The Magic Within

October 7, 2010
By NaomiakaNams SILVER, Lynwood, California
NaomiakaNams SILVER, Lynwood, California
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As Alison slowly slid Ileana in her pocket she looked all around the pet store as she walked out the manager called, “HEY COME BACK HERE!” She began running to the park which was the exact location she was supposed to meet Danny, her best friend of two years. The first year they met she had found out he was what people might call a wizard. However, Aly wasn’t nor was Ileana. As Aly ran to the park she remembered the first time Danny and Ileana, his girlfriend, first met. Ileana had been running in the park when she ran into Aly, whom she had known from grade school, Aly still remembered everything that had happened that day:
“Oh my god. Alison?”
Alison looked up shocked. “Ileana?”
“Yea, hi! Hi, Aly’s friend!”
Danny looked at her with confusion for her what he called odd pep. “Hi, girl I don’t know.”
Ileana still was filled with excitement, “Well you do know. Ileana.”
Realizing nobody had said Danny’s name once she introduced him, “Oh this is Danny. Ileana Danny. Danny Ileana.”
A smirk spread across Ileana’s face, “Your boyfriend!?”
Aly and Danny immediately turned to each other. “Oh no. We’re just friends!” said Danny with reassurance.
“Oh well okay then.” Ileana smiled.

They had been inseparable ever since well that is before Danny’s enemy turned Ileana into a parrot. Odd, but yes he had, however he was aiming for Danny. Now as Aly sat down on the park bench, she looked at Danny’s text message, “MEET ME AT THE PARK WITH ILEANA! A.S.A.P!” She wasn’t sure why he had wanted her to steal Ileana but she was about to find out, because Danny was walking straight for her. “Hey, you got her?” Aly nodded and pointed to the end of the bench where Ileana was standing flapping her wings with excitement. “Why’d you need me to get her?”
He took his eyes off of Ileana and said, “I think I might’ve found a way to change her back.” Aly’s eyes lit up, “Really! Well quick wave your finger and stuff!” Danny looked at her oddly and with one point of the finger made Ileana…………………………… Disappear. Danny fell to the ground in defeat, “Ugh!” Aly knelt down, “It’s okay. We’ll find her.” He looked directly at Aly, “We can’t! I freaking made my girlfriend parrot disappear!” Aly looked at him oddly, “Boy did that sound weird when you say it aloud.” Danny rolled his eyes at her and they began arguing. Little did they know it had worked Ileana was standing behind them, human, in a colorful dress trying to get their attention.

Both Aly and Danny looked up in disbelief. “ILEANA!” Danny said as he swung her around. Aly came up behind them, “My turn,” she said as she hugged her. They had fixed their problem…………………….almost. As Danny looked up at the person coming out of the smoke, which had just appeared out of nowhere, he realized it was his enemy, Mason. As Mason stepped out he said, “Bravo, bravo. You changed the girl back well let’s just see how well you can be with two of your girls, gone.” With one snap of the finger both Aly and Ileana were in cages and were not in the park, Mason had zapped Aly and Ileana into his underground hideout. “I can get us out of here!” screamed Ileana. Aly stared confused, “How you’re not a wizard.” Ileana smiled, “True, but when you’re a bird you have to have something to do. Plus, it’s the magic within.” Aly laughed at that cheesy remark, but was stunned when she looked up and saw that Ileana was cutting the lock with her nails.
“Ha!” Ileana said as the lock fell to the floor. They were out but they had to figure out a way to get to the park fast. As they looked around they spotted a wand and Aly picked it up, “Whoa, whoa, whoa what are you doing?” Ileana said. Aly smiled, “Please I’ve seen Danny do this a million times. Transport!” As Ileana opened her eyes she realized she was at the park and could see Mason in the distance trying to choke Danny. She gasped took the wand from Aly waved it and said, “GET AWAY FROM HIM!” For an odd reason she didn’t know of Mason disappeared. Danny looked at Ileana and ran towards her, “How’d you do that!?!” She smiled, “The magic within.” He pointed to the wand, “Uh-huh.”

The author's comments:
Yes, I've been told it's cheesy but I honestly don't care I believe in showing ALL my work. Plus, I only had 50 minutes to write this.

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deus-ex-machina14 BRONZE, Stewartsville, New Jersey
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Very cute and creative, I love it!! Great job!


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