The man of mirrors

October 18, 2010
By mymask DIAMOND, Dayton, Ohio
mymask DIAMOND, Dayton, Ohio
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The blinding light held the man captive while he gazed around. Every mirror reflected a sad man who was trapped in a world of pain and sorrow. Taking a step forward, the man (Jay was his name) looked down. A large mirror made up the floor as well as the ceiling.
“We are watching you.” A voice said out of the blue.
Jay frantically looked around. Every panel of the wall was made up of a mirror and everywhere he looked, he saw his own reflection. Suddenly, his feet left the floor as the feeling of weightlessness took hold of him.
“We turned the gravity off!” The voices sang.
“Stop!” Jay shouted, “Please stop!”
Suddenly, he felt a robotic hand on his ankle. Puling him back, sharply, the hand let go as Jay spun out of control. The world went up and down, up and down, up and down, as Jay flew about. After several minutes of non-ending spinning, he came to rest in the air.
“You can’t get out!” The voices sang, “You’re trapped forever! Ah ha HA HA HAAA!”
Jay attempted to get up. Immediately after doing so, he collapsed of dizziness. The anti-gravity had worn off so he was soon able to get up and approach the wall. Ignoring the extreme heat, Jay banged his fist against the mirror. Almost instantly, the glass cracked.
“Due to the heat” Jay muttered, “You all weakened the glass.”
“You can’t escape.” The voices said, again, “You are doomed.”
Jay smashed his fist into the cracked mirror. Shards of the broken mirror fell to the ground as he looked straight at a wood board. Moving across the large circular room, he did the same to another mirror and received the same results.
“You can’t escape” the voices said, “You can’t escape!”
Jay ran over to the side of the room, to an area on the wall where the light shone directly upon and he began to bang furiously on the mirror. As soon as the glass broke, he saw a staircase the led to the upper levels of the area in which he was in. Suddenly, the floor collapsed before him and Jay soon found that he was falling thousands of feet in an endless pit.
“You can’t escape.” The Voices said.
Not paying any more attention to the voices, Jay threw himself to the side of the pit. To his surprise, Jay found that he wasn’t moving. Then, it hit him.
“They turned the anti-gravity on and switched the color of the mirrors!” He shouted.
Floating to the other end of the room, Jay fingered his way to the staircase. Upon touching it, the anti-gravity switched off. Dashing up the stairs, he came upon a floor at the top. Bursting through the door, he found himself on an observation platform that over looked a large Nebula. A table with food on it sat in the middle of the platform. Sitting down, he saw places set for two.
“All I need to do now is wait.” He said.
Jay sat down and began to eat, he was free!

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