Spies in the Clouds

October 12, 2010
By Mr.CloudGuy BRONZE, West Caldwell, New Jersey
Mr.CloudGuy BRONZE, West Caldwell, New Jersey
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The air is very thin today. Not a person to be seen. The whiteness of the clouds shines against my black, over lapping armor. Today is no special day; I’m doing what I was hired to do. To protect Sky Village. Right now I’m at the front gate watching the trade sky wagons fly in. When they all dock I have to check all the precious cargo to be sold in the village. I occasionally find a spy that hides away in the carts. So far I have found out the name of the person sending in the spies. His name is neg. I cannot find a reason for him sending in all the spies in to the city. But I do think it is about the prisoners in the village. So I go to the lower part of the village which is in the under clouds and talk to each one of the prisoners to find what’s the deal with neg. They all seem to have some sort of background with ember village. I’m surprised that one from Sky Village has stumbled open this before. The prisoners all have a story to as why they are in jail. Some of them sound very dishonorable and some sound justifiable. I feel bad for those who shouldn’t be in prison when they did nothing wrong. I just don’t have the authority to do anything about it. So signs are saying that I should head over to Ember Village and check everything out. I should really find a replacement for my spot. So I headed over to the body guard renting area and rented a temporary guard for 3 gold for a couple of days. The next morning I will head over to Ember Village.

Today I have all my gear packed to start my journey to Ember Village. I leave Sky Village and start heading down to the ground through the white flowing air lifts built by the Sky Villager’s gods. When I get off the lifts I head over to the post guard and ask him which way I should head to start my way to Ember Village. He say “I think it’s that way” as he points towards the mountains behind the Forests of Myths. I see that they also sell transportation next to the lifts for about 10 gold. I only have 12 gold left for food and supplies, so I’m not sure what to do next. I guess I will have to buy the transport—it’s more necessary to get back in time. So I hand the man the gold I have left and he gives me a raptor, food for it to eat and some satchels to put on the raptor to carry my items. So I get on my new raptor I named Tulu, and I start heading towards the Forest of Myths. I see tons of new and weird creatures I have never even thought could have existed. I get through half of the forest with out running into any problems until I meet a tribe that start waving their spears and weapons at me. They all have some weird glowing backpack on them. I get off of Tulu and try and show them that I won’t hurt them and they still seem very offended and throw me down to the ground and tie me up to a post. They then picked up the post and carried me off towards there village. As of what I have seen they are very primitive in technology and weaponry. Their spiritual power seems very high. I think about one of the spells my father taught me and teleport about 50 feet away and finally break free. Thank goodness I was paying attention when my dad taught me those spells, I quickly jump back on Tulu and get to Ember Village and find Neg and talk to him. He appears to be dressed like an emperor of the village. I ask him about the spies he sends in and he hesitates, he says that Sky Village is holding his blood family captive for leverage over Ember village. I feel compassion for his story since this has been a technique to gain power over people through out the ages. I leave feeling determined to set his people free.

When I arrive back at Sky Village nobody seems to sense I was gone. I relieve the guard of his duty to hold my post. As day turns to night, I head down to the lower part of Sky Village and glide through the darkness to the prison’s back gate. The guard is sleeping soundly and doesn’t even stir as I let Neg’s people free. My mission is complete.

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on Oct. 17 2010 at 7:38 am
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