It was all a dream...

October 22, 2010
“Uhmm…where am I?” I said with a soft stir of my voice.
“Where else you big goof ball?!”
I opened my eyes to see a small, short, curly blonde haired girl looking at me. Angel was standing over me and had a look on her face like I was crazy. I jumped. Last time Angel was around she turned her back on the flock and became something else, rather than what the flock knew her as. It’s quite funny actually her name should be…Well never mind, I still love her and I’m not in a mean enough mood to call her that.
“Is she awake yet?” I heard a voice. At first I thought it was Fang’s voice… It was Iggy.
“Yeah, I think she’s a little confused on what happened.”
“I’ll set off one of my famous stink bomb’s… I’m sure she’ll remember after that.” I let out a sigh of relief hearing another recognizable voice. I grumbled and moaned as I got up off the ground. It felt like a Mack truck ran right into me. *BOOM* I fell right to the ground like a ton of bricks.
“WHAT THE H…” I was interrupted by Nudge.
“Max! We told you when you got the surgery done not to stand up to quickly.
Surgery? What was she talking about… Then I thought about it. I was so much lighter than I normally felt but yet hit the ground like nothing else. My balance was off. I sat up slowly, ran my hand up my back. They were gone. My wings. My gorgeous 14 foot brown and black wings.
“WHAT HAPPENED HERE?!!” I was screaming with frustration and disbelief that this was actually happening. I crawled my way to the couch and used it as a crutch. I got up on top of the couch, started bouncing, closed my eyes, and jumped.
I open my eyes. I smell chocolate chip pancakes, eggs, bacon… Iggy’s up cooking breakfast. I look over and see Gazzy sleeping upside down, Nudge lying on the floor with a fashion magazine in her hand, and I turn my head to the right… I let out a sigh of relief. Fang is lying next to me fast asleep with his arms tight around my body and Angel, she’s up playing with Total. I sit up and run my hand down my back. They’re still in tacked. My gorgeous 14 foot brown and black wings are still in tack. Everything is as it should be.
Story 1 of many to come.

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Emi-Sempai said...
Aug. 29, 2011 at 4:50 pm
so i wrote another article. its a max article but its still pending approval from the admins, sigh
Emi-Sempai said...
Aug. 25, 2011 at 10:53 am
EEK!!! It's me! haha yay! luv ya max! keep going with this please, super good (everything with me in it is super good anyway sooooo...) lol miss ya :) love and hugs, IGGY<3
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