Star Wars: The Chronicles Of Reaver. Preview

September 25, 2010
By Torex BRONZE, Bryson City, North Carolina
Torex BRONZE, Bryson City, North Carolina
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A king who believes he shall rule his land forever is destined for defeat. While a king who know he will one day be defeated is destined for victory.

As i looked around the corner a blast from his rifle shot by my face. Coming so close it burned my skin. I put my finger on the trigger. I rolled from behind the corner shooting the first two enemies directly in the head. The other three began shooting. i drew my Light saber and ran forward! There shots were direct but with a flick of my wrist i manipulated the blast to the side. I was upon my enemy! I jumped into the air and went down on the first one hard. He screamed before being cleaved in two. The other two kept shot at my aiming for my chest. I turn to the first blast and used my blade to bounce it at the other enemy. Then before the last enemy could fire a shot. I used the force to snap his neck.

The author's comments:
This a piece of a short story i have been writing. Its the story of a star wars character i made up. If you like it or would like me to write me message me and let me know.

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