September 18, 2010
By Ashleigh Owens X BRONZE, New York City, New York
Ashleigh Owens X BRONZE, New York City, New York
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I wait for him to approach me.
His eyes are strained as he falls at my bare feet.
“I cannot do it my love!” I glare at him with my bright blue eyes.
“If you do not do as I command you will never be my love, Mercury, Messenger of Alectrona!” He sobs as I lift my stainless white robes and step away from him.
“Please Hella! I will die eternal death for this sin!” I lift his chin with one perfect finger and grimace beautifully as his tears fall on my long blonde hair. His weakness radiates from him like a sickness.
“After your pitiful display today I’m willing to take that small risk!” He stops sobbing and stands up. His stupid handsome face has hardened and all I can see is one emotion in his green eyes. Defiance.
“I am done being a piece in your game Hella. I love you no more.” He walks away from me and I know what will happen next.

I am standing before Alectrona goddess of the universe and I am for once in my eternal life, afraid.
She is binding my hands with glowing silver chains and white flames. We are at the edge of a cliff; the sky is dark as if all the shadows in the universe have gathered to watch the end of me.
Alectrona is beautiful and terrifying all at once; her hair is flames of red that flicker like snakes, highlighting the planes of her blinding face with their smoky tails. Her robes are like white mist covering her in light that burns my eyes.
She takes my shimmering ringlets and tears them from my scalp. The pain brings an agonising scream from my lips and my fingers claw the shadows in anguish. She lifts a white-hot hand to my eyelids and I scream again; my eyes have lost their perfect sight and everything is dark and foggy. She walks behind me and I feel her hot hands on my wings.
NO! My wings are MINE.
I scream so loud that a piece of rock falls from the cliff in protest to the noise and the pain that has spread through my body is too much.
I’m falling. I throw my hands forward trying to stay above the shadows but all that happens is a powerful scream fills the air and I’m falling with my hands full of red flames…

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this piece after reading a book about fallen angels. I hope people enjoy it.

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