When My Life Changed

October 21, 2010
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This is the day, the day of the big race. I need to win but not only for my family and their money, but for me and, and my honor. Each second that passes by I tell myself that I am the best athlete in this race, and I believe it. This is the most important race in all Central and South America, and takes place in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. I can already imagine myself running as fast as I can in the last 200 meters before I get to the finish line. And that giant trophy waving in the hands of a beauty, and shining in the distance. I bet there is also a delicious, tasty piña colada waiting to vanish in my mouth. But all of that is only a fantasy. In this moment I am taking a cool shower 7 hours before the race starts.

As usual my mom wanted to get very early to the race, so she hurried me up. When I finished changing my mom was even beeping the horn, so I opened the window and told her that I was going to be down in a second. Strangely I noticed a broken branch in the yard, and we have no trees nearby. Annoyingly my mom started beeping the horn again, so I ran down the stairs and the worst thing that could happen in that moment … Happened. I fell, rolled and flew down the stairs like a baby bird that tried to fly for the first time in a cliff and didn’t make it. I shouted and yelled with pain. My mom ran out of the car towards me to check if I was ok. I immobilized in the floor cried with extreme pain while my mother just told me I was going to be fine. Still I knew I wasn’t going to be fine, suddenly I fainted. When I woke up I just heard the voice of my doctor that told me: “You won’t be able to run the race, you have broken your leg.” I saw the cast on my leg. I looked around and saw my mom crying in a cozy sofa.

I couldn´t accept the idea that I wasn’t going to race, so I started, thinking about what could I do to fix my problem. That was when suddenly I remembered about looking at a program of the NASA in the Discovery Chanel, which said that the NASA had invented a time machine, it also said this time machine had a cost of $350,000. That was when my light bulb turned on. I told the doctor to leave me alone with my parents. Then I told them about the time machine, and that I could use it to bring time back. This way I could change the past to prevent me from breaking my leg.

I stayed discussing with them for about half an hour, until I convinced them to buy the time machine and bring it in a jet to Honduras. The jet was to come in a flash, just a mere 25 minutes. When the jet came the race was going to start in 4 hours. A bunch of scientists came down the jet, pulling the time machine out as if it was a delicate piece of glass.

I was in a wheelchair, but still exited. The scientist told me that it was only me who would notice the time went back. After 10 minutes, I was ready and the countdown started 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…… suddenly I heard my mom shout, it was her telling me to hurry up, so we didn’t get late to the race. That was when I noticed it actually worked. I couldn’t believe that this time travel even made me the youngest person that had traveled in time in all history. I was already aware that if I ran down the stairs I would fall, so I slowly walked down. Thankfully I didn’t fall and break my leg. I was very excited that I was now going to be able to run the race. My mom was in the opposite side of the rode waiting for me. I came out of the house and stopped in the sidewalk, I stared to each side of the rode and then started to cross, that was when I saw the broken branch again, but in a different place, suddenly I heard a horn that beep and……..BANG!!!! A car crashed into me with a tremendous strength. Again, again, why again, I asked myself.

My mom took me to the hospital and a doctor told me I broke my leg. In the next few hours everything happened as the first time, I convinced my parents to buy the time machine, it came in a jet and lots of scientist got ready. I knew I was the only one that was going to notice time go back, so I didn’t bother to hear the scientist. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…. Suddenly I heard my mom shout. It was her again telling me to hurry up, so we didn’t get late to the race, I knew what could happen to me so I walked slowly down the stairs and checked for cars coming.

This time I made it safely to the car. My mom turned on the car, and we left the house. Finally I didn’t break my leg. We were heading to the race while I thought about the broken branch, then……. I saw it. I could not believe it, I saw the branch again, so I was not safe, I told my mom to stop the car but she didn’t .Then I heard a noisy, extremely loud sound, like a grenade, It was the front tire that exploded, my mom lost the control of the car and we crashed; the ambulance came and took us both to the hospital, when the doctor came I just told him: “I know, I broke my leg.

This time I told my father about the branch, and that he had bought me a time machine. Luckily he believed me. This time I told him to bring only the best scientist among the best, instead of asking for the time machine. He told me asking only for the scientist was strange, but I still convince him. He got here in only 20 minutes. I explained him that I had bought the time machine and gone to the past again and again, but I could never change the future. I talked to him for almost one hour. At the end he told me that I will never be able to change the past to change the future, not only because it is nature, and that things should happen the way they happen, but said that I is because we don’t see it, or understand it but what we live is already what we changed or think we changed. He told me time is like water of a stream, once it passes by it does not pass again. Then he just told me to face life as it came and accept the truth. Then he left.

I felt sad, but at the same time I felt that a reasoning part on my brain was turned on. My parents took me to the race, but I was in a wheelchair, I was only one more expatiator, but I felt proud in some way, I faced life. Then I told myself “I’ll try nest year”, that was when my life changed forever.

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AntonG** said...
Nov. 2, 2010 at 8:35 pm

beautiful, exelent, keep writing


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