white wolf 5: Dark fur

October 6, 2010
By licos GOLD, Miami, Florida
licos GOLD, Miami, Florida
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“Soon he will come, and soon you will fall.” “Silence old one. You know nothing of what the future shall hold” I snarled at the old Indian. “I have traveled with the boy to where all rivers begin; I have been with him for quite some time now. He has grown strong, and when he overcomes his hatred and anger, he will have a power that exceeds you.” “I said silence!” and a shock wave took him off his feet. “I hate all you humans, and tomorrow on the day of black sun, and dark moon, I shall destroy you all for what you did.” “But remember, it may have been a human who did this to you, but it wasn’t every humans fault” I explained. “I don’t care, humans are the ones who took them, now all humans shall pay” he said. So long has it been since my wife and unborn child. That human is lucky; his pup was born before white fur was killed. Grey fur. So long has it been since I saw her. She truly has changed over the years. So long ago. I remember the day she died like it was yesterday. She was in a small cave. She couldn’t stand, for she was about ready to give birth. We just returned from hunting, and killed a large caribou. Since she couldn’t walk I brought her some food. The pups were nearly here, but so was the day of dark sun. No pups have ever survived on that day, except me. I was touched by the darkness, but I ran to the light. My fur is forever dark. I was happy with grey fur. She was the one who was with me as a pup when I was in pain. Lucky for her, she was born when the sun had nearly returned. So her fur turned grey. She was with me through the pain of growing up. The adults bullied me more, and I ate less then everyone. My mother died soon after I was able to hunt for myself. She had a hole through her head. I never found out what happened. Many wolves have been found like this as of lately, some without their skins. No one from our pack at least. Now that grey fur was done eating, I laid by her to comfort her like she did me for so many years. I couldn’t help falling asleep and dreaming. I saw grey fur; she was in a forest, running. The skies were dark from the eclipse. She was in a darkened forest, trees as large as mountains surrounded her. A large shadow suddenly emerged from one of the trees. It stood on two legs. Grey fur began to run, sensing danger. It ran after her. It pointed a long light grey stick at her. The stick made a loud sound that echoed through the trees. It sent fire from it tip. Suddenly grey fur was bleeding. I tried to run to her, but I couldn’t move. All I could do was watch as the strange creature stood over her. Now I could see it clearly. It was a very strange creature. It wore strange furs and things on its feet. Its face was pale, and very red. It took out, from a thing on its back a short black thing, and sliced her stomach open. Blood and our unborn pup came spilling out first. Next came out her insides. The creature grabbed the pup, and carried it off, leaving grey fur to soak in her own blood. I awoke suddenly. I looked for grey fur. She wasn’t next to me any more. I ran outside, and there she was. Under the darkness of the darkened sun. Just like in the dream. I sunk to the earth at that moment. Then I saw the two legged creature. Anger made me move faster then ever. I jumped, and bit down hard by its neck. It screamed in pain, and held the wound. I jumped again, and only managed to scratch his face, leaving four deep slashes in its face. I picked up something the looked like a large stick, swung, and sent me flying. I was semi unconscious. He stood over me, pointing the short sharp thing at me. He was going to do to me what he did to white fur. Suddenly another two legged creature was on him. They fought a little, and then the pale skinned one got up and ran. This new two legged creature was taller, and was the color of light tree bark. At that moment I fell into an unconscious state. When I awoke, I sat up immediately. I wasn’t dead, but where was I? I looked around, and I was in a large cave. Much larger than the one I lived in before. In one corner were the tree bark two legs. “So you finally awake. Here eat this” He said. He threw a large piece of deer meat to me. I ate only a little. What was he and where the two legs that killed grey fur was. I looked around the cave again, but we were the only ones here. I decided to take my leave. “If you leave, you anger will consume you. Stay and I may be able to help you” he said. I stopped at the entrance and looked at him. Anger and hatred filled my eyes. “Fine, but you will not find him” he said. I still left. I looked for many years for him. The bloody gashes in its face would leave a scar on its face. I found many two legs, each one I killed. I soon learned that they were called humans. Every time I did, I felt angrier. Soon I was too angry to think correctly. I began to get stronger and stronger as I got angrier and angrier. Soon I was too weak to move. Soon deaths grip would have me. “So here you are. I’ve been looking for you.” The wood bark, human was now in front
of me. I growled at him. I hated all humans. Humans were the ones who took grey fur, and humans are the ones who took my mother. I wanted them all dead! “Calm yourself, black fur” he said. I didn’t care that he knew my name. Was too tired to growl now. “Here”. He touched my head. “You will be reborn again when the sun is gone and the moon is darkened. For so long I waited for that day, and them it finally came. Who I saw stopped my heart. Grey fur. She was alive. No just reborn like me. She was now with someone else. Anger rose in me like no other. I ran through the forest, and I collided with a tree. It fell, ripped out of its roots. I did that. So many years have given me unmatchable strength. It took five years of practice. I was able to speak the tong of the humans. I persuaded the two hunters to kill the male grey fur was with. The instead killed grey fur. “So you finally found him did you?” the old Indian said. “No, he died over the fifty years I was gone. But I found his children, and children’s children. They will all pay with there lives.” “You will not survive this you know” the Indian said. “we shall see now wont we” I responded. The sun was now darkened, and it will stay that way for all of time. “The time has finally come for the humans to pay.” I said. I howled to the heavens, sending darkness through out the skies.

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