Phoenix Tribe Power Holders

October 21, 2010
Hello, I’m Rick Galldo, I’m 21 and go to Mississippi University collage. I’m wearing an old pair of blue jeans and a green shirt that is a bit too tight, and black tennis shoes. I have dark, tree bark brown hair and deep teal eyes, at least that’s what all the girls say at my school. Honestly I just don’t care; strolling home I keep thinking how my life is like a song being played over and over again and truth be told it’s getting really old. As I drag myself up to the house I hope that my parents are home, knowing they aren’t because of the lack of cars and are probably in Europe, but I still hope. Popping inside I call out, “I’m home!” Of course no one answers, but I just feel a little calmer when I do it.
Looking around to see if my parents are home I notice that the white paint in the living room has started to chip. I made a mental note to go out and get some more paint this weekend; I sighed and decided to check the rest of the room. The 60’’ television was on top of a wooden desk that had three doors to hold movies; on either side of the desk were speakers. In front of the television was a blue couch that could fit at least three people; in the corner there was a computer on a wooden table and a red chair with a long back.
My stomach begins to growl telling me to feed it, happily agreeing I lightly march over to the refrigerator to heat up some spaghetti that I made last night. When it’s done I walk over to the plain wooden table and eat. When I finish I washed the dishes and finished my homework, then I walked upstairs and got ready for bed. Right before I fall to sleep I think, ‘I wonder if I’ll get some sleep tonight, but knowing my luck I probably won’t.’ Then I close my eyes and fall into a deep sleep.
Then I wake up and notices that my body is see through, I know I should be scared but I’m not; it’s like I’ve done this before. I get up and my bed disappears; I tiptoe until I found a door opens it and walks inside into a corner and waited. While I was waiting I looked around the room, it was almost completely dark, the only light source was like a stage light, only much dimmer. I looked at one of the walls and noticed that there were a lot of shelves that looked like they had something on them, I assumed they were trophies and then focused on the desk that was beneath the shelves. It looked like a regular business desk, with a phone and a name plate, I tried to read what it said but for some strange reason couldn’t.
I then looked at the man sitting in the desk; it was hard to see details but I could see that the man looked like he was in his mid 30’s, and that he was wearing a business suite and had glasses. I also knew that the man was a smoker; one being that he could see the man smoking a cigar, the other being that the room and an overpowering stench of Cubin cigars. Now I only knows what Cubin cigars smell like because my dad would smoke them all the time. When I was done looking at my surroundings, as if on cue, a young woman walked into the room.
When the woman walked in there was a sweet scent of jasmine that tingled my senses. Even though I could I only see that her hair was a deep blood red, and that she was wearing a black jumpsuit, I had this feeling that I meat her before, however no matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t remember. I was soon brought back down to reality when I heard the man say, “This is your last mission, if you succeed then you are free to go and do whatever you wish, fail and you will suffer the consequences, do you understand?” His voice was as cold and as uncaring as ice, I felt chills running up and down my spine and I couldn’t stop shivering. The woman hesitated for a brief moment then replied, “Yes, I understand.” I could sense that there was fear in her voice, I couldn’t blame her though, I felt another chill go up my spine as the man chuckled and said, “Good, you may leave now.”
The woman marched quickly out of the office, I followed close behind; I almost got hit in the face with the door until I realized that I could just walk through the door. When I walked out I saw her slumped against the wall, the bitter sent of salt filled my nostrils, she was crying. As I was leaning down to try and comfort her she turned to me, gave me a sad smile and said, “I guess I really messed up this time huh? I should’ve quit when I had the chance, but don’t worry I’ll be back, very soon.” I woke up in a cold sweat and gasping, some time passed, many thoughts went through my head, but only one thought came out of my mouth, I put my hand on my forehead and said, “That dream again.”

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