Ganon the Dragon

September 15, 2010
By coreytoney727 BRONZE, New Port Richey, Florida
coreytoney727 BRONZE, New Port Richey, Florida
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Long ago, in the Oblivious forest of Babylon lived a young dragon named Ganon. This dragon was different from the rest of the Babylonians. At the age of 2 he has already obtained the ability to produce a raging inferno which other dragons were not capable of doing until the age of twelve.

He lived with a family of three: his older brother Shargon, his mother Zeldina, and his father Larse. Ganon’s dream was to be number one in the dragon races. The dragon races were placed on every 3rd full moon. Dragons were only allowed to compete at the age of six. Luckily for Ganon, his birthday was right before the registration date. As young as he was, he was one of the youngest speed demons in Babylon. It was known that on a dragon's sixth birthday, a dragon would obtain his flying wings. Sadly enough, Ganon did not obtain his wings. Ganon was confused; he did not understand why he had not received his wings yet.

Later that evening, as Ganon was walking back to his fortress, his mom and dad were waiting in front of the cave with some quite upsetting news. They then told Ganon that his real family had to abandon him after a wildfire struck his village of Titania, it seems that he was not a Babylonian dragon at all, but he was a Titanian dragon. His real mother Safaria hid him in a nearby bush so no harm could be done to him, and that’s when Larse found him. After hearing that upsetting and confusing news, Ganon ran off into the woods.

While walking in the woods a shadow of a figure came across his sight, then a bright light gazed straight in front of his face. The light was so bright it almost made Ganon go blind. A Genie had appeared out of the light. The Genie was covered in a beautiful silver veil. The Genie had a gift for Ganon, she gave him a stone. It was no ordinary stone; this stone has the power to grant one wish. Ganon already knew what he was going to wish for; he was going to wish for his wings.

Later that night when Ganon returned to his cave, he stared seriously at the stone waiting to make his wish, but he was getting nervous. Finally he picked up the stone and made his wish to obtain his wings. All of the sudden the stone lit up like a burning sun. Two beautiful black and red rhinestone wings uprooted from his back. Ganon was so happy he hurried and told his mom and dad the good news. He told them that he would now be able to join the dragon races.

The day of the dragon races finally arrived, each dragon was lined up and ready to take flight. Ganon was the last one to get into position. Once the horn blew, every dragon jumped off the cliff and soared into the sky, as for Ganon he was struggling, his wings were not working. He was getting scared as he was diving towards the ground. The crowds of dragons were in awe as Ganon hit the ground and did not get up. Ganon was dead.

The lesson to be learned from this story is that good things come to those who wait.

The author's comments:
This story was a joint effort between myself and my friend Brandon Sheets.

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