My Water Protector Chapter 6

September 12, 2010
"You mean to tell me," Queen Elizabeth said as her voice was cracking, "that my daughter has been kidnapped?" She leaned on King Richard for comfort, she was crying her eyes out. She only thing that Richard could do was look at the water protector with a scared look on his face.
"Water protector," King Richard said his voice cracking. "What is your real name, I may ask?"
"My name is James Miller. And no, I am in no relations with your family clan." The King Richard sighed with relief because he was afraid that they might be cousins.
"Well," the King said clearing his throat. "James, how did you know that my daughter was kidnapped?"
"I heard her," James said. "I heard her tears. As soon as they hit the floor, they sent me messages. So far they've only told me that the princess has been captured and they don't know who's behind this whole operation and why they've chosen her."
"But my daughter hasn't done anything to anybody!" Queen Elizabeth shouted. "She would always be fari to the people. Why do you think every village all over this border wanted her to be judge?! Because she is fair! Don't you understand?!" The queen was about to charge at him until her husband restrained her from hurting the water protector.
"Elizabeth," the kind said in a firm, but kind voice. "Elizabeth, you need to calm down. Maybe he can help us find Candy. Better yet, he can continue to listen to her tears and tell us what they are tell him." All of a sudden, the queen started to calm down and think about the suggestion, then looked at James.
"Will you stay here and tell us where our daughter is being kept?" she asked quietly as she was sniffling.
"I'm so sorry, Your Highness," James said instantly. "I am already starting my journey to find the princess. No matter how long it takes me. As soon as I've found her, I will do my best to bring her back safely in one piece." As he said this, he said it with determination.

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