Risk of Infection (prologue)

October 26, 2010
By shadowx1243 BRONZE, Ellensburg, Washington
shadowx1243 BRONZE, Ellensburg, Washington
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"Live for tomorrows sacrifices, Not today's pleasures." ~Mike Bartow


The emergency siren wailed through-out the complex causing screams of panic and confusion to erupt from the small building. Patients in “Richards Helping Home” yelled and babbled incoherently as the guard ran through the halls, weapons ready and all shouting to each other. “Dammit! Where’s number BM-20712?!” One guard shouted to another, “Haven’t seen him!” “Richards Helping Home” was a correctional facility for the Mentally Ill and there has never been an escape in the 32 years that’s its been around, but today a man named Bill Mantle had broken the record. At least that’s what he thought. Bill sat crouched behind some bushes in the courtyard while stroking a stuffed rabbit. “It’s all good Jenny, we’ll escape... then we can be free! We can get married, have children, I-I’ll even let you named them!” the stuffed rabbit said nothing in response just sat there staring motionlessly staring at the man. He ducked lower when some guards ran by him, and the bushes were just big enough to conceal his bulk. He shivered while crouching in the snow and his nose twitched. “no… no, no, no!” his forehead and his nose scrunched, and tears began to fill his eyes. “No!” he shouted, then he did the one thing that a runaway should never do while in hiding, he tilted his head back… and sneezed.

“Over there!” a guard shouted as he ran towards the shaking bush, “Hey guys! I could use some help here!” as he said that, Bill’s large shadow rose from behind the bush and seized the young guard by the back of the neck. “Oh god!” the guard shouted as his feet lifted off the ground, “Please… no!” Bill said nothing in response but the mans large hand squeezed tightly around the base of the guard’s neck causing a yelp of pain to escape the guard’s lips. “Put him down Billy…” an approaching guard said soothingly as a mother would to a child, “We don’t want to make Sarah see this do we?” Bills eyes widened with rage and he literally crushed the guard’s small neck with a sickening crack. “Her name is Jenny!” he shouted, as foam began to build in the corners of his mouth, “Jenny, Jenny, Jenny!” He let the dead guard’s body drop limply to the ground and took a menacing step towards the guard who misspoke the toy’s name. “No Billy… we can talk this out, lets not have this night end with blood,” He looked down at the guard’s corpse then raised his eyes back to Bill’s, “Well, anymore blood.” Bill said nothing in reply but balled up one of his massive fists and took another step towards him. Two more gaurds arrived to aid the first guard and they both immediately took aim and crouched to one knee. “you said Sarah…” Bill spat, “Sarah!” he then raised his fist to attack. Four shots fired, two hitting Bill in the chest, one in the shoulder, and one directly between the eyes. Bill’s body flew backwards and landed with a hard thud. A sticky puddle began to form underneath the mans body and his blood mixed with the snow, and the pink rabbit.

Dr. Jacob Meare stared down at the men in the courtyard and crossed his arms casually behind his back. “Have them clean the mess up, then…” He paused a moment to look a The Pit, an area where they threw all the recently deceased, “you know what to do…” The guard stood straight, “Sir!” then he turned and rushed down the stairs to the courtyard. “Idiots…” Meare mumbled under his breath, “You all deserved the same fate as BM-20712…” He then turned and walked into the building. He immediately knew something was wrong as soon as he walked into the medical room, like for one, the room was freezing. “The hell?” he muttered, “Who forgot to pay the heating bill…?” A motion in the far right corner of the room caught his attention and he reached into his lab coat, resting his fingertips gently on the butt of the semi-automatic that he kept concealed. “Who’s there? Show yourself!” A slight moan came from one of the shadowed corners in the room in response, causing Jake to jump. “Who’s there?!” He demanded, the moonlight casting its glow upon the tiled floor was the only thing illuminating the small room. Meare noticed a person’s leg step onto into the rectangle on the floor, but the rest of the body was still consumed by the shadow. Meare drew his pistol and aimed it to approximately where the unknown figures head would be. “Show yourself or I’ll blow your a** to last week!” The thing did so by limping towards Meare, with its left foot dragging behind leaving a trail of blood in its wake. “J****, What happened to your leg?!” Meare yelped. The thing only moaned in response and rose it’s arms lazily. “Back off!” Meare shouted, “I have a gun!” He then thrust his gun outward and it pushed against the thing’s forehead. “I swear I’ll shoot!” He said hesitantly. Just then another one darted out from the shadows behind him and tackled him to the ground. Jake’s gun flew from his hand and slid under one of the beds. Jake’s teeth bared in a menacing snarl and he threw a punch, connecting it straight with the things nose. The punch crushed bone and made the thing’s head jerk back, but it didn’t seem to affect it much past that, its arms pinned down Jakes torso and it looked at Jake, with somewhat of a malicious glee. Jakes eyes widened in terror as he looked at the monsters face, now gushing blood. it’s skin was peeled from its lips showing rotting yellowed teeth, now crusted with it’s own blood, and it’s eyes were rolled back in it’s sockets. “What, what are you?” He squeaked, but before he could say anymore, the thing bit into his chest, tearing out cloth and flesh. Jakes screams echoed off the walls and his cries for help didn’t make it past the sound proof glass that he had personally put into the windows to keep the patients cries for help from disturbing people down in the courtyard, talk about irony. As the thing tore away at his torso, the other one regained it’s footing and limped towards the screaming man. It then knelt down and bit into the scientist’s neck, and cut off the dying mans screams.

The author's comments:
This is the prologue to a book i'm writing. Comment please, i'd really like to here what people think!

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on Nov. 2 2010 at 6:01 pm
Of_Infection_Series, Ellensburg, Washington
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I'm Proud of this work, but i'll be posting the "Of Infection Series" On this account now.


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