Dark Academy

October 15, 2010
By LyssaD BRONZE, Cedar Hill, Texas
LyssaD BRONZE, Cedar Hill, Texas
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Oh, snap.

I was alone. Shrouded in darkness. It was everywhere, and it was nowhere. A paradox of sorts. I took a step forward and a sudden urge to start moving enveloped me and pushed me forward. I broke into a light jog. Not going very fast because I was afraid that I would hit a wall or something since I couldn't see anything.

Despite the fact that it was pitch black, I tried to look around anyway. Nothing. There was nothing. It was at that point that I realized that this had to be a dream. There was no other explanation for it and I was nothing if not practical. Even in a dream.

Even though I knew this, I was still unable to wake up. Try as I might, my eyes wouldn’t open. Well, they were open but in the dream, not in the real world. If that makes any since…

Pulling myself away from those thoughts I jogged on. Strangely enough, I didn’t feel tired. Actually, I didn’t feel much. Just this never ending need. A strong, desperate need that I could feel all the way to the bottom of my soul. At least I thought it was my soul. It felt like my soul. But how would I know?

After a few minutes, or a few hours for all I knew, I was starting to grow frustrated. That, paired up with the insistent need, was beginning to make my head hurt. Oh great, I thought sarcastically, I can feel those things but nothing else. Happy friggin day.

If I could just find the person I was looking for this would probably end…

Oh, snap! That’s it! I was looking for someone! It had to be. That’s got to be the reason I’ve been fumbling around in the dark. I hoped it was anyway. I don’t know how much longer I could keep this up, even if I wasn’t growing tired.

As if on cue, a miniscule light glowed faintly in the opaque void. It was almost non-existent. I jogged on.

‘What you seek is near…follow the Light’ a voice in my head urged. I nearly tripped because it startled me so much. How many sane people go running around in the dark with voices in their heads? Oh, wait. This is a dream. That gave me some consolation. But only a little.

I began to pick up the pace. According to the Voice in my head, it was not my voice…it was too deep to be mine, I just had to reach that light. Maybe then I’d find who I was looking for, whoever that is. And the sooner I do that the better.

The light slowly, very slowly, began to expand. I sped up and almost fell in my haste to get to it. Finally, I was close enough to see that is was emanating from something. Odd I thought, but most of my dreams are and they were especially so as of late.

The ‘something’ that was emitting light got closer and bigger until I could just make out that…it was a man.

A man. Not a ‘something’. This man had a heavenly light illuminating him until his features were almost indistinguishable. But I saw him. I slowed down and crossed the short distance between us then stood in front of him, mesmerized by this Adonis.

He was taller than me. Much taller. He was about seven feet tall. I’d never seen anyone that tall. His features were almost ageless, although the wisdom of many centuries gleamed in his eyes as he looked down at me.

Without my consent, my lips moved and formed the words, “Who are you?” My eyes widened at my boldness but part of me was glad that I’d asked. For some reason I really wanted, no needed, to know.

He felt familiar to me but I’d definitely never seen him before in my life. I would remember for sure if I saw this kind of perfection before. I don’t know how or why, since my feelings were a smidge sporadic here, but I felt a sudden rush of kinship toward him. As if I, somehow, belonged to him.

If I could feel anything else, I’m pretty sure I’d be freaked right now.

The area around us, I had just noticed since I was so entranced by his presence, had lightened to reveal that we were standing in hallway. But not just any hallway. It was as if we had stepped backward in time. And right into a castle from the Middle Ages.

The walls were lined with sconces that burned bright amber, but it was nothing like the radiant light coming off the man, who was still watching me. From what I could tell, the walls were made from ancient black limestone. By the looks of it, it was so old it would fall apart if struck too hard, but I was sure it was as hard as diamonds—or maybe harder than that.

I don’t know why I was thinking this. Or why I was so certain that the walls were sturdy. As if built for protection. But this was a dream. Maybe I shouldn’t look into it too much.

After somewhat evaluating my surroundings, I turned my attention back to the man.

“I am Michael.” Just Michael. No last name. But I hardly noticed this because my breath caught at the sound of his voice. It reminded be of bells or wind chimes but at the same time deep and commanding. Like a chorus of avenging angels…

I studied him closely. In all honestly he was simply and completely exquisite. His skin was so smooth it looked as if he had been carved out of ivory by a Grecian artist. His shoulder length hair, black as a ravens feather, waved slightly. Almost as if there was some invisible wind she couldn’t feel.

Again, I spoke without thinking. It was as if I had been waiting to ask these questions. “What are you?” I don’t know why I asked this but after doing so, it felt like the right thing to ask. I mean, I’m practical—usually anyway, I know this is a dream—but think about it. If he’s human then I’m Oprah. He nodded approvingly at my perceptiveness.

“I am an Angel, my child.” He answered. I would have found that seriously corny if not for the part of me that believed that what he was saying was true. Part of me, a very, very small part, knew he wasn’t bulls***ing me. Awesome.

Still, I was skeptical. “Uh-huh. And, uh, why are you here?” Where ever here was.

“To simply give you a bit of advice that I trust you will find useful in the very near future.” There was a twinkle of mischief in his eyes. I frowned at his clandestine manner.

“And that is?”

“That you need to believe. Not everything has explanation or is as it seems in your world. And proof of that is fast approaching. That which you, unknowingly, seek most is soon to come, my child.” He began to fade out.

What? “Wait!” I shouted trying to stop him from going. I had more questions now that I did before. “What am I seeking? What do you mean?”

“You will soon have the answers, my child. Just believe…” As his voice faded so did the light in the castle hallway.

“No! Don’t go!” There was no reply as the last of the light died out. The dark was thick and suffocating. Like a blanket that I couldn’t escape. I dropped to the ground and curled in a small ball. I couldn’t breathe. I was chocking, dying…Once again, I was alone.

I came awake gasping for breath.

Tentatively I sat up, scanning my surroundings. Everything was normal. Nothing was wrong or out of place. I was home. In my bed. The was no darkness. Well, none except for the shadows cast by the sunlight straining in through my curtains.

I glanced over at the clock; it read 9:00 am.

Just a dream. Just a dream, I recited over and over in my head, trying to calm my racing heart. It had been just a dream. And yet…I remembered everything so vividly. It had seemed so real. But it couldn’t have been.

I picked up the book that was poking me in the side. I’d fallen asleep reading again. I set the book next to my alarm clock on the nightstand and climbed out of bed. I grabbed the articles of clothing that were closest to me and pulled them on. Pajama pants and a matching gray sweat shirt. Hmm.

Sitting down again, I thought about my dream. What did all of that mean? Did it mean anything? Was it even real? I had no clue what to make of all of this.

I was still turning this over in my head when there was a knock at my bedroom door. I sighed and tried to push down those thoughts.

“Come in, Mom.” I honestly don’t know why my mom knocked at all. Most parents didn’t. Guess I lucked out when it came to moms. Yay for me. Not that I didn’t love my mom. I did. I really, really did.

My mother opened the door and poked her head inside. She smiled when she saw that I was awake.

“Morning, angel.” She said stepping into the room. She used the nickname she had always called me since I was a little girl. I was sure she didn’t mean anything by it but it made the dream snap the forefront of my mind with startling clarity. Just what I need, I thought mentally rolling my eyes.

My sporadic emotions must have blatantly shown on my face because my mothers smile was quickly replaced by a concerned frown. “What’s wrong?” She questioned without preamble. That was another thing about my mom. She was a no-bull taker when it came to me. If she sensed her cub was in any sort of danger, mama bear had no mercy. Even for situations like this.

“Nothing,” I replied, trying to appear nonchalant. No need to get her all worked up over what might be nothing. “Just a bad dream.”

I was hoping that would throw her off but I had no such luck. An odd look passed over my mothers face just then. It was a guarded look. A look that hid something. This revelation took me by surprise. Mom was always so open with me. And me her. With me being virtually friendless, my mom was my only confident. We shared everything.

The fact that she was could keep anything from me was slightly vexing. I stomped down the feeling of anger and betrayal. Why was i overreacting? How did I know she was keeping something from me? It could be that I haven’t had dreams this bad since I was little. Maybe she was just worried.

Yeah, that was it. She was worried. Even though I told myself this I couldn’t shake the feeling that something wasn’t quite right here.

I shook off those thoughts.

“Do you want to talk about it?” My mother wheedled.

I thought about it for a second before answering, “Nah.” She looked disappointed for a moment but then hid it. I ground my teeth together before saying, “Did you need something, mom?” I was wondering why she had come in the first place. Usually she waits down stairs for me to come down for breakfast while she drinks her coffee and reads the paper. Did the universe suddenly shift while I slept?

The guarded expression never left her face. “Someone’s here for you.”

The author's comments:
This is just a story that came to me while thinking about angels. I don't know exactly where this will go but I'm willing to sit back and enjoy the ride.

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