The Seer

September 30, 2010
By Nishat PLATINUM, New York, New York
Nishat PLATINUM, New York, New York
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25th day of Akhet 3,000 B.C. Bazaar of Alexie (*what is now Alexandria)

Like all good mothers Isis wanted the best for her child. She wished to avoid needless pain and hardships. While other mothers might not be able to stop those, she Isis was a powerful goddess and few would dare to hurt her.

But still she wanted to be sure.
And somehow the fierce goddess found herself wandering the streets of Alexie (* what is now Alexandria) dressed like a commoner in her pregnant form.

The reason behind this madness was that, Isis knew people feared her (she felt it for gods sake!) and so where the to see anything bad in her daughters future they wouldn’t ell her out of fear.

So now here she was shoving her way through the Alexion bazaar, trying to get to the Temple of Vexes, where the seer Rima resided.

Rima Augusta Teriani was a foreigner from the distant land of Atlantis. Since Isis’ daughter was also half Atlantean, Rima would have no trouble reading her.

“Excuse me, where do you think your going? Said one of the temple guardians. His hand was on her arm, physically keeping her from entering. Isis opened her mouth to answer but before she could a husky voice came from behind the curtain.

“I have been expecting her let her enter.”

With a sharp nod the guardsman pushed Isis inside. There held a large 4 poster bed. A skinny golden haired girl sat messily on top of it. Four maids came from behind a screen. Two helped the golden haired up while the others bung out a small steaming pot.

“I am who they all Rima of the Dead Kings. I have awaited your arrival Isis mother of Hathor lady of Magic. Come forth and ask your question.” Though Rima looked to be no older then 17, her voice was a thousand years old, creaking at certain places while gliding over others. Isis stepped forward.

“What is to be the fate of my daughter?”

Rima turned and the 2 maids holding the pot jumped forward. Holding her hair back the prophetess inhaled the smoke foul smoke coming out of the pot.

“Ah yes. It is she born out of Sin and Kindness, who will avenge the mistreated and bring what has been covered in shame to lightness. With wings of victory, a sword of vengeance, and 5,000 angels behind her,of the unknown shall bring a new dawn and destroy the lineage of her beloved in the process.”

Isis had no idea what to do with this. She might omnipotent but no one can stop the fates, only question them.

“What beloved?” she asked

Rima smiled grimly

“Your daughter chose well, golden hair and lean but with a menacing past.” Great just what every mother wanted bad boy with the face of an angel. At Isis frown. Rima hurried on.

“Fear not through their journey is harsh; The Prince of the Apocalypse would rather kill himself then lay a finger on her. Should she weep or be displeased he would kill the source of it and even defy the three fates.”

Isis sighed he sounded good enough as long as it wasn’t Ra. Ra, heh the boy better be strong otherwise Ra would eliminate him.

“Thank you Augusta Teriani, your wisdom shall be rewarded.” With that Isis left the temple and went onto the next thing on her to-do list. Put in safe guards to ensure her daughters survival.

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