The Vampire Night

October 24, 2010
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November 29th

Dear Journal,

My life was changed when they came. I was walking home from school and it was Halloween. I was listening to my iPod at home when the doorbell rang and I felt that day something was up but didn’t do anything about it. I opened the door and saw a boy about my age.
He asked me, “Won’t you let me in?”

I was scared because something about him was different, sinister like. “Why should I? I don’t even know you.”

“Because there is something after you and you’ll need my protection. The others are wanting you, but I am here to protect you.”

“What? What are you?”

“I am a vampire. My master sent me. You are an incarnation of the queen of vampires. I have to protect you. You aren’t a vampire unless you’re changed. You won’t be changed by me but they will change you or kill you.”

BOOM! BOOM! I heard something bang on my house’s front door.

“Don’t answer that. They already know I am here. They’ll barge in if I leave. Hop on my back.” He whispered to me.

“What? No.” I whispered back.

“You need to or they’ll turn you. Now do as I . . .”

BOOM! BOOM! CRASH! They knocked down my front door. I had gotten my first glance at the vampires’. Their leader had blood on his clothes but none on his mouth. He was the first to talk, “We have come for our queen.” He had a gentle voice but by the looks of his followers it was a scene not meant to be. “Ah. Young William. Been some time since our last encounter.” The leader must have meant my protector.

“Yes it has. But I am not going to let you take Camry.” Will pointed towards me. And I was just standing there with my mouth dropped like an idiot.

“We only want to turn her and have her rule the world. That is all.”

“WAIT a SECOND!” I yelled. “I am not going to be ruling anything and I’m not turning into a vampire for all I care I want ALL OF YOU to get out of my HOUSE! Except for Will.” I screamed it to them.

Then their leader disappeared and was at my side in a flash. “You’re coming with us now.” He grabbed my shoulders and ran off with me. I couldn’t breathe while he ran. He stopped and I was gasping for air.

“Your protector couldn’t protect you from me. Now I am going to say this slowly. You’re going to be turned into one of us and you’ll take over the world, proving we exist and letting us finally reign again.” I heard a whooshing noise and the others came.

“When are you going to turn her? I NEED FOOD!” A girl said.

“Soon. Soon.” I heard another noise and he grabbed me again and I was out of it. I awakened some time later. I found the door as to where I was; which was in a castle. I ran out and started running and heard the leader’s voice “You cannot escape.” He finally caught up to me. I hit and kicked him and he was mad.

“You’re going to regret what you just did.” I kept running and running until I saw the demon. He was a hungry vampire. He grabbed me and threw me across the wall. I felt the excruciating pain. I tried to get up but he spoke “You are mine now. And prepared to die.” He then tried to stick his teeth into my neck, but I yelled “No! Just turn me.” I felt his sharp teeth on my neck and I passed out after that.

Just to find two days later I was in my house again seeing William across my room with this concerned look on his face.
“Finally. I hate to break this to you right after you have just awoken. But you have been turned into a vampire. You need to get some blood. But we are first going to HQ.”
“I am A WHAT?!” I yelled, my voice strained and my entire body hurt.
“You are a vampire. But we have got to go before Maximums finds out you’re a vampire.” I didn’t argue because it was useless.
I ended up going with him to HQ and his master was Benjamin or Ben for short. He explained everything and I leaned I have more abilities than the average fledgling vampire. I also have to train to go against Maximums . . .

It’s been a few weeks and I have adjusted making some friends and have some awesome powers. For now, I am just sitting on my bed writing this. This life will be a long life, for eternity.

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