The Geek and the Vampire "Aiden"

October 26, 2010
As I kissed her cheek I felt a warm sensation run through my body,I could smell her,she smelt like a rose after it has bloomed,but I could tell she was nervous. I don't know why it was likeshe has never talked to a human being before.She smiled,she told me her name it was Ailey,I smiled back and turned with a wide grin on my face.The rest of the day went by slowly it was now 2:15 and i was in 4th period.As I walked in I saw her,she was nudging her books into her backpack she looked so sweet and innocent.There was a seat next to her it was vaccant so as swift and keen as I am I took it. At first she looked surprised her eyes wide,but when she noticed it was me she blushed and turned away i don't knnow if I should have took that to offense or no,but oh well. The class went by fast, it was better compared to the slow day I had,The whole class period all I could do was stare at her,I was distracted by her,she fascinated me.Right there and then the bell rung. I sat up and grabbed my books,I saw her walk by me she was walking alone with no one by her side.I jogged up to her so I could catch up.She looked at me and then turned her head away apparently her mood was changing constantley today,but she didn't push me away or say anything she just let me walk at her side.This was getting to awkward,I raised up enough courage to ask her" would you like me to walk you home?" She nodded her head so I guess that was a yes. We didn't talk any on the way there she just walked and I followed.When we got to her gate she just waved and walked into her house.Some lady he thought top himself she was so nice to me this morning and now she doesn't even want to talk to me.I didn't leave at all that night I just walked around the neighborhood and stayed as close as I could to her. I don't know why but for some reason know matter how she acted I just had a feeling I should protect her.I walked up to her house and looked throught the windows. In one of the windows on the far right I saw her she was reading a book and payed no attention to the outside world.After about an hour of standing there she put her book down and went to the windows,she looked out at the moon, she studied it, then she looked down and she saw me a look of astonishment on her face she closed her blinds and came downstairs before she could get the lock undon I ran and was out of sight. Great now she will think I am some kind of stalker.I pushed the thought out of my head and just ran with the wind.

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