The Last Dampire- Chapter 1

September 12, 2010
By Nerdgirl993 BRONZE, Arverne, New York
Nerdgirl993 BRONZE, Arverne, New York
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Nathan Mars jumped from the roof of a building, landing on the rooftop of a smaller one. He stumbled on his landing; scrapping the palms his hands and the knees of his jeans, but kept moving. He had too; he could hear her footsteps behind him, echoing his own. Damn, she was fast! He was fast too- he had to be, it’s what he was trained for, but nothing compared to her.
He came to the edge of the building and looked down; he had to be at least 20 stories up. The wind wiped at his face and it sent a shiver down his spine. The foot steps behind where speeding up, and without another thought he jumped from building, landing in the dumpster that lay below.
Great…he thought. I’m going to smell like old Chinese food for days! Nathan hoisted himself on to the edge of the dumpster and was met by two glowing red eyes.
“Hello sweetheart.” She said in a thick British accent, before grabbing him by the collar of his leather jacket and lifting him out of the dumpster and into the air. She was thin and tall, with fiery red hair and pale skin, all together she was a knock out and to be honest she didn’t look too menacing. That was until the street light above reflected off her fangs. “Who is he?”
Nathan kicked her in the chest and she fell back, releasing her grip. He hit the ground with a thud, before scrambling to his feet and running in the opposite direction. He could see the street lights and passing taxi’s as he neared the end of the alley. A dark silhouette appeared in front of him.
“Didn’t mummy ever tell you?” said the red head as she blocked his path. Where the hell did she come from? “Leaving in the middle of a conversation is rude.”
“Guess I don’t have much manners.” He swung at her, but his hand was caught effortlessly in the air, by a grip so strong he knew there’d be bruises in the morning, and bound behind his back. Nathan kicked her in the shin and twisted out of her grip. She made a grab for him, but he caught her with a round-house kick to the face. He jumped on to a nearby trash can and took hold of a fire escape ladder. Using all his weight, he pulled the ladder down and began to climb, before he felt a hand grip his ankle and throw him to the ground.
“That,” said the woman as she placed her foot on his neck. God, why did she have to be wearing stilettos? “Wasn’t very nice.”
“What,” he gasped, she was cutting off his air. “do you want?”
“I’m asking the questions.” She added more pressure to her foot. “Who is he? And why are you following him?”
“I don’t- know- what your- talking-about.”
She let out a light, sweet, laugh, before grabbing a fistful of Nathan’s hair and dragging up him to eye level. “Do not play stupid.” She snarled. “You’re following a human, I want to know why and who the hell he is.”
“Like I’d tell a disgusting leach like you!”
She lifted him nearly four feet off the ground before sending him; face first, into a brick wall. For a second everything went red and there was a loud buzzing in his ears. Nathan’s head jerked back as she gave his hair a violent tug. “WHO IS HE?” He shook his head. No way in hell he was telling her about him; they’d spent this long keeping him a secret, he wasn’t going to let her get it out of him. His head took a violent jerk to the left, “You know,” her voice was sweet and velvety…like honey. “you don’t have to tell me…necessarily.” He could feel her nails softly trailing up and down his neck. “There is another way.” Nathan’s eyes widened, as she flashed him a wicked a smile, her fangs gleaming. Before he could blink, her face was near his, he could feel her cold breath on the back of his neck and something sharp grazed his skin. “Who,” she whispered softly. “is he?”
“N-Noah Bain”
“Why are you following him?”
“I-I don’t know, I really don’t I swear.”
The woman smiled, “It’s wrong to swear.” She said sweetly before biting down; her fangs popping through his skin, cutting deep into his neck. Nathan let out a scream of excruciating pain, before blacking out.

A female voice came from behind them. “God Rowan, must you play with your food?”

The red head looked up, blood dripping from her chin. “I love the chase, it warms the blood.”

The girl rolled her eyes. “You shouldn’t have done him in so quickly,” she leaned against the alley wall and crossed her arms over her chest. “we could have gotten more out of him.” She was slender, and a bit shorter than Rowan. Her long blonde hair fell onto the front of her motorcycle jacket and her piercing blue eyes made her look a lot paler than she really was.

“Oh I got plenty from our little poppet,” Rowan cooed, stroking Nathan’s cold dead cheek. “He knew a lot more than he led on to.”

“How much?”


“Good, Galvin will be pleased.” She pushed herself from the wall. “I’ll wait for you in the car.”

“Don’t you want? He’s absolutely divine.”

“Already ate,” Said the blonde, as she stuffed her hands into her jacket pockets. “try to hurry. The sun will be up soon.”

The author's comments:
This is part of a series of short stories, that i realized when put all together makes up about half a novel! So i hope you enjoy, i know it seems like is unexplained but trust there is a reason...

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on Sep. 23 2010 at 3:20 pm
blackmist BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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Oh alright (:  Write more parts!

on Sep. 22 2010 at 9:37 pm
Nerdgirl993 BRONZE, Arverne, New York
1 article 0 photos 1 comment
thnks so much! im glad u like it...yeah i know my grammar sucks! and no the title isnt a typo...Dampire is what you call a human-vampire hybrid.

on Sep. 22 2010 at 5:20 pm
blackmist BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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I like it a lot! It does need some work though- mainly punctuation, grammar, and the flow of dialog. And the title, is that a typo? I would like to see more of this, however!

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