Devil's Angel

October 5, 2010
By GreenBallerina GOLD, Pelham, Alabama
GreenBallerina GOLD, Pelham, Alabama
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Silver’s fever broke as bolts of sweat trickled down her brow. Her back ached as the wings began to break the skin, oozing blood down her ribs. She jolted her head back as a great yelp leaped from her throat. She dropped upon her pillow in exhaustion.

Dr. Phaeher dabbed a warm rag along Silver’s back, cleaning her new wings. Silver’s wings were tainted black, as the milk white struggled to shine.
“Gossip will soar hastily through the forest. Questions would be asked but no answers can be found.” Doctor Phaeher whispered to himself as he scooped water into the blood-stained rag. Ellen and Lenin were in the corner murmuring about the horror of the situation.
“They’re beautiful!” A voice chuckled in the room. Everyone gawked at the figure perched upon the window seal. Lucifer marveled at the wings that softly breathed above the girl. He tucked his demon, sharp wings into his jacket as he lowered himself to the floor. He graced over to Silver’s bed as everyone stayed frozen. His fingers smoothed out Silver’s frizzy, hair which was plastered to her face. He kissed her cheek as Ellen let out a cry.
“Get away from my daughter, you fiend.” Ellen dashed between her daughter and Lucifer.
Lucifer just smirked, “I shall guide Silver to be who she is destined to become.”
“Never!” Ellen screamed as Lenin wrapped her into his arms, protecting her.
Lucifer ignored the woman’s cries as he crawled upon the window seal. “When she is well enough to fly, I’ll come to get her and take her as my bride.”
He spread his demon wings as he took flight soaring over the snow forest. Ellen dropped to her daughter’s bed, bawling in desperation.
“Doctor, we must hide her.” Lenin ordered as he comforted his bewildered wife.
“She shall go to Gaya.” He proposed as Lenin’s eyes grew in fear as Ellen gasped.
“She can’t. It is forbidden.” Ellen reminded him as she clutched her daughter’s hand.
“It is the only place she is safe. Agreed?” Doctor Phaeher asked as Lenin nodded and his wife sighed laying her head on Silver’s bed.

Lucifer’s wings darkened the sky as he soared to Silver. He pictured his future bride awaiting him with her beautiful wings. As he perched himself on that same window seal, his eyes turned black with anger.
“Where is she?” Lucifer snapped his jaw as he dashed to her empty bed. He tore through the room: busting the vases, vandalizing the walls, shredding the covers, cracking the mirror and windows, and finally shattering the bookcases. He snatched the pillow from her bed, inhaling her sweet perfume.
“I’ll find you now!” Lucifer grinned as he ripped the pillow with his sharp fingers. A shower of goose feathers rained down, layering the floor. He leaped to sky, determined to find his angel.

Silver swung on the swing, softly rocking back and forth with her head propped up by the chains. Two months had passed since she was thrown from the Golden Gates into the harsh light of Gaya. She was escorted to a small city by a woman in a black coat. Silver’s hideous wings were tucked beneath her jacket as she struggled to continue forward. Forever damned.
No human could see her or feel her presence, so she remained invisible, silently watching as the young children played and giggled. She occupied the small swing every day, protecting the small children from unnecessary harm. But they continued to scrape their knees and bleed. Silver peered down at her fingers knowing well enough that she would never bleed. She continued her rocking as a cold chill filled the atmosphere.
“I have finally found you, my angel.” A familiar voice whispered with the wind.
Silver perked her eyes open to a figure standing in the middle of the road as traffic past through him without a notice. He spread his wings wide morphing the sunlight into black rays. She gasped in astonishment at the beauty of his wings. Hypnotized, Silver obeyed his silent command and outreached her hand to meet his. No one paid any attention to the silent introduction.
“Let me see your beautiful wings. Spread them wide for me.” Lucifer commanded as he stroked her cheek. Her jacket fell to the road as her tainted black wings glistened against the black rays of sun. He smoothed out the ruffled feathers admiring the color. “Beautiful!” he murmured to himself as his eyes lit up.
“What is your name?” Silver sighed as she peered into his gray eyes.
“Lucifer!” He smirked.
She snatched her hand back into her chest. The cloaked woman’s words repeated in her head. “Beware an angel who calls himself Lucifer. For he is Hade’s son.”
“You demon!” she yelped as she dashed away without her jacket. She tucked her wings into her shoulder, making for the woods. She knew neither if he followed or stayed behind, but she took flight as the branches covered her figure. She ducked into a great oak, panting in terror, tucking her legs into her chest.
Her jacket slumped down onto her head. She tugged it off as Lucifer crouched on the tree limb above her.
“It’s chilly out.” He swathed the jacket over her trembling shoulders but allowed her wings to shine in the umbrage of the woods.
“Leave me alone, you demon. I don’t want any part in your evil.” She shouted as frightened birds took to the skies.
“You’re judging me before getting to know me.” Lucifer mocked as he slipped his fingers into her silver hair. “I’m here to guide you.”
She tugged away from his cold fingers. “Why did you have to choose me?”
“Because you are beautiful and I like beautiful things.” Lucifer bluntly stated as he jumped down the Silver’s branch. “You have such beautiful wings. I’m constantly entranced by them.” He outlined her wing with his finger, as Silver caught her breath. “Do you know what you are destined for?”
Silver shook her head as his hands propped her chin up. His lips were just centimeters from hers as he said, “You have a very important job here on Gaya. You have to protect these land walkers from demons.”
Silver gazed up towards Lucifer who stared back with olive eyes, smiling softly. His wings spread out to block the wind which carried a scream.
“Stop, David!” a mother cried as her son dashed after a baseball which bounced into the mist of traffic. A demon cloaked in red slid the ball into the way of oncoming traffic. The boy didn’t see the sixteen-wheeler coming as the exhausted driver continued forward. Silver, obediently, flew towards the boy as he picked up the ball. She encased him with her feathers, allowing the truck to zip through her.
“David!” The mother shouted as her eyes widened. Her son came running forth with the ball in his hand. The mother squeezed her baby into her arms crying tears of relief. He clutched the ball in his hand as a milk white feather hung onto his coat. The mother smiled as she plucked the feather into her hand, kissing it. She silent mouthed a silent prayer to her guardian angel.
Silver sat on the curve breathing softly, admiring the mother and son. She watched with a smile as she heard the prayer.

A black wing tucked around Silver, pulling her into Lucifer’s warmth. He kissed her head as they watched the children play in the autumn breeze.

The author's comments:
This is the edited story because i had to take out a paragraph to make it flow better. I love this story because it is just a sweet love story.

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TrinityCreed said...
on Oct. 21 2010 at 10:07 am
Good story, but why demons? Why Lucifer? Why must Silver be his bride? I see the plot unfolding, but what is failed to be seen by readers is: demons, bride of Lucifer, and more demons. Is Hell being the main topic of readers these days? I so, why is it?

asianneko said...
on Oct. 17 2010 at 4:48 pm
asianneko, Pelham, Alabama
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