My Sister

September 28, 2010
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I stand tall and proud on my balcony, my blonde lower back length hair and my baby blue floor length gown blowing in the wind. I stand and think with sorrow in my heart why I'm here, why I'm now the ruler of the small little town called “Everville”. I'm glad that I'm the ruler it's not that I don't love my people its what had to happen for me to become what I'am. Wanting to talk to someone about the way I feel, I immediately think of Penelope and how comforting she was and how she always new what to say. Then I remember she's gone and thats why I'm here.

It started when Lord Nicholas captured my sister, while she was out for a stroll in the mysterious woods beyond the boundary's of the stone white castle, which I call my home. Lord Nicholas, his cruel and vile ways brings a sort of yucky taste to my mouth. Always dreaming of ways to take over Everville, and having power was what he would do. With a knife to her neck, he threatened to kill my poor sister, if she did not hand over the throne to him and being my sister so loyal to her people she refused. Lord Nicholas told her that he would let her go and think about her decision. She had one week to think this over and if then she still refused she would be killed. That last week of her life was filled with gossip, along with her advisors telling her it wasn't worth being killed over and that she should hand over the crown, but my sister with her strong mind and stubborn personality didn't listen instead Saturday night exactly one week after she had been captured and released, she set out on her chocolate brown stallion, Marty, and galloped away into the night off to meet with Lord Nicholas. That was the last time I ever saw my sister, for the next day when my servant went out to the stables she found my sister laying on the front step a knife in her heart.

Weeping for my sister we held a beautiful funeral for her to acknowledge how hard she had worked for this town. Then since I was the next in line for the throne we had a coronation, with flowers of every kind, food, desserts, and the most famous musicians. Although I was extremely happy that I was now the ruler of my small little town, I was also a very sad young queen who had lost her sister and would have given up even her throne to have her back.

Now I stand on this balcony tears streaming down my face and wish that my sister was happy where ever she was now. And on that balcony I realize that in honor of my beloved sister I will be the best ruler I can ever be. Saying this I knew that even though my sister is gone she will always remain in my heart.

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