Why am i here?

September 30, 2010
By DRay93 BRONZE, Waterford, Connecticut
DRay93 BRONZE, Waterford, Connecticut
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I wake up and find myself in a room. The room is all white and I look down at myself to see that my hands are cuffed to the side of the bed as well as my feet and that I’m wearing a hospital looking type clothes.

What am I… what am I doing here?

I feel strange. The smell of sweat seems to fill the room. The room is small and has no windows. Everywhere you look you just see white, white floors, white walls, white doors, even a white door knob.


I hear the door open and a strange man approaches. The man is about 6 feet tall, and skinny as a twig. He has a white suit on and has a name tag pinned to his jacket.

Doctor Smith

The man walks over to me and takes a key out of his pocket he unlocks my
hand and ankle cuffs and looks at me.
“Well how are we doing today Ms. Andreas?” The doctor asks.
I don’t say anything.
The doctor continues to look at me and before I know it another nurse comes in followed by two other doctors

What’s going on?

The doctors lift me up and carry me out of the room. I get startled and start to kick and scream.
“Where are you taking me?! Let me go!” I scream.
“Just relax”, the doctor that is holding my left arm says, “Where just bringing you somewhere different”

Somewhere different? Why am I here? What did I do? Where are they taking me?!

Within seconds I’m brought into another room. This room has windows and has a bed, similar to mine, on the right hand side of the room. Next to the bed is a metal table, with a bunch of needles and pills on it.

Are they going to drug me?

They push me down onto the bed and strap me in.
“Now, we’re only doing this to help you Ms. Andreas”
Before I could scream a needle goes in my arm and I black out in seconds….

The author's comments:
I just decided to write this piece, it isn't one of my best but i was if-e on if i should continue it or not.

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