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October 13, 2010
By jessicameeks BRONZE, Ormond Beach, Florida
jessicameeks BRONZE, Ormond Beach, Florida
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“Its your turn”, Ashley said to Sean as she placed the flashlight into his jittery hands. “Alright, I saved my best for last”, Sean told her. “ Once upon a time there was an alien named…” “ You cant tell a story about aliens! ”, Ashley rudely interrupted, “ Its Halloween night, and were telling scary stories, not bed time stories Sean! ”. “ It is scary! Alien’s are real you know “ Sean stated with an aggravated grin. “ They are not “ replied Ashley. “ And to be honest I suggest you grow up a little before you go telling people you believe in aliens “ she said with a sneer. A film of water began to cover Sean’s eyes as Ashley was putting down his belief. After a moment of trying to hold back his emotions, Sean busted open the door from the closet they had made camp in and bolted to his bed.

He didn’t want her to see him so upset, but how could he not be? She wouldn’t believe him about something he was so firmly sure about, and it caused him frustration like he had never felt. Ashley emerged from the closet. “ I’m going downstairs for a drink ”, she told him as she closed the door behind her. Sean laid there in silence for what felt like forever, until suddenly something began shining in his window. It seemed puzzling to him, what could be shining in his upstairs window? He moved off the bed, stumbling to his feet and paced to the light. The shining object became more greatly lit as he neared the window, and when he approached it he could hardly see. Before he could get a glimpse of what was out there, his window flew open and he passed out.
When Sean woke he was in a small room, the size of a bathroom, lying in a pile of feathers. He noticed a window at one end, and a door at the other. Confused, and frightened Sean hesitantly approached the door. He slowly turned the handle and peered his head out the small crack he created. He was looking into a long hallway filled with doors looking identical to the one that led to his room. Unexpectedly one of the doors, about three away from his, shot open. Sean froze in terror as someone appeared into the hallway. To his surprise, it wasn’t someone at all, but more along the lines of some thing. Sean slowly closed the door and backed into his room once again. He decided to look out the window to try and place where he was, but all he could see was the sky, black as night with millions of stars shining in the distance.
Then someone knocked on his door, and through the wall he heard them say “ arrival in 2 minutes, come out when your ready. “ After short contemplation he figured he might as well come out. Better he leave on will then wait for someone to come find him.
Yet Again he found himself slowly turning the handle, his whole body shaking anxiously awaiting what he was going to find outside his small room. Sean jumped as he was exiting the room. Something had found rest on his shoulder. He turned around, after what he had found he couldn’t speak. What appeared to be an alien had grabbed him, smiling warmly at his presence, Sean suddenly felt unthreatened and at ease. “ Hello, its very nice of you to join us” the alien said kindly as Sean stared into its eyes. “ Uh huh ” Sean replied with a stuttered speech unable to find words.
“ If you follow me, I believe we’ve reached our destination “ the alien told Sean. They walked down various hallways, and finally to a large door, which seemed to have no handle. The Alien chanted some gibberish and the door magically floated open, revealing a world completely new to Sean. “We live here”, the alien said, “ Peacefully untouched “. “ No one knows you’re here? “ Sean asked curiously. “ No one “, he replied, “ We have been living here for millions of years, and not a single human has yet to discover us “.” That’s because no one believes in you “ Sean began to explain, “ Most humans think you don’t exist, so they don’t bother looking for you, my friend Ashley tried to tell me you weren’t real… “, His face dropped at the thought of his earlier predicament. “ We know “ the alien stated, “ but we don’t mind, we have learned that it isn’t if everyone else believes in you, it’s if you believe in yourself. That’s what really counts, and that’s what we brought you here to show you. “ “ But I don’t understand “ Sean told him with a blank stare. “ You don’t need anyone’s approval to have confidence in yourself and what you believe in.
Look at us, no one even believes we exist, and we’ve managed to successfully create a community that’s principles are based upon peace and cooperation, better than anyone being has ever done before. “ “ You really think I have enough courage to believe in myself? ” Sean asked solemnly. “ I do, and when you arrive home you will discover your true power. “ the alien told him.
Suddenly everything went black, and when Sean finally reopened his eyes he was lying in his bed, safely at home. Ashley came back into the room. “ You look confused… “ She stated as she watched him thinking intently on what had just happened. Sean looked over, “ no, I’m fine. “ he told he with a smile, “ by the way, im sorry for the way I reacted. It was childish of me. “ Ashley smiled back, “ No, I shouldn’t have acted the way I did to begin with. “ she said, “ I’m sorry too. “

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