The Daydream

October 21, 2010
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After ten minutes, his voice becomes a blur. I know Mr. Fuller tries, but his monotone lulls you to sleep. It forces your mind to wander, it’s impossible to pay attention. I glance around the room, everyone is either doodling or falling asleep. I turn my eyes towards the window and stare out into the blistering snow beyond.

I see snow fairies beckoning me out into an unknown world. I stand up and put on my coat. No one notices. They are too bored to look around. I slide through the window into the chilling cold.

The fairies catch me when I start falling towards the frozen ground, three stories away. They pull me into an unseen land. We fly for a few minutes and soon leave the storm to fly into the sun. The city has been left behind and all I see below me is dark, dense forest.

We start sinking into a bright clearing full of daisies and the trees grow around us. The sprites, which have turned from white to green, set me gently on the ground. I quickly shed my heavy winter coat and fall backwards into the yellow flowers. I lay there smelling the daisies and feeling the sun on my skin. I set about making the blossoms into jewelry. The fairies fly around my head squeaking to each other. Just as I figure out how to tie the daisies together, I hear a voice calling my name. I turn but can’t see anyone.

“Lola.” The voice calls again, this time from my left. The voice is deep, a man’s voice. It’s not angry, but curious. I hear him call once more to my back. I turn and there he is, hiding in the shadows of the trees. I can’t see his face, but I can tell he’s tall and wearing all black.

“Who are you?” I shout towards him. He ducks below a branch to come into the clearing. As he starts to straighten, a bell rings in the distance.
I’m suddenly back in the classroom. Everyone is leaving. I quickly collect my things and head into the bustling hallway. As I sit through the rest of my day, I wonder who that mysterious man was and why he was calling my name.

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