Mocha The Greeeat

September 28, 2010
By Makayla Goodwine BRONZE, Bethel, Alaska
Makayla Goodwine BRONZE, Bethel, Alaska
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“Ahh! Mocha! HELLP!!!” I hear my fearful mother scream.
“Mocha! Mocha! Where are you?”
“Mommy! Chopper! What’s going on?” I screeched and suddenly I heard The Brown Bandit mock, “Momma! Momma! Ha! Your precious ‘mommy’ and Chopper cannot help you now! I’ve captured you and soon you’ll have to make a choice to either watch your mother or lover slowly suffer to death!! MUAHHAHAHAHA!!”…
I woke up to the sound of my very annoying alarm clock. “S***,” I say as I shut the alarm off and get up to take a shower for my “super” day ahead. “Hehehh..” I sigh to myself knowing what crap I am going to deal with while scouting the city.
As I step out of my door, I hear a faint whimper off towards the abandoned building a few blocks away from mine. With my super sight, I spot a furry creature hanging helplessly by his bare bottom. In a flash, I’m there and I ask him, “Who did this to you?” and with the deepest growl I heard, “Some jacka** tackled me, shaved my bum and tied me here.” Even though our conversation wasn’t long, I felt my heart beating faster with every glance. I was in love.
I grabbed him around his neck, as a mother would do to her pup, just because he was so tiny and cute. To my surprise, he yelped and fell with a thud against the hard ground below. “I’m sorry for being like that earlier, it’s just these jerks think that they can just pick up some random dog and do what ever to them. Let me introduce myself, my name is Chopper, Chopper Harley, what might yours be?” “Oh, so you haven’t heard of me? Just kidding, my name is Mocha, and if we are to become friends, I have to tell you something…” Despite asking a dozen times if he can fly on my back, he reacted quite well with my news. From then on our bond was growing stronger day by day.
Day after day, week after week, things were always the same. Save a person or two daily, try to keep Chopper out of trouble, make sure The Brown Bandit was in line. Yada Yada Yada! One day an unusual thing caught my eye, a little girl was calling my name. “Aussie Latte, AUSSIE LATTE!!!” Something was up, I felt it. I didn’t get too close to her, for I knew that it could be a trap. Then out of nowhere she jumped at me with fury in her eyes. Too fast for the little tyke, I slid to the left and watch as she eats pavement. It looked like it hurt, a lot. But as if she could feel no pain, she gets up and murmurs, “F*** you Aussie!” all I could say was, “Woah, no need to swear, settle down.” Just as I said that, a blood-curdling scream deafened me for a moment and not a moment more. I flinched at the sound, and realized I had a major headache. As I was flying away, I swear, all I could hear in my head was, “I WILL FIND OUT WHO YOU ARE!” I tried to ignore it the best that I could.
After having that little incident with the, somewhat, demonic child, I was face to face with my nemesis a few days later, “Brown Bandit, why, you have not changed a bit.” “Look who’s talking you two faced b****.” I was astonished. I said no word and turned my back to leave. Just then she pushed my button just enough to make me want to rip her head off of her body. She kicked my back, which left me sprawled out on the ground. I jumped up and lunged at her ugly, scarred neck. It was on like Donkey Kong! We each exchanged throat, ear, and body bites. We fought a bloody fight. It was over when I had the upper advantage. I was on top of her, bloody faced and all, my ears bleeding up a dark puddle, baring all of my teeth, and gurgling a growl. For a while I was anticipating if I should kill her or let her go.
I let her live another day, but with a warning, “If you so as touch me like that ever again, your a** is mine. And maybe I’ll have it hang over my fire place.” I don’t think she took my threat lightly because I heard her snicker. I just wanted to kill her now and not have to worry about her in the future. We went our separate ways.
I went home to take a well-needed nap. Chopper wakes me the next morning, today I am just Mocha, no super heroism crap.
“Your mother is on the phone. I guess she heard about your brawl with Brownie, she’s wondering if you are ok.” I say to my mother, “Although my ears are very sore mother, I am just fine. I have to leave now, Chopper and I are leaving soon for lunch.” We exchange good byes and Chopper and I are gone.
[Few Weeks Later]
I haven’t heard from my mom in a while, so I call her up. I didn’t get through. I call again a few more times worried. Her house is in Anchorage so I left Chopper at home while I go to my mom’s house. I got there in half the time because I flew. When I get to her house, I search it from top to bottom. I cannot find her anywhere. I decide to go to The Sheriff. He says she’s been missing for a while. I probably searched for my mom in the city for at least a few hours. Exhausted, I fly home, tears and all.
When I finally did get home something was wrong. I couldn’t find Chopper, but there was someone in the house… WHACK!! Everything goes black. All I can hear is the evil chuckle of what sounds like… The Brown… Bandit.
Well, I now know that Brownie didn’t take my threat lightly. I was fading in and out of consciousness when I finally awoke to my mother’s and Chopper’s frightening screams.
“Ahh! Mocha! HELLP!” I hear my fearful mother scream.
“Mocha! Mocha! Where are you?”
“Mommy! Chopper!! What’s going on?” I screeched and suddenly I heard The Brown Bandit mock, “Momma! Momma! Ha! Your precious ‘mommy’ and Chopper cannot help you now! I’ve captured you and soon you’ll have to make a choice to either watch your mother or lover slowly suffer to death!! MUAHHAHAHAHA!!” With my super sharp pink nails I cut the rope that was holding me down.
I mentally communicated with Chopper to distract Brownie while I leaped to my mom and free her. I then went on over to Chopper and grabbed him by his neck like a mother would do to a baby, but this time he didn’t yelp and fall to his death in the snake pit below. With my mother in my arms and Chopper in my mouth, we flew out the nearest window and out of harms way. I brought them home, and to feel protected, we all slept together in front of our fireplace for the night. We hoped that nothing like that ever happened again, of course it didn’t… Yes you could say that I lived happily ever after, but no, it was one hundred times better.
I am soon to retire from super heroism due to my aging; I will be 7 on the fourth of August, YIPPIEE! Unfortunately I never found The Brown Bandit. After many failures, I am to give birth to my, I mean our, miracle child. The doctor said that I am due in at least a month, the perfect timing to move away from Alaska. I now live in Berlin, Germany, in my dream my home, and a baby on the way! I am so excited! Now until I am gone I am going to have many adventures here with my family. Up until now, anything can happen.

The author's comments:
My actual dogs, Mocha && Chopper, inspired me to write this story here. :)

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