My Water Protector Chapter 8

September 12, 2010
James gasped once he received Candy's tears' message. He was in front of the king and queen. "I've just received a message from your daughter's tears," he said as King Richard and Queen Elizabeth were talking.
"What did you just say?" they said in unison.
"Your daughter's tears have just sent me a message. They know who is behind this whole operation."
"What's his name?" Queen Elizabeth asked. "Or is it a woman?"
"No, it's a man. His name is Prince Jacques." All of a sudden, King Richard and Queen Elizabeth gasped with a shocked expression. "You know this Prince Jacques?" James asked.
"Yes, we do," King Richard replied with a disapproving look on his face. "My wife and I, arranged for him to marry our daughter. Did Candy's tears tell you why he did this to our daughter?"
James shook his head. "I should be going now. But on this journey, I will send you warnings and messages from her tears. Wish me luck. I promise to bring your daughter back." Once again, the bright blue light came on, and the Water Protector disappeared.

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