Over The Edge

September 22, 2010
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I'd tell you what happened, except I dont really know what happened myself. All I know is that one minute I had been pushed off a cliff and I was falling. Then I was lay on my face. I felt no pain, so my first thought was that I was dead. I tried standing up, but instead I floated up. I felt weightess, yet it didnt surprise me. It was like I had been floating my whole life. Then I noticed a man in a long black coat walking towards me. He had long brown hair, and his eyes were the colour of the ocean. He emenated power. As he neared I looked into his blue eyes, and it was like looking into a storm. I felt as though his gaze could tear me apart. He smiled at me and said 'Glad you could make it' I didnt say anything, I was still shocked by his eyes. 'Follow me and all will be explained' he said. His voice echoed all around. As we walked I took into account my surroundings. We were in a forest, and it seemed normal enough. Then I looked closer. The trees had small eyes. They were looking right at me. Yet still this didnt surprise me. It was like this starnge world I had woken up in was where I had lived for my whole life. He stopped and I noticed there was a door. It wasnt a normal door becuase there was no building there. The door was just placed in the middle of the forest. The man held out his hand and the door swung open. He led me through it we were in hall way. It was poorly lit. The lights were tinged green. I walked to the end and there was a throne. It was gold and was emblazened with a crest amongst other strange markings. A hooded figure appeared on it. He stood up from the throne and walked towards me. 'We've been expecting you' he told me. Then he jumped at me, and snarled. I felt seering pain and then the darkness took me.

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...Katelynn... said...
Sept. 24, 2010 at 7:03 pm
Wow, skulduggery208...you really do have an imagination, and a unique way with words! Your ideas are brilliant, as is your story. I think it does need to be more developed, and some touching up, but overall I think it is fabulous. There are some spelling mistakes, all very accidental mistypes I'm sure, and a couple of grammar errors, but I guess I'm only being nit-picky! For me it seemed a bit rushed...as though it jumped from one thing to another. Maybe take your time and relax a little... (more »)
skulduggery208 replied...
Sept. 25, 2010 at 2:46 am
Thankyou :)
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