the Tale of the Robots Part V: L (the last golden age of robots)

September 17, 2010
By mymask DIAMOND, Dayton, Ohio
mymask DIAMOND, Dayton, Ohio
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200 years after Axel incident

Fire erupted around L as he dove to the side of the deep well. Slamming against the wooden wall, he Looked up and saw that the giant walker robot had activated its flame thrower. The smothering heat caused L’s brown burlap sack-like skin to burn. Leaning against the wooden wall, he suddenly felt his world fall as he plummeted into darkness.
A few hours later, L woke up. Standing up, he looked around. Since he was a robot, he had built in night vision and so he could see everything that was in the tiny cubicle in which he stood. Several flotsam boxes were scattered like waves of the sea. Going over to one, L found that he had all the necessary mechanics he needed to survive; he had tools, parts, computer chips, and even some human DNA.
“How fortunate” L said to himself, “I’ve got all the things I could ever want in here.”
Time passed by slowly at first. Night and day seemed to blend into each other while L sat inside his small cubicle. Periodically, he would go outside and see the barren wasteland that was above him. But as the universe passed him by, there became a nameless fear that gripped all humans together. Slowly and surely, years passed by as Earth fell into neglect. No human went there and nothing came from the brown planet. Stories turned into folklore, folklore turned into myths, and then the myths were soon forgotten in the chaos of the moving universe. But every now and then, a whisper came out of the air that struck up fear into people: ROBOTS.
While the hundreds of years passed him by, L soon found himself reading all the literature in the world and the universe. Shakespeare, Crutcher, Rowling, and many others were covered in his computer mind. By the end of his first life, L prepared a second body and a small ship that was to take him across the universe and into eternity. Using the bodies of Jay and Gee as experiments (for they had died of natural causes) L soon found that he had a android body that was undetectable. Using the DNA that was in a capsule, he made a carbon copy of a boy who was around eighteen years old. Brown wavy hair and brown eyes surrounded the pale face of the boy. Taking off his rags that he called skin, L took a wire and attached it to the base of the neck of the carbon copy boy.
“Reboot” He said out loud.
Suddenly, the sock puppet size L shook violently. Falling quickly to the ground, the sock puppet soon found that he was starting down at his old body.
“Wow” the boy said, in his British accent.
Standing up, L found that the cubicle was a bit small for him to fit into. Shrugging his shoulders, he walked over to the prepared capsule that would take him off of Earth. Stepping inside of the small capsule, L looked at the controls.
“Begin launch sequence.” He said.
Feeling the base of his neck, L felt the tiny hole in his neck. Taking some lose skin, he placed it over the hole.
“Launch!” He yelled.
Closing his eyes, L felt the whole world rush by as he was propelled into space.
“This capsule will look like space junk.” He told himself.
Shutting down his main systems, L fell into a deep sleep.
Years passed around L as he left the crumbling Earth in the dust. With each crumbling rock that fell from the Earth’s core, so was the many lives that came and went while L slept on. Soon, there was no Earth and soon, L was nothing more that a piece of junk that was floating through space. But he didn’t anticipate the route that he was taking; the route that was taking him straight to planet terras novam. Also known as to the locals:

New Earth

(Coming soon: The Rising of the Robots. The sequel to the Tale of The Robots series.)

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