nose is very cold, yet a little warm. I take my hand back, the creature sighs and whispers, “Human”. I was astonished to hear it speak, a low pitch of air practically coming out of it. I ask it what this place is. It tells me that this place is “Wander of Mysterious Creatures”. I noticed that, but I’ve never heard of it. So I ask it its name and gender. It replies, “Maytin and I am a male.” I told him my name and gender. He tells me that I can wander around, only if I don’t have a cell phone or camera. Well, lucky day for me, I told him I only have a GPS. Maytin laughs at that and says, “That won’t work here anyways.”
So I stroll along, more creatures are here, with so many combinations of colors and designs. Maytin introduces me to his friends, look more like family to me. I think of how these creatures are made. The other creature I like is the dinosaur looking one, with a hint of a Cougar, Panther and a Stegosaurus look. Its colors are a lime green and orange with black spots, its tail is fairly long with its tip has all three colors on it. Its fur is smooth like a Britney Spaniel dog has and is smoother as a black panthers. When I say hi to it, its eyes are black with white spots. Maytin says, “This is Maytor, he’s a talker and a spas.” Maytin knows every creature; I wonder how he can keep them straight.
When six O’clock came by, I ask Maytin what they eat for breakfast. He giggles; I ask him, “What’s funny?” He says, “We don’t have time zones or clocks we eat when the hole you have fallen in is lit up we eat, if it’s dark or has a shadow, we eat.” I am baffled, so I ask him, “What about changes or seasons?” He tells me, “We don’t believe in changes or seasons. We don’t have a real sun; it’s more like electricity here.” He tells me more about how they live.
Maytor comes over to us and suggest us to play with him, Mayden and Martor. Maytin nods his head and says, “Sure.” So we walk into this house, the walls are a sandy beach color, the floors are a purple spongy material and the game that is set up is ‘Volleybaseswing’. Mayden tells me it’s just like baseball and matt ball put together. Mayden demonstrates how to play, the volleyball is hit by a bat and you run to a base—more like a matt though. We play the game until Martor has an appetite.
We walked to a different building, which smelled amazingly delicious, until we got inside. Stoves were burning with flames and I didn’t want to know what they were cooking. The smell was like burning rubber and sugar being burned when it’s stale. The color was light brown that look like cinnamon and a hint of orange and a scarlet color. I asked Martor what was cooking, he tells me, “A casserole that has a distinct name.” I give him a baffled look, he grins and say, “It’s ‘Sharkquidmel’, a combination of shark, squid and caramel.” I gawk in disbelief, yet ponder of it, how could they get sea mammals since they are underground? Martor takes some of it out of the pot, and eats it in a hurry. Maytin, Maytor nor did I take any of it.
I stroll around to the other building, when I get in it, I love it already. The walls changes color with your emotion, so they are gray with black diagonal stripes, since I’m feeling grotesque and frightened. The floor changes with your body temperature, the floor is blue with red spots. Maytin comes along right beside me and says that’s normal temperature. I smile. I side talk to him about how I admire this building Maytin just stares at me like an imbecile. He tells me that this building is the doctor’s office. In that case the walls and floor tell the doctors or the nurses what is wrong with the patient. Now in the reality world, you go to the doctor to tell them what is wrong, not them telling you what is wrong. This place is really an upside down, topsy-turvy kind of world. Maytin shows me the room where the doctor does x-rays and shots. It’s the same type of machines and sitting arrangement as the reality world. The other room is dark and a gloomy feeling, the specialist doctors have. Maytin tells me that this is where they have surgeries and takes care of the patient if they are horrifying sick. Who knew that there would be so many mysterious creatures underground?
Martor yells Maytins name, so we both walk to Martor and ask him what he wants. Martor hurt his hoof on the side of the water-lemon tree while climbing up the bark to get a water-lemon. Maytin takes a look and sees that Martor cracked his steel shoe. I tell him that he will be alright; he smiles and gives me a hug. Maytin takes Martor to the building we were just in and has the doctor check his hoof out. The doctor has a white cape on and a pair of slacks that were also white on. The fur of his is a slivery color with white peek-a-boo streaks and his teeth were big as wolfs can be. Maytin tells me that his name is Marty. So there are creatures name Maytin, Maytor, Mayden, Martor and now a Marty…wow what a lot of names starting with M. Least I don’t have my name starting with M, they might think I really do belong here. Martors’ hoof is alright, he has to get a new steel shoe though, but it looks like he doesn’t mind.
Maytin, Martor and I go on the other side of the land. On the way over there, Martors telling me all these strange absurd stories that had happened and how it has affected his life. I nod and can relate to some of them, Maytin tells Martor not to say a lot because some of them are really personal.
My eyes are capturing a lot more mysterious creatures than before. I’m talking to Maytin about how and why there are so many more creatures, on this side than their side of the land. Maytin sighs and tells, “In 1987, there was a war that split families up due to their gender and quality of work.” I wonder why there was a war, oh well; it’s a mystery, like this place. I ask him, “Why was there a war?” He doesn’t say anything for about five minutes, until he abruptly coughs. “It’s because of everyone’s opinions on how to live with electricity or without electricity,” he suddenly says. “But why would they not go into the modern time period?” I ask. We stop walking and he tells me, “The creatures we see here are communists and on our side of this land, we are a democracy kind of government.” Now everything was making sense to me, well no not really, but let’s just says that it does. Martor whispers, “We are here, the side where everything is different and how they think their way of living is right.”
The creatures here wear uniforms looking clothes; walk the same way (all defiant and modest), and talk one by one of their opinions. The uniforms are a tan color khakis that fall a little pass their knees, polo white tees, which look like they’re going golfing, and tan shoes that look like boat shoes, with white laces. Their appearance is different types of animals collaged together and colors that are different shades of one color. Looking around, I see Martor and Maytin talking to one of the guards, which has the strangest uniform, it’s all black and gray instead of tan and white. The creatures’ animal is an elephant, rhino and a grizzly bear. The darkest shade of gray is on its face, then light spots on its legs, and the rest of it is a medium gray. I walk over to them and the guard stares at me, I smile and nod.
The guard speaks, but in a different language to Maytin. Maytin speaks back to it and starts walking to a building. The building has many levels, has a olive green color glass surrounding the whole thing, the entrance has a sliding door and talks when you walk in. it’s so enormous, there’s a water fall that has a clear color that look like water, but Maytin says, “There’s poison in it, so don’t touch nor drink it.” I back away and follow Maytin, Martor, and the guard. We all go on this elevator type thing, it speaks and the guard speaks back, then we move with a halt and we sway sideward then up, like in the new version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We head to the fifteenth floor and walk to another room, it looks like a doctor’s office. The walls are white yet tinted with a pale baby yellow; the carpet is a shaggy pale yellow with khaki color spots. The tables are short, knee high on me, and they’re bleaching white with a stench of rubbing alcohol on them. Martor covers his nose and his eyes start tearing up, because of the stench. Guess they’re not use to it, or they never smelt is before. The guard goes into the back room, which has a code to get in and there are bricks with little warning signs on them. He comes back and hands Maytin a closed box, a transparent vase and bottles of medication. Maytin says thank you in the strange language and then tells Martor and me, “Go back to the elevator and wait for me.”
Martor’s talking up a storm, about how this place use to be his home and how jovial he is to be now living on the Democracy government side. I smile and tell him, “Yeah, I wouldn’t be happy to be living on a communism land, either Martor. Although it’s quite different than having freedom, like you have now.” When we got to the elevator, Maytin was waiting impatient. “Why did it take you two this long to get back here?” he questions. “We had gotten lost”, Martor answered. I just nod. “Well let’s just get back on our side of land before the government sees us,” Maytin says. So we go on the elevator and get jammed together by swaying sideways and going back to the first level. When we walk pass the so called ‘normal’ waterfall, I notice the water bubbling as the custodian creature’s adding a chemical to it. I don’t even want to know what it was adding to it. We keep on walking and Maytins trying not to spill what he has in his hands. I ask him, “What did they give you, Maytin?” he stares at me with this black look, and replies, “I’ll tell you when we get onto our side of land.” I am pondering of what it could be, could it be a chemical bomb, a poisonous gas, or the chemical the custodian creature was adding to the waterfall?
Martor is quiet, until we reach their side, then he suddenly dashes to the doctors building screaming, “WE GOT IT! WE GOT THE CURE!” I turn to Maytin questioning, “What are you trying to cure?” Maytin waits until we get in the building. “It’s the cure of stupidity for Martor”, he replies. I smile and look at him with a distinct look. “I’m joking, can’t you take a joke, young one?” he chuckles. I answer with giggles, “Yeah, well I can just see why you said that now.” Maytin shakes his head and says, “We are curing the disease of the creatures on the communist side.” “What disease is over there?” I question. “Well, young one, it’s communist government, everything goes wrong over there, if we get this cure, they will turn into a democracy like us,” Maytin explains. “Then wouldn’t it be a treaty instead of a cure for a ‘disease’?” I ask him. “Yes, but in this world, it’s a disease, because creatures can get sick of the government, and when they take this potion, they realize that they are living the wrong way,” Maytin says his point.
So Maytin starts making the cur and I watch him, he starts up the stove, adds a bucket of water and adds the chemicals of sodium, magnesium and lithium. The water starts bubbling, “You might want to wear these glasses,” Maytin suggests. So I put the glasses on; they change the perspective view of the chemicals. Different colors spark and bubble, now Maytin is done, he takes his glasses off, so do I. the cure has a strange smell of rotten milk, bleach and salt with boiled vinegar.
Martor comes into the room and yells, “WOW, MAYTIN! That cure smells defiant! When are you going to give it to them?” Maytin blinks and replies, “Tonight I am, since I have a meeting with them anyways.” Martor nods and trots over to Maytor and plays the game we played earlier. I turn to Maytin and talk to him about what the plan is. He tells me that on our way to the government building, we give a glass of this cure to random creatures. He whispers to Marty, “Okay, well, the young one and I are going to the other side and put our plan to action.” Marty replies, “Bring a stir-stick, so the cure doesn’t sink to the bottom of the pot. Have the young one scoop the cure out with the glass for them.” “Alright then,” Maytin and I say. We both start walking over.
When we get there, there are a lot more creatures than before outside of their homes, strolling and standing in the streets. Maytin nods and gives me the look to start giving them the cure. When we run out of glasses, we walk to the government building and tell the guard to let us in. it opens the door and the other side of the door, we see five creatures in suits and looking very buff. No wonder why no one wanted to stop the type of government, they were probably shaking their fur out, of how beastly these creatures look. Maytin speaks, “We want you to drink this, it will get your minds out of the burden and have a better life than there is now.” The beastly creatures just stare at us like we’ve been on crack. I smiles and just stare back at them. Maytin sticks the pot in front of their faces, the head government creature, in an angry manner, grabs the pot and takes a sip, and passes it onto the next creature.
A few moments later, a mob of creatures come inside and ram Maytin and me over, they all start yelling about how communism is wrong. The government looks horrified and they start yelling out their apologies. Maytin and I look at each other with ear to ear smiles on our faces. We dash back to Maytins side, and tell Martor, Marty and Maytor and every other creature that the communist side is cure. Every one cheers and is jovial.
Maytin grabs my hand and pulls me aside, from the crowd and says, “Thank you, young one. Thank you for helping me cure their disease.” I didn’t really help you, Maytin. I observed your moves and learned how you creatures live.” Maytin smiles and asks, “When are you going back to your world, young one?” “I don’t know Maytin, but it probably should be in a little bit, after the government tells you about their thoughts,” I say. “Okay, will you come back here again and visit?” Maytin questions. “Yes, and maybe I could learn how to make that ‘Sharkquidmel’ too,” I say while smiling. “I’m glad you have fallen through the hole-” “Really? I felt like I was a dork and I was scared because there was an animal howling. So I tried to move really quietly, yet I fell off the rock, into the hole,” I interrupt. “-well, at least that hole led some place you’ve enjoyed being in,” Maytin finishes.
We look and see the government coming toward us; they look impress that we changed their way of living. They speak to Maytin, while I play Volleybaseswing with Maytor and Martor. Maytin comes back over to me and almost gets hit with the ball, Maytor giggles as I say, “Sorry, Maytin. So what did they tell you?” “They are pleased that we made a cure for it and they realized that that life is a lot more fun when someone doesn’t tell you what to or not to do,” Maytin answers. “Well, I’m really glad that I helped you give it to them and that you creatures are fun to hang out with and learn about,” I say. “You should get a move on heading home, young one,” Maytin says with his green black eyes glistening in mine again. “Okay Maytin, I’ll come back and see the improvements you have done here in your world,” I reply. I head back to the blue berry bush and climb up a ladder Maytin gave me. I look back as I’m half way up the ladder, and see Maytin, Maytor, Martor and Marty waving bye to me. I wave back and head up the ladder again.
When I get out of the hole, the stars are shining high above and remember there is a howling animal out here wandering. There’s still a calm breeze, so I wrap my arms around my waist. I smile and just sit on the boulder for a bit and then walk around to try to get out of the forest.

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