Aeiouy (i-o-e): The Blue Planet - Background Info.

October 19, 2010
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We are in 2222 A.D. We have traveled to hundreds of galaxies in the search of life. And, on one planet in "a galaxy far far away," we found a planet called aeiouy (i-o-e). More than a billion humans have settled on that planet so far, and more people are still settling on that planet. It take 22 years years to go to that planet so the passengers are put into hyper sleep which stops their bodies from aging. When the passengers members are hyper sleeping, the spaceship will be in the auto-pilot mode. When the destination is reached, the spaceship automatically wakes up the passengers.

The names of the nations on aeiouy are Pira, Sire, Kari, Mulo, Damu, and Biky. Biky only appears into existence in the last month of every year. The first 6 earth months equals to one aeiouy year. Biky is the size of Pira, Sire, Kari, Mulo, and Damu combined. There are some some fantastic creatures on aeiouy. Each nation has its own kind of creatures. Perkons are for Pira. Sabufus are for Sire. Kabanos are for Kari. Malines are for Mulo. Damgons are for Damu. Barbees are for Biky. These creatures fly and fight in wars.

The most important people on aeiouy are the snamuh. The snamuh are like the humans on earth.

This world runs on technology and magic. You perform magic spells to access and control the technology.

Next, there are two religions that conflict with each other on aeiouy. PDSKM (pad-skum) is the religion that believes in one god who controls aeiouy. Pira, Sire, Kari, Mulo, and Damu practice this religion. The snamuh who practice this religion are called PDSKMs. Whereas, Bakee is the religion that believes that multiple gods/goddesses control different parts of aeiouy. Biky practices this religion. The snamuh who practice this religion are called Bakees.

Rialuma and Ki two of the three languages spoken on aeiouy. Pira, Sire, Kari, Mulo, and Damu speak Rialuma. Biky speaks Ki. Aeiouy's universal language/third language is Rikima. All the snamuh in their schools are also required to learn this universal language.

The geography of aeiouy is really easy to remember. Aeiouy is a spherical planet. There are no rivers, lakes, volcanoes, islands or aeiouyquakes. The nations are different pieces of land that float 10,000 above the water. The atmosphere and weather on aeiouy, luckily, are the same as earth's.

There are no kings in the lands of aeiouy. The only rulers are the different armies that control the land(s) of aeiouy. There are two armies. The Army of Bazoks controls Biky. The Army of Yagoks controls the rest of the nations. These two armies constantly fight each other to take over each others' land(s). Although, none of them were successful in doing that. These two armies ride the creatures that are in those lands(s) for wars and for daily uses.

There use to be a king named The Snamuh Lord who controlled the lands of aeiouy in its past. The people named Pila, Sile, Kili, Milo, Dilu, and Biky who were brothers/sisters helped overthrow the king. None of these snamuh are still alive. These snamuh all had the last name, Aeiouy. In memory of them, the snamuh named their lands and their world after these snamuh.

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