The Devil and Miss Carol

October 12, 2010
By Anonymous

Throughout the centuries, deals have been made between corrupt humans and a man who goes by multiple names. Some of his widely known names are Lucifer, the Prince of Darkness, and the Devil. Hundreds of humans, like dictators, musicians, and actors, have made bargains with the Devil. In all these bargains, one tiny but essential thing has remained completely constant and consistent. The human would loose his or her singular soul to the Prince of Darkness. The human would eventually be dragged to the Devil’s Domain, never to be seen or heard of again.

Those years are long gone along with the souls of those immoral humans. Time has gone on and to the present day of the early twenty first century. More and more humans have been making deals to get rich and famous.

In this time, there is a small town called H*ll in Michigan. Within this town, there lives a former college student called Carol. She lives in a small, ratty apartment that she holds nothing but contempt for. A couple of years ago, she dropped out of the University of Minnesota because she ran out of money and her vile parents refused to pay any more for her education.

With no way to stay in Minnesota, she was forced to come back to her home town of H*ll. Since she had no way to fend for herself, she had to get a job which happened to be in a coffee shop. She hated the place because the smell burned her throat and the customers were rude and harsh to any of the workers. She was rarely happy and mostly angry.

Carol had not always been like this. She was a sweet and kind little kid. She was one of those rare to find children. She would share all her things, never threw fits, and did what she was told. Every adult loved her and wanted her as his or her own.

Over time, things changed and she was no longer loved like she was as a kid. Teachers no longer wanted her in their classes, and she lost most of her friends. Her parents no longer cared where she was and what she did. They only acknowledged her when she did something wrong. Then, she was punished.

Though, now she is all on her own living her life. She still dreams to become a fashion designer. When she isn’t working, she makes her own clothes. Her outfits are so different that people laugh at her all the time.

So, she spends days working and designing with nothing interesting happening until that one fateful Friday. She shows up to work at the coffee shop. She notices three black hounds sitting outside the building as if guarding it. Two of the hounds watch her as she walks into the coffee shop.

Carol tries to shake off a peculiar feeling that rested on her soul. She walks behind the counter and starts working. She works for a total of three hours before the feeling starts to get worse.

Abruptly, a strange man walks up to the counter. He wears a professional black suit with only one splash of color in the form of a tie. He has the most fascinating skin in the eyes of Carol. It is a pale, gray color, and his eyes are a crimson color that darkens and lightens randomly. His short and messy hair is a deep black that reflects every bit of light.

He orders black coffee straight, and Carol rushes to give it to him. When she comes back with the coffee, he grabs it and puts down the money. With that, he walks quickly and silently away.

As she was putting the money in the cash register, Carol notices a business card sitting amongst the bills. She picks it up slowly and reads the front, which says “Devil” with a phone number underneath. The backside was blank and black.

Shrugging it off, Carol finishes working and leaves after her shift is done. Unbeknownst to her, one of the black hounds follows her to her house. She walks all the way to her apartment and enters while the hound settles outside her door.

She eats her supper, watches television, and gets ready for bed, all the while the thoughts of the business burns in the back of her mind. After hours of lying in bed, she finally takes the business card and a phone. She dials the number and starts tapping her feet as it rings.

Suddenly, the door bell rings. Impatient, she gets up and answers the door. There stands the strange man from the coffee shop. He looks as her while holding a cell phone and asks, “You rang?”

Her mouth drops as she asks, “How did you get here so fast?”

“You called to talk to me. Now did you want to make a bargain?” he asks impatiently. He has no patience for stupid humans.

“What do you mean as a bargain?” Carol asks quickly. She doesn’t understand what he was talking about.

He sighs quickly and responds, “I’m the Devil. I make deals with humans like you. I’ll give you whatever you want for something in return. So if you want to make a deal, you have better hurry up. I don’t have all day.”

She slowly processes the many words that came out of the Devil’s mouth. After thinking over all the things she wants, she looks at him and says, “I’ll make a deal with you.”

With those words said, they go into the living room of Carol’s horrible apartment. They spend hours working out the details of the arrangement. Finally, Carol signs the contract that they wrote up with her own blood.

The details of the contract are short and simple but important. Carol will become famous and rich in fashion. In return, she must be harsh to workers, make her clothes extremely expensive, and fire her workers for the worse reasons in the world. She will go to h*ll when she turns fifty, and her soul will belong to the Devil for the rest of eternity.

Years go by since that day and Carol become famous and rich. She does everything she must and lavishes in the rewards. People start to hate her deeply for all the cr*p she puts them through.

Slowly she starts to realize her situation. She begins to fear the consequences of her actions in her younger years. She establishes a routine of attending church daily and a habit of giving to anyone and everyone she meets. She carries a bible with her and constantly takes it out to read the scripture. She prays and repents every hour hoping to save her single soul.

Years continue to pass, and Carol’s fiftieth birthday comes. She sits on her master bed shaking in fear. As she sits in her bed, a storm rolls in. As thunder and lightning increases, she begins to quake more.

Onlookers watch as the storm gets worse and worse until it quickly settles. After days, people check on her. They find her mutilated body on the top of her massive bed.

People never learn what happened to her. Like so many before her, she ends. After years, her house was burned down, and she was forgotten by everyone.

To this day deals are being struck between the Ruler of H*ll and heartless humans. The deals still contain that single clause that the soul must be given over. So many people have struck these deals. They walk around on the street looking like everyone. But there is always a way to spot them in their wicked deeds. A black, ashen hound follows their every step, unnoticed by their prey.

The author's comments:
I wrote this based on the concepts of the Faust myth about a deal with the devil but with a modern adaptation.

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on Oct. 18 2010 at 3:08 am
Healing_Angel SILVER, Sydney, Other
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Live for today, not for tomorrow

Interesting concept. I like it! This is well written.

on Oct. 16 2010 at 6:47 am
deus-ex-machina14 BRONZE, Stewartsville, New Jersey
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"There are two main tragedies in life. One is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it." -Oscar Wilde

You have a really awesome imagination! Mesmerizing writing!!


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