Seek and you shall find

October 15, 2010
By Anonymous


In a hospital not far from John Hopkins was a young lady in the middle of childbirth.
“Just one more push and we should be able to bring these twins into the world,” coaxed the young doctor. The young lady tried but she was weak. Something blared in the background but was covered up by a dozen or so voices, “We’re losing her fast, we must work fast if we are to save the babies,” one voice called out. Slowly she faded away. Her last words were, “Justice and Justin.” That was 14 years ago.

Chapter 1

A soccer ball came flying out of nowhere. 14-year old Justice was out playing a game of soccer with his friends.
“Justice, watch out,” cried one voice pointing. Justice whirled out of the way, but was to slow, the soccer ball, plowed full force into Justice’s head and he blacked out. After a brief blackout, Justice regained consciousness, “What’s everyone standing around for? It was just a blackout.” All the other kids were standing around looking pathetic though one boy, ran and got the nurse. She came jogging along, her white bag flapping along behind her.
“Danny here, told me you hurt yourself Justice, this is what your third or fourth injury this week,” the nurse chided. Justice gave her, his cocky grin, “I knew you’d come Nurse Billings.” The nurse sighed but good naturedly said, “Just for you handsome, now if you excuse me duty calls.” All the kids laughed at this remark, “You’ve got it made haven’t you?” one boy snickered. Justice turned red at that remark, after all, he couldn’t help his good looks.
“Aww… Justice’s blushing,” remarked another. One of the older boys gave the alleged boy a look, “Don’t push it Paul.” The boy named Paul was a hot head so, “You shut up Derrick, even if you are a year my senior.” Derrick ambled in closed to Paul ready to fight.
“Would both of you please stop? You both are acting like 1st graders,” Justice said annoyed. It so happened that Justice was the tallest ninth grader in Pikes Middle School. Both parties stepped back not wanting to fight the tallest, and probably the strongest in the school.
“That’s better,” murmured Justice turning and walking toward the school’s gymnasium.
“Wait up!” shouted Derrick. Though Derrick was 6’5 he still felt like an ant compared to Justice’s own 6’1. Justice turned around, “What’s up?” he asked. Derrick not used to seeing Justice full-faced stumbled over his words, “Before you umm blacked out, I saw something flash in your eyes, was that normal for you?” Derrick asked wringing his hands. Justice nodded, “Yeah. I never understood why.” Derrick grinned lopsidedly, “Oh alright,” he smiled and then looked at his watch, “Oh man, I’m going to be late for English.” Derrick ran toward the west wing and Justice kept walking.

Hey! Justy, I’ve been meaning to ask you, with all your looks and skills why aren’t you as popular as Nathan or Rachel?” asked a silhouetted figure.
“Peter, I don’t need popularity, I’ve been popular long before them,” Justice answered coldly. Peter stepped out of the shadows and stopped in front of Justice, “I’m surprised you knew who it was, Impressive,” he said. With that he punched Justice in the chest, three times, and then savagely kicked him in the groin. Justice dropped but managed to gasp, “You won’t get away with that.” Peter smiled and moved in again, “It’s your word against mine.” Justice was ready for the punch, it came, but Justice was prepared, he quickly did a front flip over Peter and quickly disappeared.
“You can’t hide forever,” Peter shouted and with that he retreated to the shadows. Another hooded figure came out of a side door and asked, “You have failed me, Why?” Peter hung his head, no reply.
“I’m asking you a question, answer it,” growled the figure.
“I don’t know ok,” Peter said agitated.
“Well let’s hope you do better with Justin,” the figure said clapping once, twice, three times. The school ground disappeared in an ocean of haze and was replaced by a hazy, summer’s day.
Chapter 2

“Hey Justin, you might want to move,” a voice called out pointing. High in the sky was a small, dark sphere that was arcing its way toward Justin.
“Naw, I got it,” Justin answered running backward.
“Justin, watch it there’s a rock behind you,” cried another voice. It was to late, Justin’s left foot snagged the rock and he fell, starting to blackout. When he hit the ground, visions of another boy swam past his eyes. One vision remained when he started regaining conscious, a boy’s face, like his own, staring back. “Who is he?” he wondered. Slowly he sat up but was even more surprised by what was in his baseball glove, it was the baseball nestled deep within his glove. All his teammates looked at him, a question hanging in the air. He smiled and picked the baseball out of his glove and showed it. A cheer went up from both his teammates and the fans. Far off the 1st base ump shouts “You’re out.” At that the buzzer sounded and over the loud speakers came a voice, “Pikemen 15, Javelins 13, that’s the game folks. Thank you for coming.”

In the locker room, all his teammates flocked around him, congratulating him on his magnificent catch, though one boy didn’t take part in the congratulations. Justin looked at the boy skeptically but said nothing. The boy turned away and left.
“What’s up with him?” someone asked. A rippled of shrugs went through the room. Everyone was perplexed even after the coach came in and left. After the coach left, a couple players left. 8 boys remained and they dispersed into groups. The first and second groups were from the Westside, the third and fourth groups were from the Eastside. Justin and one other were from Pikes Peak. As the groups were leaving, Justin’s father came toward him talking with another man, “I understand that Charles, but what about…” Justin’s father said before trailing off.
“Umm.. dad, I’m ready to leave,” Justin said. His father nodded and handed him the keys, “I’ll just be a minute.” Justin jogged toward his dad’s car but was stopped.
“Hey Justin, how do you like being an outsider?” someone asked. Justin did a complete 360 before he saw the figure.
“Oh it’s you,” Justin said half-heartedly.
“You sound so cheery,” the voice said tauntingly.
“Jay, I’m not in the mood for your taunts,” Justin retorted. With that remark a fight broke out. It wasn’t long before Justin got the upper hand, then Jay, then Justin again. With one final punch the fight ended with Jay getting the worst.
“You might find this fun, but just remember what I did you ,” Justin said icily. Jay stumbled away and disappeared.
“You’ve failed me for the last time,” the dark figure said. Jay knelt in front of the figure, head down, eyes closed, “Then strike me, I’m powerless.” Without answering the figure struck, hard. Jay saw stars before black encompassed him. Seeing Jay limp the figure turned, “Dylan? Your time has come.” A small hooded figure emerged quietly from a shady area.
“Go it’s time,” the taller figure said. Dylan bowed, “To hear is to obey,” he said and disappeared.
Chapter 3

“Justice, what took you so long? You know you have a curfew,” Justice’s mother scolded. Yes, Justice knew about the curfew but had a perfectly good reason, “Mom, Principal Davenworth had me and a couple other guys setting up for the Spring Concert and Drama Rehearsal tomorrow.” His mother wasn’t too happy at this remark but didn’t say anything.
“That principal needs a word or two from me,” his mother muttered. Justice chocked, “Mom, Davenworth is the new principal, he replaced Bailey a couple days ago, you can’t expect him to be another Bailey. Now if you excuse me, I’ve got some studying to do, if you need me send Gavin or Domenic up, I’ll be in my room,” and with that Justice left.

An hour or so later someone knocked on Justice’s door, “Who’s there?” he called.
“It’s me Gavin,” answered a quiet voice. Justice got up and opened the door. There in the doorway stood a hooded figure. This was Gavin, he was 9- 10 in a couple days, not very short about 5’1.
“Come on in,” Justice said stepping back into his room. Gavin preceded in and sat in a beanbag chair, “Mom’s making dinner which should be ready in 15 minutes, Domenic’s studying, since I completed my homework she suggested I come up and see you,” Gavin said quietly. He sat for a couple minutes but got up and started pacing.
“Gavin, don’t pace in one spot or you’ll wear a hole in my carpet,” Justice chided. Gavin stopped and looked at Justice. He gasped, for there looking back at him, was a mirror image of himself. Justice’s lips formed the words who are you but his vision began to blur and his room began spinning. Slowly he felt himself fall.
“This is weird,” Justice thought. Justice began to relax, and his muscles began untying. When he was fully reoriented he looked at Gavin. Gavin was pale and his hands were shaking.
“What’s the matter?” asked Justice.
“No-Nothing, I’ve got to go,” answered Gavin hurriedly leaving the room.

During dinner Justice’s oldest brother Jeremy talked about some girl or something on his football team. Throughout this Justice thought up half-a-dozen snobby remarks but controlled himself. Finally, “Justice, do you know where Gavin went?” asked Jeremy.
“All I know is when Gavin left my room he was sort of shaky.” Justice answered. Domenic looked up from his plate, and asked, “May I be excused?” When their father nodded Domenic jumped up and hurried out of the room.
“You do remember Justice, that Gavin has these ‘spells’ occasionally?” Jeremy asked addressing his younger brother.
“Of course I do Romeo,” replied Justice curtly. All eyes were on Justice, disapproval reflecting in their eyes. Jeremy slowly answered, “You were expecting me to blow up, but instead I say even if I talk about ‘Juliet’ every spare minute, you need to know I will never forget you. For Pete’s sake, I’m 23 and even if you’re 14, you need to remember that you will be my best friend.” Justice swallowed hard. Jeremy smiled, stood up, and walked to the door. Justice followed, “Jeremy, I’m sorry for what I said,” he said. Jeremy brushed back the damp hair, “I know you are sport, come on out to my car, I have something for you.” Both boys walked out to the car whispering and when they got to Jeremy’s Nissan, Justice noticed something in the sky, a shimmering, reverberating light. Justice stopped and looked up, the light remained. Jeremy unlocked his car and was pulling something out when he noticed Justice, “What’s the matter Justice?” No reply. Jeremy, a little nervous, tapped Justice on the shoulder. Justice shuddered but still no reply, “Ah, mom can you come out here?” Jeremy shouted into the house. Their mother came out of the house a little worried.
“What’s the matter Jeremy?” she asked. Jeremy pointed. At this moment Justice ‘woke’ up, “What’s the matter?” he asked. His mother placed her hand on his forehead and asked, “Are you feeling alright?” Justice laughed, “Never felt better.”
Chapter 4

When Justin and his father pulled into their driveway Justin asked a question, “Dad I was wondering, did you per chance see Jay talking to me?” His father shook his head, “I’m sorry Justin. I was busy talking with Charles.” Justin nodded and grew quiet. When the talk came to an abrupt ending Justin climbed out. Before he got to the steps he was stopped.
“What the….?” He stumbled over his words. A quiet chuckle came from a tree, “It’s only me, Ryan.” Ryan dropped down from the tree and ran inside. Justin growled and charged after him. Ryan gave a shriek and raced into his room. Justin followed and tackled Ryan. Ryan laughed, “Stop it.” Justin’s mother called from downstairs “Justin, stop torturing your younger brother.” Justin rolled off Ryan and flopped on the floor laughing with real mirth. A couple minutes later the laughter subsided, tears streaming down Justin’s face.
“Ryan, you’re the coolest and funniest brother a guy could ever have,” Justin said ruffling his brother’s hair. Ryan shied away and turned around. Justin gasped. Ryan’s face shifted into the form of a face like his own. Justin shook his head as if to clear the vision out of his head, “Ryan could you get me a drink?” Ryan perked up and went into his bathroom. Justin heard the quiet murmur of the sink and then shut off. Ryan came back into the room carrying a small paper cup. He handed the cup to Justin, who drank silently his eyes fixated on him.
“Justin, stop giving me the ‘eye’ it’s creeping me out,” Ryan said nervously. Justin diverted his gaze to Ryan’s desk. Ryan looked back up at Justin, his older brother looked pale but his eyes still had the rich, golden hazel glowing. After a couple minutes Justin looked back up, “What’s the matter?” Ryan stumbled over his words, “Nothing.” Justin nodded, stood up, and left the room. Ryan knew his brother was in deep thought so he didn’t interrupt. Justin walked into his room and sat down on a chair. Someone knocked on his door, he didn’t hear it. The knock persisted and still Justin didn’t hear it. The door opened and Justin’s mother walked in, “Justin why didn’t you answer my knock,” she asked. Justin turned but didn’t answer. Something glowed in his eyes but she didn’t know what it was. A couple minutes later the glow had disappeared and Justin shook himself. He looked up and saw his mother and asked, “Hi mom, what did you want?” his cheeks and face felt hot. His mother nervously answered, “I was just wanted your dirty clothes and tell you supper’s ready.” Justin nodded and walked into his bathroom, grabbed the hamper and handed it to his mother.
“Give me 3 minutes,” he said. Justin’s mother turned and left. Justin followed several minutes later. When he walked into the dining room his father and two siblings were already eating. His mother entered a couple minutes later.
“So Justin, how was your baseball game, this morning?” asked his mother. Justin shrugged, “Eh, no biggy we won 15 to 13.” His father said, “Anything else?” Justin shrugged, “Not really.” Both his parents fell silent. Soon after the doorbell rang, his father looked up, “Most be Charles and his son, excuse me Carol. Justin could you come along?” he said. Justin nodded, stood up and followed his father.
“Dad, what’s this all about?” asked Justin.
“Something Carol and I have tried to hide from you and others,” his father answered. Justin grew quiet.
“It’s been known among us, that you would become something great. I need to explain something before I go on. You are an 8th son of an 8th son, you’re no blood kin to us, we’re sort of your guardians,” Justin’s father said opening the door and admitting Charles and Robert, his son.
“Paul did you tell him about his task?” asked Charles.
“I was waiting till you came, let’s take a walk,” Paul said, reopening the door and walking out. Everyone followed.
“Now dad, what’s this all about,” Justin said a little annoyed.
“As I’ve told you already, you are an 8th son of an 8th son, Charles and I are of a very ancient race of warriors and Robert is the youngest, you remember that you just celebrated your 14th birthday, which is why we’ve felt an evil stir that’s been dormant for many years,” Paul said. Justin was annoyed at this remark, “Dad, you must be missing a screw or something, there’s only 7 of us not 8.” His father nodded in agreement and answered, “There’s 8, you’ve got a twin.” Justin felt lightheaded because the world began spinning. It was a matter of minutes before the fog began clearing.
“Where are we?” asked Robert.
“Same place just different time period son,” Charles answered, “It seems to me that Justin had an image of this in his head and brought us to it.” Justin didn’t answer, for walking toward them, completely oblivious, was a boy.

The author's comments:
the movie the seeker

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PrinceXavier said...
on Oct. 25 2010 at 7:28 am
PrinceXavier, Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania
0 articles 0 photos 3 comments
I am continuing the story, that's all i had written so this is the beginning. It gets better believe me. 

on Oct. 22 2010 at 11:01 am
firelilly4 BRONZE, Bakersfield, California
4 articles 0 photos 30 comments

Favorite Quote:
“In a world filled with hate, we must still dare to hope. In a world filled with anger, we must still dare to comfort. In a world filled with despair, we must still dare to dream. And in a world filled with distrust, we must still dare to believe.”

im not tring to discourage you by any means but im only saying it sounds like you started in the middle of the story with out any rising action i read the whole thing because it was good and i want to find out more but it just stoped and maybe if you kept going with it i would understand the whole idea a little better. but keep writing !!!

PrinceXavier said...
on Oct. 22 2010 at 9:17 am
PrinceXavier, Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania
0 articles 0 photos 3 comments
Also, this is a story with two perspectives.

PrinceXavier said...
on Oct. 22 2010 at 8:58 am
PrinceXavier, Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania
0 articles 0 photos 3 comments
This is my first try. I think it needed this prolouge because it gives background knowledge.

on Oct. 20 2010 at 11:42 am
firelilly4 BRONZE, Bakersfield, California
4 articles 0 photos 30 comments

Favorite Quote:
“In a world filled with hate, we must still dare to hope. In a world filled with anger, we must still dare to comfort. In a world filled with despair, we must still dare to dream. And in a world filled with distrust, we must still dare to believe.”

ummmmm....what i think this thing needs a prolouge or something becuz i was compleatly confused the whole time.


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